DK – Ch 189

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The Dark King – Chapter 189

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Mount Er. The Burong family.

In a spacious room in the castle.

Rudolph’s brows wrinkled as he read the letter: “This damned old fox. How come he relies on textile business? He has received so many orders.” He looked up at the butler who was standing next to him:” Investigate everything. Have you checked how many factories do they possess?”

The middle-aged butler respectfully said: “Only one. The Old Fulin has transformed the fruit packaging workshop into a medium-sized textile factory.”

“It would be very difficult to meet the ends with this factory alone. It is certain that there are secret factories somewhere else.” Rudolph continued: “Immediately, send out people to investigate. His bones are tough even though he is old. He won’t do stupid things because he is old. If he dares to take so many orders, then there should be hidden factories where he can produce the textiles.”

The butler nodded: “I will send people to check them thoroughly.”

“I heard that the Scott consortium wants to get into a new business?” Rudolph looked at him.

“It is said that they have developed a new product,” The butler replied. “They have been renting small shops in various places in the commercial district. The rents are not high. It should be a small business.”

“It has to be smashed even it’s a small business!” Rudolph said coldly: “The Scott consortium is pressing us to step by step in the mining industry. We have to ease up the financial crisis through the other industries. Their business plans must be fully interrupted.”

“Yes,” The butler replied.

“And…” Rudolph continued: “Have Sarah been to here recently?”

The nutler was surprised: “She has come to see Little Miss to play.”

There was a trace of coldness in Rudolph’s eyes as he said: “Playing? Don’t think that little devil is so simple. She has been very close with the Milan family in recent days.”

The butler was startled as understood the meaning behind his words. He spoke in hesitation”Master. Does the Mel family plans to … …”

“They won’t allow it. The consortium will keep the balance of power. Our family’s industries are too strong compared to Milan family. Moreover, that Milah house’s kid had the identity of a knight, but is a simple person. He is destined to be eliminated. ” Rudolph coldly said:” Send people to check them when Sarah comes over. Don’t let her fill Miss’s mind with nonsense. Sarah doesn’t have good intention.”

“I know.” The butler nodded.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

In the training ground behind the Ryan Castle.

Four arrows hit the target that was two hundred meters away.

Poof! The next arrow whistled and hit the target’s head, which was colored in red.

Dudian put away the bow and arrow. The attendants brought a towel, and he wiped the sweat from his face. The injuries from the spikes that were pierced in prison hasn’t healed properly, but he has been nursed back to health. Occasionally he would feel dull pains. It was the result of injuries to his bones as spikes have hit past by them.

“I can shoot a target which is three hundred meters away. My arm strength is enough for that. But if I want to shoot farther than that then the bow isn’t suitable. The bow he was using was made of normal materials. The bows for primary hunters were made from beasts. The more advanced bows were made from the tendons of special monsters. Their pulling power and toughness were very strong. Unfortunately, such a good bow would cost at least thousands of gold coins which he couldn’t afford right now.”

There was a feeling of regret as Dudian put away the bow. The Ryan family was able to get him a bow which was used by mid-level knights. He regarded it as barely handy.

“I feel a little rusty as I haven’t used the bow for a long term. Fortunately, my foundation is good.” Dudian looked at the target which was two hundred meters away. His identity was a hunter who worked under the Ryan family so on weekdays he practiced his archery skills.

Servant served him tea back in the castle.

Dudian drank a few cups and afterward came to the second floor to find Old Fulin. He shut the door: “How’s the progress with the factory?

Old Fulin was holding a magnifying glass as he went through the reports on the table. He heard Dudian’s words and his face saddened a bit: ” It’s very slow. Although you have improved the efficiency of the new textile machine, we lack manpower and new machines. We have forty-three big orders and have completed sixteen of them. We have earned about eight thousand gold coins. I think we won’t be able to complete more than a dozen of the remaining in within the specified time.”

Dudian smiled: “It is not that urgent. You should rent a new factory and send a few servants and a guard to protect it for secrecy.”

“The number of guards isn’t enough to protect two factories. I’m afraid it would be very difficult to stop the leakage after we rent another factory.”

Dudian smile: “The leak is going to happen sooner or later. In just half a month a single factory was able to cover sixteen orders. Mellon consortium is certainly aware of this. At this point, they will send out a hunter to inquire, or they will bribe a guard to get the information. They have smelled the strange movements, so it is about time they made their move.”

Old Fulin sighed: “Indeed.”

“That’s why to take the chance to seize as many orders as you can. The more, the better.” Dudian said.

“More?” Old Fulin was stunned.

Dudian smiled: “It is all profit. Don’t you want to make money?”

Old Fulin was startled, but suddenly came to realize. He couldn’t help but laugh.

The next day in the morning Dudian received a letter from Barton and others.

Almost once every three days they would send a letter report about the situation.

Dudian skimmed through the letters as he ate the breakfast. However, his eyes lit up as he finished all three of them. He took out a match and burned all of them.

He quickly finished the breakfast and ordered the servant to prepare a carriage for him.

Dudian told the address to the coachman, and the carriage slowly began to move.

Lido Avenue. The Commercial District.

Lido Avenue was a very bustling area. Everyone living in the commercial district knew about this place. Most of the top cabaret was on this road. Especially the Moulin Rouge, which had music, dance and so on from morning to night. As soon as you stepped in, you would feel a warm atmosphere.

This place was the paradise for male nobility.

A carriage stopped by the street where Moulin Rouge was built. Dudian jumped off the carriage and saw brightly dressed Barton across the street.

Barton quickly ran over as he noticed Dudian: “Today is a holiday, so he came over again. He is inside.”

Dudian nodded and glanced at Barton’s dress: “Very good.”

Barton’s face turned red: “I had to spend some money on them to get inside. ”

“Knowing how to use money is an ability,” Dudian said as he patted his shoulder to comfort Barton. Then he walked down the stairs into the Moulin Rouge.

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