DK – Ch 188

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The Dark King – Chapter 188

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Old Fulin handed him the military newspaper. Dudian skimmed through the paper as a large column caught his attention. The court had sent people to collect ropes of horses to collect the fingerprints from them. They were going to find out the evil murders soon.

Dudian glanced at the title: “Fingerprints on the rope?”

Old Fulin saw Dudian’s expression: “You shouldn’t be worried. After the rain, the fingerprints should be washed away. They can’t find the key evidence. In a sense, they are trying to blackmail the murderer so that he or she could try to destroy the rope.”

Dudian shook his head and laughed: “This trial is fascinating. The ropes were not leather, but linen so even if I acted as his driver… Perhaps you don’t get it, but fingerprints can’t be identified on the fabric with the technology they use to collect the fingerprints.”

Old Fulin smiled: “No wonder, the investigators wear gloves when they investigate the murder scene. I though it was over the top as they didn’t want to dirty their hands or the scene, but didn’t expect such a thing.”

Dudian smiled, it was common sense in the old era, but in this era where the information was blocked not many people were aware of anything. The aristocracy was enjoying wealth and fortune so they wouldn’t ponder about this stuff. The move made by the court was undoubtedly made to pressure murderer into action. They thought that the murderer would try to destroy the evidence so they could catch the assassin when he tries to eliminate the ropes.

“This is why the nobility makes the hunters obey the rules and act by them,” Dudian said.

“Are you sure you have not left any evidence?” Old Fulin asked Dudian.

“I do not think I have any left, but now I think it is time to give evidence to the court.” There was a wide smile on Dudian’s face as he said.

“Give them evidence?” Old Fulin was confused.

The next day.

Old Fulin brought good news to Dudian. He had discussed the match business with the Scott Consortium and had settled an arrangement. They were assigned 1.5 percent of the revenues while the rest would go to the Scott Consortium.

Dudian couldn’t help but look at Old Fulin. He is a clumsy negotiator. 1.5 percent was the extremely low fee that anyone could get out of this deal. After all, it won’t take long before the Scott Consortium gets their hands on the match’s formula. They would be able to manufacture it own their own.

Maybe it was because the Old Fulin didn’t have much of bargaining chips.

In the future, they could occupy a great share in the market unless they go into a price war.

“The contract has been signed. You got to give me the structure of the match so I can get back to the Scott Consortium. They will pay us a thousand gold coins as the initial sum.” Old Fulin was excited: “After getting thousand gold coins from them, we can expand the size of the factory. The income will double afterward.”

Dudian nodded. The Scott Consortium was going to make full use of the match business to create a new industry.

“The Mellon Consortium should be aware of our movements. We now have to concentrate on protecting textile factory and get as many orders as we can. Don’t be afraid. We will earn profit out of it. I guarantee that!” Dudian said to the old patriarch.

“Oh.” Old Fulin smiled. He could see faint traces of the path that would lead them to survival.

Time went by.

Old Fulin received as many orders as he could as the new textile factory was working well. Fulin’s third son Sander was responsible for the factory. He was in charge of that business while the second son Jake was responsible for Yard town, match sale stores, and publicity.

Old Fulin himself was focused on the orders of textile business. He would meet with old acquaintances or wealthy businessmen to get the orders.

Even though their family was on the decline, butOld Fulin had a large network and used his seniority to make personal visits to get the orders. His prices were low, so the people would find it difficult to refuse him. He had received a large list of orders. Some of them were worth thousands of gold coins.

Dudian didn’t continue to stay in the Ryan Castle. After a few days, he went to find Barton, Kroen and Joseph: “Do you guys remember the man who I slapped in the party?”

“Of course we do.” The trio immediately nodded in approval. They were impressed when Dudian slapped the aristocrat. Their blood would boil when they often thought of that picture. They were aware that Dudian was their companion from the orphanage. He had grown to the point where it was very difficult to look up to him.

This reason increasingly strengthened their determination to follow after Dudian.

He was also an orphan.

Dudian was able to do something grand as that, so they also desired to be in a position to do so!

Dudian handed them a piece of paper: “This is his address. I want you guys to help me track him. I want to know his whereabouts, hobbies, the places he goes. In short, everything about him. This is ten gold coins to each one of you to spend. If it isn’t enough, then let me know.”

Kroen’s foresight was a bit more than others: “Dean, do you want to make sure that he ends up as the assassin of the deacon Huey?”

Dudian glanced at him: “Don’t mention anything about Deacon Huey when you work outside. Be careful as even the walls have ears. Moreover, in this world, there are people with incredible powers. They can hear sounds from thousands of meters away, and they can see hair on your head from thousands of meters away. You got to be more cautious. Do you understand?”

“See from thousands of meters away?” The trio was scared. But as they thought about the strength of the knights they gradually understood Dudian’s point and were aware of their mistakes.

“Go,” said Dudian.

The three nodded and left the Ryan Castle.

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  1. It must be true that there are hunters who can hear through walls but even so. How could they be considered as a viable source of evidence anyways? Mellon consortium could lend one of those hunters to magistrate on the pretense of helping the investigation and the hunter could just tell them ‘Oh i heard this guy named Dean talking how he killed the judge with his friends’. So how could it be even considered as evidence?

    1. It’s not because it would count as evidence, but more because if a hunter heard you talking like that and tells it to a consortium. Then they will know who to track and who to be cautious of.
      It’s to stay “low-key”

    2. He already got framed once with that false thievery charge. I don’t see why they even bother with actual evidence at this point

  2. Previously in the ‘dark church’ it was said the knowledge about fingerprints was a confidential matter of the alchemists now suddenly its common knowledge spouted in a newspaper to make someone nervous?

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