DK – Ch 187

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The Dark King – Chapter 187

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“It’s alright,” Dudian replied as he grabbed the newspaper. “Make sure that the information about the modified looms doesn’t get out. The longer we hide them, the more returns we will get. ”

“I will.” Old Fulin nodded. After he had seen the new textile machines, he had sent all the attendants and guards to patrol outside the factory. Even the knights guarding the castle who has been used to the four-shift system have been decreased to two people for all day.

Dudian opened the newspaper. The first headline was about the Mellon Consortium investing in gold through the Chamber of Commerce. So the conversion ratio of gold to silver should rise in the future?

The second headline was: the Sterling Consortium is overvalued. They seem to have cash flow problems which could cause the industries under their command to collapse.

Dudian swept through the pages and asked: “Which news agency operates this newspaper?”

“It’s owned by the Mellon Consortium.” Old Fulin guessed the intent behind Dudian’s question.: “The news agency’s sales are the highest. The Mellon Consortium has a lot of industries under their command. The Huasheng Consortium’s and military news agency’s newspaper are second and third regarding sales numbers.”

Dudian nodded in understanding. No wonder most of the news was in a way or another related to the Mellon Consortium. Although they mention, a lot of the surface sources were hidden which means that most of the information given are the speculations of the Mellon Consortium’s interests. They tend to damage the Sterling Consortium’s image, so that wealthy businessmen don’t join them or leave for good.

Although the Consortiums are mainly opened to noble circle, but there lots of wealthy businessmen, who reside in the commercial district. Some of them have accumulated wealth as much as normal noble families.

” There are no aristocrats and businessmen who have joined ‘New World. They rely solely on the Ryan family’s support, will they be able to maintain their operations for long?” Dudian read the title and could grasp the general idea behind the content. The content was analyzed by the professionals as they have pointed out the drawbacks and weaknesses of the Ryan family.

Dudian skimmed through the content. Even he had to nod in recognition, not to mention other people.

“It seems from the Mellon Consortium’s perspective their real enemies are the Sterling Consortium and others. We are just a small fry in their eyes. Even the newspaper didn’t give us a page only a small section. Most probably there is a small faction within the Consortium which is an enemy to us. But maybe they didn’t give us much of credit as to prevent campaigning for us.” Dudian put down the newspaper and lightly said.

Old Fulin sighed: “We will be reported in the headlines if we were an obvious problem for them. Even the negative reports should give us fame, so they are satisfied with a title only for now. However, the news agency had been set up by the Mellon Consortium for many years. They are well aware of the public opinion and essence of momentum. They wouldn’t do anything that will harm their reputation.” Old patriarch couldn’t help but look at Dudian after he said all of it. The kid’s mind was extremely keen and adaptive. It was hard to imagine that such a person had grown up in a common civilian family.

“What is the situation between the Scott Consortium and the Mellon Consortium?” Dudian said.

“They are old rivals.” Old Fulin said.: “Scott Consortium began their business by mining. They have chains of mines throughout three regions and hundreds of small towns. It’s been a few years that the Mellon Consortium has gone into the mining business. They want a piece of the cake, so contradictions appear.”

Dudian nodded slightly.

“What about the alchemy products? Were they sold?” Dudian asked.

Old Fulin smiled widely.: “I have totally forgotten about that. It is a very useful product. The potential market for matches is huge. It should completely replace fire sickle as it’s something that every household must have. Today we have sold more than 200 boxes. It has spread around the town. I assume in a few days it will spread around to other towns. At that time we won’t have enough supply.”

“Ah.” Dudian nodded.: “It will be troublesome then as the other alchemists will buy a pack to analyze. If he had funds, we could buy all the raw materials and monopolize the market for some time. Even if the other Consortium’s had the formula to manufacture they wouldn’t have the resources to do so. People would get used to our brand so they would buy our product out of habit. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to do something like that at this moment.”

“Yes, unfortunately.” Old Fulin felt sorry. His heart ached as the matches were cheap to produce. They were consumable products so people would buy when they run out. The value of this product was comparable to a large industry engaged by another Consortium. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money to get into this business. It would not take long before this piece of cake will be snatched by other people.

“Don’t be worried. As we get more capital, we will get into many profitable businesses. “Dudian replied as he saw the sadness reflected on Old Fulin’s face. Moreover, he couldn’t explain to Old Fulin that in the short-term his original goal was to be self-sufficient.

However, he wasn’t going to act like an idiot. If he can’t eat the whole cake right now, then he was going to have a piece of it for a long time.

“You should contact Scott Consortium and talk to them about our alchemy product. Tell them that this is called ‘match.’ They can buy the materials in bulk and begin producing them. Let the big Consortium’s fight with each other while we stay in the shadows. Afterward, no one would be able to shake us!” Dudian leaned back on the bed as he said to Old Fulin.

Old Fulin’s eyes lit up: “This is a good idea that Scott Consortium will accept. Since we can’t eat and forced to lose the profits in the future, then we should try to maximize our benefits.” Old Fulin looked at the boy. Initially, he thought that Dudian was just a con man who was able to break out of the prison. Yesterday, he thought that the kid is a natural tailor. But now he found out that the kid is clearly a treacherous businessman.

“At this age, your heart is darker than mine” Old Fulin said emotionally. Suddenly he thought of something: “The military newspaper makes reports on the prisoners, wanted people and trials. There is information about the latest investigation into the assassination of deacon Huey.”

Dudian replied: “Show me.”

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