DK – Ch 186

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The Dark King – Chapter 186

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“Can we add a hundred spindles If we can go through some serious improvement?” Old Fulin was a man with foresight. He knew that if the body of the machine would be large enough, then it could accommodate hundreds of spindles. Then the efficiency would increase by hundreds of times. This was a miracle. One machine could be equal to hundred people’s workloads. Their textile efficiency would raise to an appalling level within the giant wall.

“We have to rebuild a new textile machine to accommodate two hundred spindles. We can’t afford it right now.” Dudian said.: “It would take a lot of time to complete such a machine. We would need at least ten days to complete one. For the time being, we will use this improved version of the loom. Twenty spindles are this looms limits.” Then Dudian squatted down to continue to transform the machine.

Old Fulin sighed.: “I didn’t think that you are such a clever person. If a large consortium cultivated you, then you would certainly reach a high position.” There was a feeling of some regret mixed into his tone.

Dudian was working on the improvement while he said: “No need to rely on others to grow wings if I have the ability. We would be able to fly high on our own.”

Old Fulin smiled.: “There is some truth in your words.”

Sander, who was next to them bitterly bowed his head.

Dudian asked.: “What about orders?”

“Today I traveled to most of the textile mills and went to few Chambers of Commerce. I have made few deals.” Old Fulin continued.: “However, after I saw you new improved loom, then I’m confident to take a lot of orders after tomorrow.”

Dudian frowned slightly.: “Continue to pick up orders tomorrow. We have to receive all of them.”

Old Fulin said.: “Even with the new looms, we won’t be able to finish the orders. We will lose money if we can’t make them on time if we go for more orders.”

“No, believe me, we will not make a loss.” Dudian said.

Old Fulin and Sander were at a loss as one. They didn’t know where Dudian’s confidence was coming from. Was he going to change the pattern of a textile machine?

“Well, I try my best.” Old Fulin knew that he wouldn’t be able to beat Dudian down by wrestling words, so he promised to take orders.

It was getting late.

Old Fulin’s age was old, so he was getting tired. He went back to rest while his three sons stayed back.

Dudian was focused on transforming the machines. Sander stood aside, but didn’t know to get accustomed to the situation. He wanted to sit down and rest, but he saw Dudian work so hard. As a result, he stood by his side, even though his legs were in pain.

Dudian transformed the sixth machine and glanced back at Sander.: “You are tired, get some rest.”

Sander was sleepy, but reacted the moment Dudian talked to him: “No, I’m all right.” He knew that Dudian as a hunter or inventor would be treated as a blessing by another family. That’s why he tried to be as polite as possible. However, as the next successor to be the head of the Ryan family, Sander knew that the new consortium was planned single-handedly by Dudian. On surface, the Ryan family seemed to be the dominant force, but it was just a cover.

Dudian saw his attitude so didn’t say anything but continued to work hard.

The night passed by.

Dudian improved twenty-three looms which were ready to be used at the moment.

The sky was bright. Dudian accompanied the exhausted Sander to call the tailors to start working. He was planning to improve another 20 machines so they could be put to work as soon as possible.

Sander leads more than 30 tailors who had been recruited by the Ryan consortium into the factory.

Most of the tailors were twenty to thirty years old. Seven or eight of them already had white hair. They were impressed the moment they entered the factory. The new textile machines had caught their eyes.

“Huh?” An experienced middle-aged tailor approach and carefully looked at the machines in surprise. He spun the wheel and as the rotating began twenty spindles began to spin the cotton.

“This … ” The other people were completely shocked by what they were seeing.

Sander saw the expression on their faces. He knew that his father and himself had the same mood last night. He clapped his hands to attract the attention of tailors. He spoke in a serious tone.: “This is the new textile machine made by our family. According to the contract, you can’t secretly leak the information regarding the machine!”

The tailors were startled. However, they came to understand the reason behind such a strange contract that they had signed.

“What if we want to go back to home?” One of the tailors asked.

“It was very clear in the contract. You can naturally go home after six months. ”

“Isn’t half a year too long?” Some of them voiced out their opinions.

Sander frowned and spoke indifferently: “You can get the opportunity to write back a letter if your performance is good.”

They calmed down after they heard his words. They knew that the other side is a noble family so they can’t provoke them and accept the terms as they have already signed the contract.

Everyone entered the textile machines and began to work under Sander’s arrangement.

Cotton and other materials were brought into the factory by a carriage.

“Who is that?” A young tailor saw Dudian fixed on the textile machine as he was fiddling with it.

Sander wailed: “Do your job! That shouldn’t be your concern.”

“Yes, yes.” The youth was scared and quickly continued to use the textile machine. However, he secretly looked over at Dudian after Sander left. He found that the kid who was several years younger than him was able to improve the textile machine.

The others were surprised as they also noted Dudian. They didn’t know if the boy was a genius tailor hired by the Ryan family.

Another day passed. Dudian has modified all the textile machines.

He left the textile factory, dragging back his ‘sick’ body to the castle to heal his wounds.

Old Fulin came in with the middle-aged maid into his room. The latter was carrying food which she gently put onto the table by the bed.

Dudian immediately grabbed and wolfed down the wood as the middle-aged maid left the room. It had been a night and a day, which he spent to improve the textile machines. He had no time to eat anything.

“You have done a great job.” Old Fulin saw Dudian’s appearance as he ate the meal: “You should slow down a bit.”

“Anything new on today’s newspaper?” Dudian mumbled.

Old Fulin gave him the newspaper: “The Mellon consortium has noticed our movement but hasn’t reacted yet. I think they assume that we won’t be able to finish those orders and make a loss.”


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  3. Yes. Thanks for the Mass release.

    P.S. I’m always eager to read this series, ever since we got through that boring prison arc. Dudian is wiser too.

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