DK – Ch 185

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The Dark King – Chapter 185

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“Did you hear that?” the youth said. Glenn’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, then she came to understand what Dudian had done. Her heart was warmed, but her face looked indifferent.

The youth looked at her: “If this is true, then the people on top had been misinformed. You made a shot, but didn’t kill him?”

Gladly glanced up at him.: “No?

“How could he escape from your grasp?” The youth had an incredible look.

Glenn lightly said: “He was a rookie in our consortium. You should know that he got his magic marks from the juranzhi. He has a very strong sense of smell. I’m not sure what other abilities he has perceived. Unfortunately, the Atlas is incomplete when it comes to describing the juranzhi.”

“You have magic marks from rare black weaver too. So your hidden assassination characteristics are high. Moreover, you are a senior hunter who has gone through two evolutions. How could he be on par with you if he has gone maximum through a single evolution?”

Glenn replied: “The gap between the magic marks could be great. The evaluation by the people within the wall could not be entirely accurate. Sometimes it would be tough to figure out what kind of abilities may appear as the monster itself would be a variant.”

The youth sighed: “That’s also possible. Even if the attack failed how couldn’t you kill him afterward?”

“Yes, but the kid is very cunning. If I continued to pursue him, then my identity would be revealed.” Glenn said indifferently.: “I couldn’t take the risk.”

The youth didn’t agree with her.: “The exposure is nothing. Without an intermediate hunter, our consortium would be emboldened to deal with Ryan family. The Mellon consortium would pressure them through industries and economic means. Ryan family would go bankrupt before they would know what had happened.”

“The top has already criticized me. Are you getting fun in continuing to do to so?” Glenn glanced at him.

The youth was surprised.: “Alright, let’s eat!”

The Ryan Castle, a simple room.

Old Fulin slowly pushed the door and entered the room. He saw Dudian lying down in bed.: “The things that you have told us has been solved. The textile factory will be ready by tonight. However, it is difficult to recruit tailors. At the moment it is difficult to get adequate manpower unless we hire at higher prices.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Dudian looked up at him.: “What happened with the Mellon Consortium?”

Old Fulin slightly smiled,: “As you expected the Mellon consortium will not continue with the assassination, but would use economic pressure to dwindle with us. A news agency under the consortium reported that you had been seriously wounded in the morning newspaper. The previous two noble families who wanted to join our consortium also sent people to recover their requests. Moreover, the other nobles have begun to discredit our reputation which was instigated by the Mellon consortium too. Right now, we don’t have a positive image.”

Dudian looked at the vase by the window and whispered.: “They will investigate industries that Ryan family is involved in. They will try to take away our customers by trying to strangle us completely.”

Old Fulin looked at him.: “Since you have expected all of this. What are we going to do now?”

“Do not panic! They will try to take away the shops under the command of your family. It will require a little time. We have to take this opportunity to take orders regarding textile business. If they intervene then just take the orders below the market prices. Even if they are a gigantic consortium, they won’t be able to expulse the economic interests.”

Old Fulin wryly smiled.: “The orders will be stopped if they want to intervene.”

Dudian looked at him.: “It should be enough for us to make a small fortune. ”

“Uh … ” Old Fulin choked up a bit. He sighed.: “It seems I’m getting old.”

“Don’t even think about retiring. ” Dudian continued.: “Take as many orders as you can before they can react. ”

“Well.” Old Fulin nodded, turned and left.

It was getting late.

In the evening, after the dinner.

Dudian came to the factory on the outskirts of the Yard town under the leadership of Fulin and his three sons. The plant was spacious. There were dozens of newly purchased looms in the workshop.

Forin to Dudian said: “What you want tools, although that, give you ready.”

Dudian glanced at Old Fulin’s sons then turned towards him.: “After I improve them and the looms are transformed then no information can be leaked. Everything has to be kept confidential. Otherwise, improved looms will appear in various factories under different consortiums. We will lose the advantage.”

Old Fulin nodded and said: “I know. I will work on the issue of confidentiality.”

Dudian didn’t say anything as he saw the serious look on old patriarch’s face. In this era, in addition to the dark church, no one took care of protecting and patenting the information. People had to rely on secrecy to protect their inventions.

In the old era, the company would try to encrypt its core technology when the product was released. Or else a devastating disaster would occur.

Dudian opened the toolbox and took out a few things. He began to adjust the spinning wheel of the textile machine while he added spindles. He added in total five spindles to a textile machine.

He spun the cotton threads through five spindles and began to spin the wheel. The spindles began to rotate five times faster than the original single spindle.

“This …” Old Fulin and his sons were stunned at the sight. They incredible looked at loom which was working in front of them. Dudian’s improvement was fast, and the effect was amazing.

“Is this the improved machine?” Old Fulin stared with wide eyes. As a man with a sense of business making, he knew that how much money they could earn using this new loom.

Dudian nodded. He had gone through some information before learning the recipe of black powder. This modification to loom was a prelude to the steam era. The people began to use machines instead of manual power after this invention showed that capabilities of machines were much productive than humans.

“It’s amazing!” Sander said.

“An addition of a spindle means it can double the efficiency of a loom,” Dudian said.: “If we can add about ten spindles then it would be worth as having hundreds of old-fashioned looms at hand.”

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  1. I don’t think it works that way? Adding more spindles at first will certainly increase it’s speed, but that won’t do much later on.

    But the again I wouldn’t know, I’m not an engineer, or a super genius like Dudian.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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