DK – Ch 183

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The Dark King – Chapter 183

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


As Dudian jumped from one side to the other, a sharp dagger came out from behind the seat crushing the carriage’s board.

An extremely slim arm belonging to a woman was holding the dagger. It rapidly contracted back out.

Dudian quickly went out of the carriage.

“Uh,” a painful moan came from the front of the carriage. Dudian turned to see a woman wearing black armor had used a dagger to pierce through the coachman’s throat. The dagger rapidly swept across the driver’s throat and brought to his end. The body softly falls as no screams or moans echoed.

The horses were frightened as they pulled the carriage forward and ran away.

Cold wind massaged his face.

Dudian and female assassin were confronting each other face to face.

The female assassin’s sweet voice echoed: “Do you remember me?” She pulled down her mask at the same time.

Dudian saw her face and his heart palpitated.: “Glenn?”

“The assassin is Glenn…”, Dudian recognized her.

“It seems you have a good memory.” Glenn smiled as she put away the dagger.: “The consortium sent me to assassinate you. But I owe you one from that time, so I’m returning the favor now back to you.”

Dudian was startled, but he still didn’t relax and was on alert: “If that’s the case, why did you kill him?” Dudian pointed to driver’s corpse.

“Him?” Glenn looked down at the corpse of the driver who was lying in a pool of blood. She smiled as she answered.: ” The people in the top will know that I was lenient if I didn’t kill him. You are alone aren’t enough for me to offend the consortium. If I wanted to kill you, then you wouldn’t be aware of my attack in advance. I think you should be aware of my assassin abilities after I got new magic marks from the black weaver.”

Dudian was silent before he talked: “According to you the personnel of the Mellon consortium will investigate today’s matter. Are there people from Ryan family who are co-operating with the Mellon Consortium?”

“Do you think it is abnormal?” Glenn looked at him as she gently smiled: “There is nothing that money can’t accomplish. Even a son is ready to kill his father for it. The question is how much!”

Dudian’s heart turned cold.: “How are you going to explain the people in the consortium that you let me?”

There was a hint of a smile on her face as Glenn replied: “It’s very simple. The consortium has added you to the list of intermediate level hunters. The juranzhi is a very rare beast. So they are not aware what the results will be after second or third evolution. So, I’ll faint that you were able to avoid my attacks just like that.”

Dudian thought back to monster Atlas as he heard her words. There were abilities, descriptions, habitats and other information regarding the monsters. There was information about juranzhi too, but there were not many details.

“Thank you,” Dudian whispered. He believed Glenn’s words. If she used her abilities that she got from the black weaver then most probably he would be dead. Even if she failed at killing him in ambush, but he wasn’t her opponent in one on one frontal combat.

“You are lucky.” Glenn laughed: “There are two senior hunters in the consortium. First is me while the second is a knight. You are lucky that they have sent me or there wouldn’t be a chance to survive.”

Dudian stared at her.: “I did a small favor for you all those years ago. Why would you go through such a risk to protect me? If the people at top blame you what are you going to do?”

“Those aristocrats look at us as if we were tools to make money for them. In their eyes, we are just dogs that they support. The most tragic part is that they even dare to make pit fights between the dogs.”

Dudian deeply looked at her: “I will note down this favor. If in the future an opportunity will arise then I’ll return it back to you.”

“No.” Glenn waved: “Let’s call us quits. You don’t have to repay me. This time it was me, but you and the aristocratic family behind you are going to go through a catastrophe.” She didn’t say anymore more as she turned back and quickly left. She was lost in the shadows of the buildings.

Dudian was silent for a long time as he looked at the direction Glenn had left. He had expected that the Mellon consortium would take actions for revenge, but he didn’t think they would be so fast. Moreover, he didn’t think they will use a senior hunter for the assassination.

He knew that individually the senior hunters were the strongest force within the giant wall.

If they would use a senior level hunter for the assassination, then the magistrate wouldn’t have traced out anything. They wouldn’t act so that the assassination could be traced back to them.

The Ryan family had no background as they were just a small noble family. After they would kill Dudian, it would be enough to exert a bit of pressure to immobilize them. The Ryan family wouldn’t have any chances to rebound not to mention to through the trial.

“Because of Glenn’s failure, they won’t go with the assassination again. But I should be alert.” Dudian’s thoughts become clear as he walked back to the Ryan Castle: “If they don’t go with direct assassination, then they are going to use various industries, channels, and other affiliate forces under their control to combat Ryan family.”

“We need money as soon as possible!”

There was a chill in his eyes. If he were able to go out and become a senior hunter, then he would become a thorn in the Mellon consortium’s throat!

Nevertheless, power was fundamental!

Dudian tore off his clothes and made it so that he should appear as he had gone through a fierce battle before he returned to the Ryan Castle.

Although Glenn didn’t tell him to act so because of her arrogant character he knew that if he didn’t look like this, then there will be lots of questions that will be raised.

Old Fulin and his children woke up from sleep when they got the information that Dudian had come in such a situation.

Old Fulin quickly took Dudian back to his study room so that his servants and children didn’t see what had happened to him. Moreover, he prohibited them to let rumors of this to leak out.

“Is it the Mellon Consortium?” Old patriarch quickly asked in the study room: “Are you injuries serious?”

Dudian’s expression turned to normal: “They had sent Glenn for assassination.”

“Glenn?!” Old Fulin’s eyes narrowed: “That Glenn?”

Dudian nodded.: “Don’t worry. She owed me a favor, so she didn’t act. However, this is the notice! I need to use all the resources of your family or we are going to die without even knowing what happened.”

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  1. Why chinese novels have false modest its so stupid he literally saved her life and he calls “a small favor”-.-

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