DK – Ch 180

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The Dark King – Chapter 180

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The youth’s face changed. Dudian was forcing him into a corner by pushing the codex of Knighthood. Although he is a noble knight’s identity wasn’t just for show. Though he had passed the tests with the help of his family, he still knew a thing or two about the honor of knights. If he backed down right now, the others will think that he was a coward.


His heart was full of anger and was about to accept when the girl next to him suddenly said.: “Vick has come to congratulate you as a guest. If you hurt him, it would be taken as rude behaviour towards the guests of the Ryan family.”


Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he saw the girl cleverly turn around the topic.: ” Beautiful lady is right in a sense as if I wounded him it would be against the etiquette. Moreover, it wouldn’t a fun show as it was going to be a one-sided assault.” There was sarcasm and ridicule in Dudian’s tone as he talked.

The others were standing behind him, so no one had noticed the changes in his expression.


Vick, the girl and the others who had come with them were clearly able to see Dudian’s face expression. The girl frowned and was about to say something when Vick stepped forward.: “I would like to experience it since you are so confident of your strength. Are hunters as powerful as it is in rumors?”

Dudian waved his hand while he shook his head: “You will get hurt. The young lady can see that you won’t be much of an opponent. Why are you trying to act so brave?”


Vick’s eyebrows wrinkled. The girl came up with an excuse for him to avoid the fight, but Dudian has misinterpreted her words to attack him. Vick was excited as if he was a tiger who was after its prey.

“We will know at the end if I will be able to win or not.” Vick’s hand touched his sword’s hilt. : “It’s to make the occasion a bit fun. IF you get stabbed by my sword, I hope you wouldn’t blame me as I have reminded you.”

Dudian shook his head: “I won’t hurt you. Just a slap.”


“You have said it before its normal to get injured in a spar.” Vick slowly pulled out the thin sword from the scabbard.: “Get ready!”

“Master, don’t!” The middle-aged knight behind him whispered.

Vick’s face sank: “Don’t stop me!

The middle-aged looked at him and sighed. He knew that Vick was impulsive. There was hatred towards Dudian as the opposite party forced his master into this situation.


The girl saw that there was no return for Vick. She deeply looked at Dudian and retreated a few steps so that Mel family knights could protect her from accidental injury.

Dudian smiled as he quietly looked at Vick. He bowed a bit as he made a gentleman’s gesture.: “Please!”

Vick saw that Dudian’s armpit was exposed and rushed forward to stab with the sword.


Dudian’s body flashed and bypassed Vick’s sword with a simple move. He strode forward and approached in front of him. Vick’s eyes narrowed. He knew that hunter’s physique was unusual, but didn’t expect that there would be so much difference between them. He was going to swing his sword, but saw Dudian’s palm approaching his face.


Pat! A loud sound echoed out. Vick’s body almost stumbled as he walked a few steps backward. His skin was white, so at the moment a palm mark was clearly visible on his right cheek.

“Bold!” The middle-aged knight rushed out and stopped in front of Vick. He pulled his sword and pointed at Dudian.: “Damn civilian! Kneel!”

Dudian quickly said: “Are you alright? Is there any injury?”


Vick’s head was dizzy for a moment, but he regained his consciousness. As he heard Dudian’s questions, he felt the burning pain coming off his cheek. His rage topped up. He almost spewed out blood as he saw Dudian’s face in front of him.

Dudian looked at Vick with a ‘worried’ expression. He repeatedly said: “Are you hurt? Sorry! Sorry. I should have gone easy on you!”


What is provocation?

What is deception?

There was a burst of anger in Vick’s heart. Especially all the nobles and their children had seen Dudian acting so boldly. Vick’s blood was boiling because as of tomorrow he would be called as a clown. He could imagine how shameful and embarrassing the situation was.


“Kill, kill him!” Vick growled in anger.

The middle-aged knight clenched his sword and stared at Dudian. He strode across and swept his sword continuously as he heard Vick’s order. His stabs were so fast that the sword left shadows.


Dudian’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t expect that the middle-aged knight’s strength would be closer to a silver level hunter’s physique regarding strength. He didn’t know if the middle-aged knight had any magic marks on his body.

Dudian knew that he had to solve out the problem quickly. His body was retreating when he raised his hand in faint then lifted his foot.


The middle-aged man had made the sword to attack Dudian’s wrist, but saw him to feint and attack with his foot. However, his experience was rich, so he knew that Dudian was feinting. The idea instantaneously passed in his mind and he instinctively backed the sword to attack Dudian’s foot.

Dudian didn’t go with the attack, but rushed forward. The next instant he grabbed the middle-aged knight’s arm and grasped onto it.


“Let go of me!” The middle-aged knight was startled. He was late to block Dudian’s palm. Moreover the moment Dudian grasped his arm it felt like his fingers were spikes which were nailed onto his arm. The knight lifted his other hand to rescue his arm.

Dudian responded quickly as he used his right hand to seize the knight’s other hand. Dudian’s took the opportunity and hit the knight’s nose.


Bang! The knight’s nose began to bleed. Dudian took advantage of the situation lifted his right hand and severely his knight’s arm close to his elbow. Kacha! A clear, crisp sound echoed. The knight’s arm bent in the opposite direction.

The Middle-aged knight screamed in pain. His finger lets go of the sword, and it fell to the ground.

The other three knights didn’t expect that their captain would be defeated so quickly in a one-on-one spar.


Dudian punched at knight’s chest. The middle-aged knight flew back and hit the ground. The other three rushed to help him. However, they didn’t fight with Dudian as there was a trace of fear in the depth of their eyes.

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