DK – Ch 179

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The Dark King – Chapter 179

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Old Fulin’s face darkened, but he calmed down soon. He slowly stood up using his cane: “Old man’s guests came long a time ago. What’s the purpose of you two by coming here so late?”


“Oh? Do you mean to say that we are unsolicited guests?” The youth’s mouth curled up into a smile.: “Is this how an old family with a heritage like Ryan house shows hospitality?”

Old Fulin replied coldly with a question: “Is this how the Milan family visits the others?”


The youth turned stiff as he replied: “I heard that Ryan family has applied to set up a new consortium. We have come especially to visit to congratulate you. If we have been presumptuous, then please forgive us.” Although the words uttered by the youth was about modesty, his expression and tone had no trace of it. There was a bit of ridicule.

Old Fulin indifferently said: “I wouldn’t expect much from a family with less than a century of heritage. I can understand you.”


The youth’s face sank. However, he laughed the next moment as he talked: “Our Milan family’s history may not be as long as Ryan family’s. But unfortunately for you, the giant tree is too old. The leaves and flowers have dried up. You haven’t been able to retain your fortune.”

Old patriarch’s tone was indifferent as he glanced at him: “Today its dusk for our family. But who knows when tomorrow at dawn the new sun won’t shine at our footsteps?”


The youth’s face slightly changed. He was going to continue to wrestle words with the old fox, but the girl cut him off.: “We aren’t here to sour the party. Old patriarch, please don’t be offended. This time we have come over on behalf of my father to congratulate you and wish your consortium a smooth and bright future.”

Old Fulin faintly smiled: “Both of your fathers are busy people. I have ‘bothered’ them by remembering and worrying about our ‘little thing.’”


“After all, you were part of our Mellon consortium.” Girl smiled.

Old Fulin glanced at the knight behind them. “It seems that your father hasn’t taught you well. It is forbidden to bring knights into the banquet.”


The youth next to her narrowed his eyes and sneered.: “We are certainly aware of this. But we have heard that there is a hunter who attends the party. I believe that with your teachings the hunter would still be obedient. When the dog lacks loyalty, then there is a chance that it could rebel and go mad at any time. Isn’t it?”


Old Fulin glanced at Dudian from the corner of his eyes. He saw Dudian look calm as if he hasn’t heard the youth’s words at all. He was relieved.: “Hunter is our guest and partner. I didn’t think that Mellon Consortium would think and treat so the hunters under their command. I hope your words won’t fall on their ears or there will be a lot of trouble.”


The youth’s eyes were full of anger. He wanted to continue to attack, but the girl standing by him made a gesture with her eyes to stop.

“I heard that the hunter you have recruited was under Mellon Consortium. His name was Dean, wasn’t it?” The girl looked at him.


Old Fulin’s eyes narrowed. He could see through the intentions of the girl: “Yes, but Mr. Dean joined the Mellon consortium because he was friends with our Ryan family. He knew that we were part of the Mellon consortium, so he had joined it. Now, Ryan family has left the Mellon consortium, so he hasn’t abandoned us and followed after.”

The girls cunning rhetoric to press the old Fulin into the corner wasn’t successful. She knew that she was facing an old fox.


“Is that it?” The youth slightly sneered: “I heard of him. Three years ago, he had committed theft. He had stolen our Milan family’s Longshan Ruby and was sentenced to a prison term. A deacon had personally reviewed the matter back then, and there should be no falsification in the accusation. Aren’t you worried that he will secretly clean out the warehouse of your consortium?”


Old Fulin replied: “Mr. Dean was wronged. There was an error, and Mr. Dean will appeal the decision made by that deacon. The Longshan Ruby is one of the three family treasures of the Milan family. It is worrying that your family treasures are being so laxly guarded.”

The youth was stifled. He clenched his fists.


“He is an old fox.” The girl whispered to him. Afterward, she looked at old Fulin. “I think it’s about time the dinner to start. Will you welcome us?”

Old Fulin indifferently smiled: “Since both of you had come all the way, I’ll welcome you to join us. But the knights have to stay outside.”


The youth looked around before talking: “We were in a hurry so we haven’t brought any gifts. I have an idea. How about we watch a small show?”

Other nobles looked at each other, but no one answered.

Old Fulin’s eyes narrowed: “I wouldn’t expect gifts from the younger generation.”


The youth smiled: “I have heard that Hunter Dean is an intermediate hunter and has extraordinary strength. Why not let him fight with one of my knights? He could show us his skills.”

Old Fulin’s face was cold. He had announced that Dudian is an intermediate hunter. It was to give momentum to the consortium. The other party clearly has seized this point and tried to use it to their advantage.


Dudian saw that Old Fulin was hesitating.: “Well, since it can add fun to the occasion, then I’m more than willing.” He stepped out. He looked towards the handsome youth and smiled.: “You are from the Milan family, aren’t you? You should be aware that hunter’s practice skills to kill not for simple performance. Moreover, I’m not that much skilled in controlling my strength. So if I accidentally hurt your subordinates, please forgive me.”

There was killing intent in the youth’s eyes as he looked at Dudian.: “Likewise, if our knight hurts so, I hope you won’t be offended.”


Dudian glanced at the sword on his waist: “It seems that you are a knight yourself. It would be a significant show of sincerity from your side if you acted.”

The youth’s smiled was stiffened. He was indeed a knight. But he went through with knighthood through the help from his family. After all, being a knight was nothing more than a status for him.


He had learned from the Mellon consortium that Dudian was a rookie hunter three years ago. Dudian hasn’t yet mastered the skills of primary hunters. Moreover, he was imprisoned and tortured for three years. But after all, a hunter’s physique has its advantages. He may not be an opponent against Dudian.

“Nobles never fight with the hunter.” The youth spoke with a refined manner.

Dudian smiled: “Aren’t you a knight? Don’t you have the courage of a knight?”

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  1. “Dudian smiled: “Aren’t you a knight? Don’t you have the courage of a knight?””
    And it was at this moment that Nathan knew….he fucked up.

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