DK – Ch 177

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The Dark King – Chapter 177

Old patriarch looked at Dudian.: “It seems you are not surprised.”

Dudian smiled: “Why should I be?”

“Alchemists are evil and belong to darkness. The aristocracy can accept a knight allegiance. But exchanging with an evil force… Aren’t you surprised?” Old patriarch looked at him.

Dudian faintly smiled: “Everyone has a dark side to them. Not to mention the nobles even the Pope has a shady secret. So there is nothing to be surprised of. The worlds resources are limit so without dirty means accumulating wealth would be very very difficult. If you are going to be on the light side and act like a good person then too bad for you but naturally your possessions will be taken one by one.”

Old Fulin looked at him silently: “Did you learn all of it in jail?”

“This is a very simple rule that we all know. There is nothing to learn.” Dudian said indifferently.: “Do you know which aristocrats have alchemists backing them?”

Old Fulin lightly sighed: “Basically all of the upper nobility has one way or another have secret connection with an alchemist or dark church. Even the military is not an exception.”

“Do you know which alchemists are behind Milan and Burong families?” asked Dudian.

Old Fulin shook his head.: “I don’t know that. Each family communicates with the alchemist very secretively. In addition to the patriarch of the family very few trusted people would know about such a connection. Even the children of the family may not know, let alone someone from outside. But if you want to know who has relation to them you can find clues from the various industries they are involved in. Alchemists help aristocracy to develop new products. If you can find the alchemists in dark church who are having similar research then you can trace the identity of the alchemist. Of course, it is going to cost a lot of money.”

Dudian asked again.: “Does the Holy Church aware of the secret communication between nobles and alchemists?”

“They are not fools so they naturally know.” Old patriarch sighed: “But the main point is that Holy Church has wide range of believers. If the economy supported by the aristocrats collapses then the loss will be greater. As it will affect civilians too. It will cause a chain reaction. In our circle it is called currency turmoil. A situation like that may lead to riots and slaughter. Holy Church wouldn’t want to see something like that.”

Dudian knew what he mean by currency turmoil. It was the same idea as financial crisis of the old era.: “So, will Holy Church close eyes to such a cooperation?”

“If there is no conclusive evidence, then they would never point fingers. As it will lead to a collective rebound from the aristocracy. Holy Church fears that. Although they know that all of the upper nobility is involved with alchemists but it is almost impossible to come up with evidence. However, once if they find a clear evidence then even an old family such as Mel must be exterminated!”

Dudian’s eyes narrowed. It seems they are underestimating the power of Holy Church.

“Your family has its own shop in the Yard town.” Dudian changed the topic.

Old Fulin was surprised: “Do you want to borrow it?”

“Well, I would like to rent it at market price.”

“What for?” Old patriarch looked at him suspiciously.

“Hmm.” There was a trace of smile on Dudian’s face as he said: “I know an alchemist who would be willing to cooperate with out consortium. Why?”

“You know an alchemist?” Old Fulin’s pupils shrank as he looked at him with surprise. “How do you know him? Did you met him in prison?”

“This is my private matter so let’s keep it that way.” Dudian cautiously replied.

Old Fulin retracted his eyes but he was still alarmed. However, he still asked the question which was ultimately tensing him up: “Your alchemist friend. Which faction does he belong?”

Dudian was surprised as it seemed old patriarch knew quiet a lot about alchemists.: “He is from material faction. You shouldn’t be worried about that. He will come up with a formula which will help us to earn a lot of money.”

Old Fulin was relieved. Aristocrats were fond of alchemists who belonged to material faction. However, they dreaded and were frightened by the alchemists who belonged to life faction.

“Is this the gift you were talking about?” Old patriarch exclaimed: “I didn’t expect that you had such a background. What level is the alchemist.”

“High,” Dudian replied briefly.

Old patriarch didn’t find it strange and said: “If he is a two-star or a three star alchemist then our Ryan family may get a chance to face suppression of other consortia. At least we won’t be naked in our fight. ”

Dudian knew that Old Patriarch was testing him and trying to get information out of him: “It’s getting late so I should head back.”

Old patriarch saw that Dudian’s expression didn’t change as he mentioned the level of the alchemist. He secretly though.: “His face didn’t change when I said a three star alchemist. So even if the alchemist isn’t three stars then he would be at least a two-star alchemist.” He began to think about plans for the future.

The next day.

Dudian went to several nearby towns to buy yellow and red phosphorus, wood and other materials. He came back to a remote town and rented a temporary small workshop for a gold coin. Then he brought all the materials to that shop.

Dudian thought that old patriarch would send people to track him but didn’t expect that along the way no-one was following him. He remembered that old patriarch and Mellon consortium were aware of his ability so they didn’t go for useless work.

By the afternoon materials were ready but Dudian thought about the opening party of the consortium in the evening. He stopped every and went to slave market to hire few workers to start.

The night came quickly.

A lot of work had been done to change the atmosphere. The normal oil lamps in the walls have been replaced by white-oil ones which were more valuable. There was even a touch of aromatic smell floating around in the castle.

The lawn has long been trimmed. The road was particularly clean. Knights has also washed of their armor. Because of repeated polishing their armor almost reflected the light.

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      1. It also kept happening to me untill i reset the router so my ip changed yesterday. Once it picks up your scent it just keeps giving warning even if you made an exception of the site around chapter 5 like me. Your messages before each chapter were hilarious tho the red warning got a bit annoying along the way.

  1. That’s nice and all, but I kind of find him reavealing his “Alchemist” friend is too early of a coincidence. Both him and his “friend” have a similar, were gone for many years, and only recently started working around the same time.

    He’s plot armored, so he will be fine, but I still find it a bit too early to do so.

    Thanks for all of the chapters, I wasn’t expecting this many.

    1. Patriarch will keep his mouth as tight as possible. So he won’t leak around that he has connections with an alchemist

    2. Nothing he can do about it. Even if he reveal it later, those facts you stated would not change.

      The best Dean could do is to keep the connection hidden. If no one knows, then they can’t suspect.

    3. PumpKing Well the old mans not stupid he already knows Dudian broke out of prison, I mean he paid the dam bail fee. Therefor him and his “Alchemist” friend would of come along at the same time anyways…

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting ……

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    Thanks MadSnail =) !!!

  4. If he accepts Jenny back author of this novel is idiot …How he could accept her…She coulndn’t even believe him that he is framed.

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