DK – Ch 176

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The Dark King – Chapter 176

“What is fair? What is unfair?” Sarah poked Jenny’s forehead: “You! Ah! You are just too honest. As my father says, there is nothing in this world that can’t be exchanged for money and power. Well, besides great artists.”

Jenny sighed and shook her head slowly. Although Sarah was her playmate since childhood and she had a lot of fun with her but their beliefs didn’t cross at some issues.

“I will head back.” Sarah Mel didn’t continue to talk but just waved.

Jenny nodded but she suddenly said: “You said you might see him? That… Can you help me to give him a letter?”

Sarah raised her hands and pulled Jenny’s cheeks as she laughed: “This lady won’t act as a messenger. If you want to say something then go on and say to him. Aren’t you brave enough?”

She blinked her eyes, turned and left.

Yard town, Ryan castle.

A carriage went into the castle. Dudian got off the carriage and followed a servant as he led him into the castle.

It was dusk so the chef was preparing the dinner at Ryan castle.

Although the Ryan family was on decline but they still held and maintained the etiquette. The servants were standing respectfully on both sides of the table. Old Fulin’s children and grandchildren had come over in advance. Most of them were chatting with each other.

Hugh was talking to his sister when he saw Dudian come in. He quickly got up and greeted: “Hello, Mr Dean.”

Dudian simply shook his hand.: “Hi. How are you?”

Hugh laughed and said: “I’m alright. Mr Dean should be hungry too. Would you like to eat together with us?”

Dudian did not decline.: “I would love to. Please tell them to add pair of chopsticks. ”

“Chopsticks?” Hugh was stunned but didn’t ask what they were.

Dudian touched his nose as he saw Hugh’s suspicious reaction. He knew that he didn’t get what he meant. Old patriarch was in the second floor and had yet to come to join them. Barton, Kroen and Joseph were also waiting in the dining room as they saw in the corner. Nobody cared about their existence.

They immediately got up to meet with Dudian as they saw him enter the dining room.

Dudian smiled and nodded to the three.

At this time, a white bearded middle-aged man asked Hugh: “Who is that?”

Hugh quickly introduced: “This is the hunter hired by grandfather.”

Middle-aged man was surprised but soon his mouth curled into a smile. He shook hands with Dudian. “Hello. I’m Fulin’s second son, Jake.”

Dudian gently shook his hand: “Hello.”

Other people sitting in the dining room also approached to greet Dudian.

“Mr. Dean is so young. Which consortium did you work formerly?” Jake asked.

“The Mellon Foundation.”

“Recently, my father founded a new consortium alone. IT’s called New World consortium. It is gratifying to see that he was able to win over such a young and promising hunter.”

Dudian smiled. Although there was a smile on his face but he knew that most of these children and grandchildren were against such a move. Fortunately, old patriarch was able to keep them in place while going through the procedures.

After a while, Old Fulin came to the dining room. He saw Dudian and greeted him.: “Mr Dean you have joined us early.”

“Early birds eat the worms.” Dudian got up and smiled.

Old Fulin waved his hand to indicate the family members to sit down. The middle-aged maid helped him to get to his seat.: “Mr Dean, you should sit next to me.”

Jake and the others were surprised by Old Fulin’s words. They didn’t think that old patriarch would value Dudian so high.

Dudian nodded and moved past to sit besides old Fulin.

The original position belonged to Jake and his face was stifled but he still squeezed out a smile and moved to another place.

Old Fulin order the meals to be brought up.

Middle-aged maid nodded and turned towards another maid and whispered something.

After a short while, the servants carried the dishes to the table.

Old Patriarch laughed as he looked over at Dudian: “If I knew Mr Dean would come I would have ordered some good dishes to be prepared. Sorry for such a shabby dinner.”

“Save for a rainy day.” Dudian smiled back.

Old Fulin wiped his mouth with a towel as he finished eating.: “Mr. Dean, Ryan family has set up a new consortium. Tomorrow we are going to have a grand opening ceremony. Mano of our old acquaintances will come over to congratulate us. At the moment, you are the only hunter belonging to our consortium. I hope you will be attending the party.”

Dudian nodded: “No problem.”

“Grandpa, can I attend too?” Hugh who was at the end of the table shouted out.

Old Fulin looked at him: ” You are not ready for such a party yet. After you get your honorary certificate of knight you will be considered good enough.”

Hugh’s livid face turned ugly.

After dinner old patriarch asked Dudian to go to his room to discuss things in private.

“Most of the attendees would be from the declining aristocracy.” Old Fulin said to Dudian as the middle-aged maid left the room.: “They will come because of the courtesy. Some will check the situation of our consortium and may want to join in to rake some benefits. In any case, it is going to be our consortium’s first appearance so I hope to have a good impression.”

Dudian nodded, said: “It’s not just them, the eyes of all the noble families will be focused on the gathering.”

“Yes.” Old patriarch nodded. He felt that he hadn’t made the wrong decision by choosing Dudian.: “There are many noble families who are on decline. Even if they gather together to show some muscle within the consortium they belong they wouldn’t amount to anything. After all, they are in a mess and too fragmented.”

“Moreover, application fee for a consortium isn’t low. As a result, our Ryan family is in desperate situation. Other families will investigate clearly. Anyway, whatever is going to happen will happen. Now, I intend to declare you as an intermediate hunter so we can improve the foundation of our consortium.”

Dudian pondered a little, nodded: “Alright.”

“We are likely to be suppressed by the Mellon Consortium in the future.” Old patriarch sighed. “I hope we will be able to stop all the attacks however cunning and hard they will be.”

Dudian smiled.: “After we get enough funds to rent an underground passage to outside nobody will be able to stop our enlargement.”

Old patriarch smiled. He didn’t knew where Dudian get so much self-confidence. In a sense, he didn’t want to refute him too. So he prayed a lot.

“Is there any alchemist support behind big aristocrats?” Dudian suddenly asked.

Old Fulin froze up for a moment but answered.: “Yes, an alchemist master can create wealth much more faster and bigger than hunters.”

Dudian nodded. He had seen in the square of the dark church’s division a lot of rare and expensive materials. It would be very difficult to buy them alone so most probably some alchemist relied on noble families for financial support.

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  1. He should keep the whole “Alchemist” thing a secret, don’t want to fight a war on two fronts at the same time.

    Thanks for the mass release.

  2. I really dislike Jenny’s character
    I mean ok she was small and all but now she grew up and is way to honest
    Can someone be so ignorant of the world exist?
    Hope Dean stopped liking her(it would be pretty stupid if he did)

    1. I mean, normally no. But in her case, it is pretty obvious that her father goes out of his way to shelter her and he has plenty of contacts.

      So it is really no surprise that he can shelter and coddle her so much. I reckon she probably has no perception of difficulty, setbacks or treachery since she never experienced any of those things.

    1. I mean she must have worked as a magistrate and knows how the world works a bit
      And how can she go to the party when her father is keeping a close eye on her?

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