DK – Ch 174

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The Dark King – Chapter 174

Although Dudian knew the basic alchemy symbols but after three years term of prison life he had forgotten a lot. He remembered some of the fuzzily.

The woman wearing the ghost mask saw that Dudian was in a daydreaming state and wasn’t responding so she looked at Nightingale.: “Be quick, stop delaying time.”

Nightingale handed out her alchemy notes.

The woman took the folder and quickly swept through the information.

“Manganese and ferroalloy?” The woman slightly raised her brows. Her eyes swept through the material as she pondered for a while. She nodded: “Yes, its reasonable…”

Nightingale’s eyes lit up as her heart was full of surprise and excitement.

Gold and Rose were envious as they said: “Congrats!”

The woman put the folder away and said: “Show your alchemist medal.”

Nightingale was in joy. She took out a triangle medal in elliptic shape which was hidden under her robe. She gave it to the woman. The word ‘Nightingale’ was engraved on the medal.

The woman turned over and checked the name on the medal.: “According to the research you will get 10 alchemy points. Do you have any problem with my evaluation?”

“None.” Replied Nightingale as she shook her head.

“Take this entry to the inventory.” The woman waved to a purple robed figure. The figure took Nightingale’s folder and her identity information.

“Hey! We can’t wait for you for eternity!” The woman looked at Dudian who was writing down the information on paper.

Dudian stopped and gently blew the ink on both sheets. He turned away from the table and walked towards Nightingale. He handed out two papers to the woman.: “Sorry for the wait.”

Her eyebrows wrinkled: “Two pages?” She picked up both pages from the table and stared at them: “The ink hasn’t dried yet. Did you write them down just now?”

“I’m sorry, he is my assistant and just am apprentice,” said Nightingale who was standing next to Dudian.” He had forgotten to bring the documents.”

The woman wearing the ghost mask listened to her but didn’t reply. Instead she checked the paper.

The woman quickly swept through the first piece of paper and glanced at Dudian. She checked the second paper which still had the wet ink. The alchemy formula was very small.: “Sulfur, fluoride, and fire?”

She slowly swept down.

Although the woman was wearing the ugly ghost mask but Nightingale, Gold and Rose felt her short pause.

Dudian stared at her tightly.

After a short silence the woman slowly looked up at Dudian.: “Both of your papers are related to the flames. Do you know people from the Inferno family?”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he shook his head: “No, I don’t.”

“Really?” The woman’s eyes narrows as she recovered her eyes and looked at the papers: “The first paper is about ignition analysis and the melting points of materials. It is enough to get official alchemist qualifications. The second paper is more special. It will be under temporary retention until the confirmation. We will give the results later on.”

Dudian nodded in understanding.

“More special?” Nightingale, Gold and Rose were impressed with woman’s evaluation. They were startled and surprised to see Dudian to get an evaluation which was marked as ‘special’. No matter what kind of results would be deducted form the experiments the value of the second paper won’t be small. Even later they speculate that the theory is wrong but it could inspire many others.

“It is your first time so you have to submit your own fingerprints, age and nickname to symbolize your identification within the dark church.” Woman pulled out a form from the drawer and looked at Dudian.: “Fingerprints are unique to each individual. We have professionals who can distinguish each person’s fingerprints. So once you are registered your identity couldn’t be hidden and no one could pose as you. I hope you treat this information with caution.”

Dudian replied with an “Oh”. He knew that there was no eye recognition or dna identification. So to avoid the situation when someone killed an alchemist and impersonated him they must be using the fingerprint identification.

“I can give you few tips regarding the code name. Black bat, beak and so on.” The woman held pen and looked at Dudian.

Nightingale to Dudian: “The hound sounds good to ears but it is a very common code name. It should have been taken already.”

Dudian nodded in understanding. He looked at the woman wearing the ghost mask. He thought that he had to choose an alchemist identity. I meant that he was going to be part of the dark forces. According to Holy Church he would be reduced to be a devil. Once his identity was exposed it would be like night meeting the sun. He would be instantly purified.

It was a road of no return.

But he has already chosen this road. Even if there was another choice he would not retire from this path.

“After all a hound is a dog.” whispered Dodian, “Since this is the path of darkness then the nickname should be something which is appropriate. I chose ‘The Devil’.”

The woman and Nightingale were stunned. “The Devil?”

“Has it been chosen by someone else?” asked Dudian.

The woman couldn’t help buy said: “Aren’t you afraid of claiming to be the devil? ”

Dudian smiled: “Why would I bother to do these shady things if I have determination to become the devil?”

“Oh!” The woman exclaimed: “It seems you are looking down upon the identity of others. Your tone gives that vibe. Did you join the dark church because of darkness it represents?”

Dudian quietly looked at her, said: “Knights honor their codex, the nobility take pride in their rituals, the businessmen take pride in their wealth, the Holy Church honor the divinity and I take pride in my path!”

“Your path?” The woman snorted as she saw Dudian reply so.

Nightingale, Gold, and Rose were relieved as they feared that Dudian would say something wrong.

However, no-one realized that by using the word ‘path’ Dudian was not referring to the identity of the dark church but his own self.

“I wrote down your identity. It will take about three days to clearly investigate if the code name was registered by someone else. If it is not, then it will be engraved on your medal.” Then she asked Dudian’s age and saved the fingerprints from all of his ten fingers.

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  1. I’m disapointed he didn’t choose Cerberus, Fenris, Garm, Anubis, Argos, or Sirius. Names from religions long past.

    I guess choosing “the devil” matches his age tho. Those alluding to gunpowder would have been good too.

    1. Yeah, he is at the Chuunibyou age after all. In five years he’ll be groaning internally every time someone addresses him!

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