DK – Ch 172

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The Dark King – Chapter 172


“The thing is even if you don’t have a complete result as long as you can propose a reasonable framework you should be able to pass and get points. It should be enough to get a certificate. After all, apprentice alchemist have limited knowledge. Opening up a new direction or coming up with a new theory is very difficult. As long as an innovative idea or creative conjecture is brought forward you will be able to pass through and get points.” Nightingale explained.

Dudian nodded as he analyzed Nightingale’s words. Actually, this system wasn’t taking into account limited knowledge of the apprentices. The dark church was running behind the shadows. Their consumption was more than the Holy Church. Only by relaxing the requirements they could gain more followers.

Rose looked at Dudian: “However, a complete process and relative integrity of the formula is must. Because with just little ‘creative’ idea you can’t do much. ”

“Yes,” Gold nodded confirmation.

Dudian thought for a moment and said to the Nightingale: “I happen to have a proposal and would like to take this opportunity to apply so that dark church can evaluate it.”

“Oh?” Nightingale was somewhere surprised. There was a smile on her face as she said: “It seems you haven’t given up the pursuit of alchemy in the past few years. I wish you success!”

Rose and Gold were a bit hesitant but held back and didn’t say anything. After all if they continued to question him it would be rude towards the Nightingale as the Hound was her friend.”

All of them passed through the square and went into a hall.

There were two magnificent stone carvings in front of the hall. They were similar to the sculptures you would find in front of the cathedrals of Holy Church. They were four-winged angel sculptures. One of male while the second was female. They had handsome faces and their hands were around their chests. They were looking at sky as if praying to God. The only difference of this angels from the Holy Church’s depiction was that these ones had a little less compassion and a bit evil charm. The color of sculptures were black. Moreover there were chains wrapped around them.

Dudian knew from Rosyard’s notes that these were the purgatory angels of the dark church.
They walked over the stairs between the ten meter tall angel sculptures.

The hall was very spacious. There was a huge sign on the left. Dudian glanced to see that under the sign there were written variate of alchemy materials, information about potions. Moreover, recruitment information to alchemy groups and so on.

Nightingale stopped and turned to Dudian: “You are an apprentice so you can’t personally submit your research to dark church. You gotta find your master or another official member to help you to submit.”

Dudian knew that the alchemist who were with him had their own masters. Most of them would train, learn and experiment under the mentorship of the master until they get their own official status within the dark church.

“Can you help me to submit it?” Dudian asked Nightingale.

Nightingale smiled. “Can you trust me?”

“You are an old friend. Trusting you isn’t an issue.” Dudian knew that if she was an average person then he wouldn’t trust. But alchemists wouldn’t try to take credit for someone else research. Even the mentors wouldn’t do that to their students. As it will be found out one day or another.

Nightingale smile.: “Alright, give it to me.” Her white delicate hand was taken out form the black gown and lifted towards Dudian.

Dudian knew that she belonged to a wealthy family as her small hands belonged to someone with a pampered identity. There were not slightest sign of a heavy work in her palm.

“Do you have paper and pencil?” asked Dudian.

Nightingale, Rose and Gold were surprised. Nightingale recovered her hand: “Do you want to write it down now?”

Dudian coughed: “It is all in my mind. Don’t worry you will not be delayed for too long.”

“Is it?” Nightingale doubtfully looked at Dudian. She hasn’t seen anyone who would be coming to submit their research not prepared in advance. Like her, everyone would write it down, revise, change and check for several times to confirm that there were no typos or omissions before daring to submit the research.

Rose suspiciously asked: “Are you really ready for submission? You are not doing it specifically for entering, right?”

Nightingale asked Dudian.: “Can you really write it down in short time?”

Dudian nodded to confirm.

“Okay,” said Nightingale, “We will go ahead and submit our research while you write it down and submit afterwards.”

Rose and Gold were silent. They wouldn’t be ashamed so there was no need to offend nightingale.

Dudian and the others came to stay in a line towards the counter. There were lots of potioning and alchemy materials next to the counter. Every time someone came out form the door by the counter, the next in line would go in. It was clear that the test was happening inside.

“Nightingale, do you see ‘zircon’? My God!” Gold saw the material near the counter and whispered in surprise.

Nightingale looked past: “It is indeed expensive. Even if I buy it my poor refining platform wouldn’t be able to melt it.”

Dudian looked at the rare metal ore called zircon. It was as big as fist and in silver-gray color. The price was twelve gold coins. It was almost equal to most family’s yearly income.

“Zirconium …” Dudian’s eyes flashed. This material had a high resistance towards corrosion. If he could add it to his hunter armor then the quality would rise by several times. If he would encounter a monster whose spit would corrode the armor, then it could resist for an attack or two.

Suddenly, Rose pointed towards a tall and handsome figure who was standing in queue. The man’s gown was different from the others. IT was made out of fine fabric. The robe was decorated with golden patterns. He was very eye-catching as he stood in the crowd.

Nightingale looked towards the direction Rose had pointed. There was a trace of fear as she said: “Is he an alchemist from that forbidden family?”

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  1. Ok, now, who thinks this is a flag for another love triangle? or at least, enemy.
    I do.

    Thanks for the translation!

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