DK – Ch 171

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The Dark King – Chapter 171

 Dudian nodded. They were walking through the corridor when he asked: “ Is this the new alchemy lab?”

“Kind of” replied Nightingale with a vague answer. She suddenly remember something as she asked. “I almost forgot to ask you. Are you still an apprentice? Or, Have you joined the dark church and became an official alchemist?”

Dudian truthfully answered: “An apprentice.”

Nightingale hesitated as she said “Oh.” She changed the subject: “Anyway, its almost four years that we haven’t seen each other. You just left like that. Did you go through trouble?”

Dudian nodded, “A little bit. But everything is behind.”

Nightingale smiled: “That’s good. Do you have your own alchemy lab now?”

Dudian’s eyes flash: “There is one. What about it?”

“Nothing. If you have time I’ll take you to meet Mouse. He comes to this little town too, not far from here. If you need him you can join their circle too.” Nightingale smiled.

Dudian was perplexed: “Isn’t Mouse with you?”

Nightingale shook her head. At this time, two people came face to face with them. Nightingale recognized and nodded at them.

“Come with me but try to keep quiet. There are lots of great people in here.” Nightingale whispered to Dudian as they closed passed by another door.

They had entered a large dark hall. There were no oil lamps on the walls but instead diamond-shaped crystals. It is said that these are taken from a special monster. They grow in that monsters body and crystallize there. It is high value monster that is target of hunters.

There was a huge painting on top of the wall they were facing. Nightingale and Dudian walked towards it. There were four attendants under the painting waiting for them. One of the attendants asked: “Who is he?”

“My assistant,” Nightingale replied.

The attendant looked at Dudian but didn’t say anything. He turned towards the wall and pressed onto it. A slight sound echoed out as the wall slowly cracked open and revealed a dark passage.

Nightingale head in but attendant stopped Dudian.: “We have to eliminate your smell. Please close you eyes.”

Dudian looked at nightingale and slowly closed his eyes.

A powder was spilled onto him. It had strong smell as the earth soil which covered his body odor.

“Go in.” The attendant’s voice sounded.

Dudian opened his eyes and saw that the nightingale was waiting in front. He followed up.

After he entered the dark passage the secret door slowly closed and the wall’s previous appearance was restored.

The passage was dimly lit but Dudian was able to clearly see. He followed after Nightingale who was walking along the curving passage. It got brighter and brighter as they moved. They came out to a huge square surrounded by big rock walls. At the top there was a dome. In front of them there was a building. It was designed with the same grandeur as the magistrate. However they had this ‘dark’ touch and atmosphere radiating off.

“It is a division of dark church.” Nightingale whispered.

Dudian was shocked at the sight. He didn’t expect that the seemingly ordinary manor would be the entrance to the passage through the underground caves that would lead to such a structure. This kind of a project was beyond his imagination.


A clear voice echoed out.

Nightingale and Dudian turned around and saw two figures in the square. From their hair and figures it could be understood that one was man while the other was woman. The man was wearing gold robes and had a dog engraved on his mask. The woman was wearing dark red robe. Roses were depicted on her mask and robe. Her eyes and cheeks were covered while her lower face and lips were exposed. She looked very eye-catching.

“Gold, Rose.” Nightingale laughed as she saw the two figures.

Both of them came close to them. They looked at Dudian. The man wearing the golden robe smiled: “A new friend? How come you haven’t introduced us?”

Nightingale seemed to be a bit troubled: “He’s a friend from long time ago. He is called Hound.”

“Hound?” The woman wearing a rose mask glanced at the golden robed man.: “Everyone is nicknamed after their studies. So it’s a bit hard to get what he is researching. Is he also majoring in metal research as you are? ”

Nightingale turned to Dudian: “I remember that you were researching metals too, right?”

Dudian nodded: “A bit of everything. However, I don’t have a major direction. ”

“What are you researching?” Gold looked at Dudian: “The knowledge of alchemy world is vast and profound. Even if we had hundred lives we wouldn’t necessarily have great success. Too much of miscellaneous information, so you have to master a direction.”

Rose asked: “How many stars?”

Dudian shook his head: “I’m still an apprentice and in probationary stage.”

“Apprentice?” Gold and Rose were surprised. They turned towards nightingale: “Is he still an apprentice?”

Nightingale looked around and whispered: “Do not be so loud.”

Rose couldn’t help but said: “Why have you brought an apprentice to here? The rules can’t be so easily broken even its your friend. Only the official alchemists come here! Quickly get him out!”

Nightingale whispered: “Stop panicking. He is here as my assistant!”

Gold smiled: “If he is just an apprentice you should have let him wait outside.”

Nightingale looked at Dudian and later turned back and professionally changed the topic: “Did you come here today to submit a report?”

“Yes.” Gold patted the box in his hand: “This experiment has prospect. I hope I will be able to pass!”

“Me too.” Rose sighed: “I hope the direction of my research was right. I just need 12 points to get a star medal!”

Gold looked at Nightingale: “The alloy method that you had come up with had inspired me a lot. Did you have any new progress?”

Nightingale nodded: “It’s a bit fruitful.”

“Then go with it.” Rose urged.

The Nightingale hesitated and looked at Dudian. “Will you wait here for us?”

“If I want to get an official alchemist status I gotta submit a research to the holy church? Am I right?”

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  1. So I guess she feels entitled to Deans idea of alloys because she made it work and he is a mere apprentice/newbie/masterless? Tsk tsk.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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