DK – Ch 169

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The Dark King – Chapter 169

“Registering a new consortium?” Old Fulin was shocked as he shook his head.: “Its useless for us to act alone. Although we are eligible to apply to register a consortium but no one would like to join us.”

Dudian replied: “No you are misunderstanding. We don’t need other people to join! Only nobles and wealthy businessmen can apply to register a new consortium. Even if they are wealthy but the application process is too long and the procedures are too cumbersome for civilians. However, its totally different for aristocrats. Its enough to produce proof of identity to register a consortium. Later on we have to rent a separate underground passage from the Holy Church and clean out our own area. This is what I was talking to you before. Its my gift to you!”

Old patriarch slightly smiled: “I don’t know where you have inquired and learned about these things. But you don’t even imagine how much money we need to rent a separate underground passage. Even Mel and Burong family need to have a partnership and draw other aristocrats and wealthy businessmen to share the burden. It is impossible for the Ryan family to cover the rent on our own.”

“I have already told you that I will solve the money problem. That’s not a problem.” Dudian smiled: “You should apply for registration. After few days I will get you the sum of money need for rental. ”

“You?” Old patriarch was stunned. He suspiciously looked at Dudian.: “Are you planning a robbery?”

Dudian smile, said: “Its not only by looting that you get that much money! ”

Old patriarch sighed: “Don’t make too much of a trouble. Our Ryan family is just a small boat. We can’t afford to toss you out!”

“There will be nothing but enlargement of ship’s size!” Dudian smiled.: “Have Burong family looked for you in the past few days?”

Old patriarch nodded slightly: “I have to credit you for their visit. Not long ago they had come over and I was drenched in their spittle.”

“Then moisturize your skin.”

“I wish! Mellon consortium has decided to kick out our Ryan family. Both Milan and Burong family have certain degree of power within the consortium so I believe that it won’t be long when the news about our dismissal will be out. ” Old Fulin sighed.

“That’s right,” said Dudian.

Old patriarch bitterly smiled: “If it was just about being kicked out, then I wouldn’t be worried much. But they will certainly think of secret ways and pull few strings to pressure our Ryan family. So I assume most of our resources will be de-evaluated in the next few weeks.”

Dudian shrugged: “Its not as if you were ruling over the giant wall. You won’t lose much.”

Old patriarch’s mouth twitched as he saw Dudian’s ‘I have nothing to do with his’ appearance.

“Now, whether you want or not, you are tied to me. We are on the same but and hopefully we will have good time together!” Dudian said an looked at sky through the window. “I’m going back.”

Old Fulin sighed. He suddenly thought of something and asked: “What will be the name of the consortium? Ryan consortium? ”

Dudian immediately answered: “It shall be called the New World consortium.”

“New World consortium … …” Old Fulin murmured.

Dudian left the Ryan castle to the hotel as old patriarch personally sent him off.

Hotel’s owner was alert as he saw Dudian. There was a faint trace of anxiety on his face. Apparently, because of the knights who had taken Dudian in the morning he remembered Dudian’s appearance.

“It’s all right,” said Dudian to him and returned to his room. He said to Barton, “In the following days go to Ryan castle and tell them that you are my friends. They will give you accommodation there.”

“The castle life?” Trio were stunned.

Dudian smiled and said: “I hope that you can learn wisdom. The thing is our future will be very hard. We will be covered in wind and rain however if we are exposed to them we will be beyond redemption. In the near future, we will face more problems. You guys are my right hands. So I hope you will strengthen up!”

Barton and the other two looked at each other as the joy in their hearts faded away. Dudian’s hadn’t hidden deacon Huey’s assassination from them. They knew that Dudian had made a surprising move. They knew that they will have to overcome rough days but didn’t expect to fall into such a dangerous situation at the beginning of their journey.

In the past, their life was bitter but it was relatively comfortable. But now they are at the brink of destruction any given moment.

“I know.” Barton nodded softly.

Joseph and Kroen bowed their heads in silence.

Dudian was satisfied as he saw that trio was aware of the crisis. The wolves could be trained in dangerous environments. However, you could only teach a dog in the comfortable environment.

Dudian entrusted Barton and the other two to Ryan family and returned to the residential district alone. In the past few days, through Ryan family he had inquired about Jura and Gray’s fate after his imprisonment. They had been expelled from commercial district and were sent back to their residential district house.

Fortunately, their residential district house has not been give to anyone else or they would be homeless.

Dudian’s mind was full of concern as he sat in the carriage while it drove to Lynn street. He got of the carriage and walked to Jura couple’s original house on foot. He saw that the house was clean. There were no leaves on grass. At the moment it was too early. There was Gray and Jura’s smell floating from the house. But Jura’s smell was more rich in comparison to Gray’s. She should be at home.
In addition to Jura’s smell, Dudian sensed an alien smell. It was mixed with Jura’s smell.

He was startled. There was no one around so he gentle bypassed the outside fence and went into the house. Through the window’s gap he saw the inside. It was familiar scene. Jura was sitting at the table wearing glasses. Next to hear a seven or eight years old boy was playing around. She was rubbing his head and it seemed that the kid was well-behaved.

Jura smiled. She would stop from time to time to stroke little boy’s head.

Dudian was silent for some time as he felt touch of sorrow and grief in his heart. He slowly turned around as he stepped over the lawn and jumped over the fence to the street.

After strolling around aimlessly for a bit Dudian stopped. He had to go to the hidden alchemist lab.

Three years had gone by. The back alley was still as dark and dirty as before. There was fabric which camouflaged the entrance. However, Dudian sensed that there was no residue of activity coming from the lab. It seems they have transferred its location.

At this time a carriage passed behind him. The breeze blew the carriage’s curtain and a faint fragrance floated out.

Dudian was startled as he turned around to look at the shadow who was sitting in the carriage.


Alright, we got good news and bad news. I’ll go with the good one. In about a month, we will reach the author and shall release the new chapters as the author writes more.

The bad news is I’m not sure which novel I want to do next. I don’t want to wait until the last moment so I’m open to requests. The novel HAS to be in CHINESE! It has to be either, SCI-FI, POST-APOCALYPTIC, XIANXIA or MODERN WORLD (No games, VR, r18…)

Anyway, I don’t care much the point is I have to like (enjoy) the novel. Write the name (possibly in Chinese) and I’ll take a look!

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