DK – Ch 168

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The Dark King – Chapter 168

Dudian glanced at worms then turned towards the two: “I believe no sane person would be stupid enough to murder a deacon after being bailed out. Moreover, there are obvious signs that there are people with ulterior motives who try to frame me. Those people have ‘inside’ information. After all, usually you don’t see a person killed with spikes. ”

The old man and the middle-aged man glanced at each other as they heard Dudian say ‘inside’. They naturally knew that this inside story refers to Dudian’s escape. Although it was covered up after the aristocrats had come forward regarding this matter but if they went for a little investigation they could get solid evidence that Dudian had escaped. However, they didn’t want to purse this matter as it was covered. Their main aim was to investigate murder of deacon Huey.

It seemed that Dudian wasn’t the murderer from the current blood test.

“Nonsense!” The middle-aged man snapped: “Have you killed someone else with these spikes before the assassination of deacon Huey?”

Dudian smiled: “I’m really innocent. Although I dislike deacon Huey but I would never do such a crazy thing. I just got bailed out and wouldn’t like to be bothered with stuff like that. ”

Middle-aged man and the old man exchanged glances. Old man waved: “Test others.”

Middle-aged man nodded slightly. In accordance with the previous test, he collected blood of others.

“It takes about 12 hours before they would be willing to eat different type of blood. So you all will be under temporary custody. You can leave after the results came out. ” Middle-aged man coldly said.

The four looked at each other. The previous youth couldn’t help but say: “What is this? I’m just a suspect, how can you limit my freedom?”

“You are quite talkative!” Middle-aged man shouted.

The youth bit his lips but didn’t reply.

Dudian said to the old man: “My blood has been verified. Can I go now?”

The old man glanced at him: ” Remember as you are currently on bail. If there is something else, please cooperate with us on call. Or we will have to arrest you. ”

Dudian nodded: “Of course, I hope you can arrest the murderer as soon as possible. Moreover, I would love to know whether it is just a coincidence or there is someone who wants to frame me.”

The old man nodded.: “This case isn’t just an ordinary one. Send these to headquarters for better investigation.”

Middle-aged nodded and said: “I know.”

Old man ordered guard to take Dudian out. The other four were brought into a special detention room. The old man said to the middle-aged one: “Immediately go and investigate the recent deaths. Check out if their bloods someone relate to the sample on the spikes.”

Middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and immediately nodded in agreement.

Dudian wasn’t escorted back to the hotel by the knights. So he had to hire a carriage and return to Yard town.

Barton was pleasant as he saw Dudian safely return. He stepped forward to ask about details of the investigation.

Dudian said a few things to make them feel relieved. Then sat into the carriage as he went to Ryan castle.

This time he didn’t sneak in but went through the main entrance. After the guard at the door informed the patriarch, the carriage went into through the main lane to the castle.

Old patriarch was sitting in the hall waiting to see Dudian. There was smile on his face as he saw Dudian come in.: “Welcome! It a rare occasion. It has been so long that a hunter had come and visited our Ryan castle. Please sit down.”

There was a young man and a girl in the hall. Their eyes brightened up as they heard their grandfather introduce Dudian. They knew what hunters meant. Large sum of wealth and money!

“Hello, my name is Hugh!” The young man hurried up and shook Dudian’s hand.

Dudian shook youth’s hand and smiled: “Don’t hesitate. I’m here to find Mr Fulin to talk about cooperation.”

“Cooperation?” Hugh was surprised as he heard Dudian.

Although Ryan family was part of the Mellon consortium but there were many noble families that were under its wing. Moreover, the resources brought back were commissioned according to the proportion of shares. After the Holy Church took its inherent commission the rest were mainly divided by Mel and Burong families. They were the founders and so got the big pieces of the pie. The rest had to be sufficed with a small part. The declining families such as almost didn’t get anything.

Ryan family was in the bottom within the Mellon consortium. The money allocated to them was close to nothing. Unless the hunters of the consortium had brought back a large harvest, Ryan family wouldn’t get anything valuable.

However, if the hunter worked only for their family. It meant that after the Holy Church’s commission was taken out as well as hunter’s own income the rest would belong to their family. Although a single hunter wouldn’t be enough to feed a noble family but for Ryans it was more than enough to improve their living conditions. Over the years they may slowly accumulate wealth.

“Hello Mr Hunter. So young, ah! ” The young girl was surprised as she saw Dudian.

Hugh quickly shouted. “Stop with nonsense.”

The girl stuck out her tongue and went behind him.

Fulin politely smiled and said: “Dean, please come with me.” The middle-aged maid helped him to move as old patriarch led the way.

Dudian followed him as they went upstairs to patriarch’s study room.

As they came into the room, patriarch ordered the middle-aged maid to withdraw and shut the door.

Old Fulin sat down in his chair and said to Dudian: “I was surprised to hear that you were taken by the magistrate’s knights today.”

Dudian pulled a chair and sat down: “They had to let go of me as they couldn’t find evidence.”

The old Fulin’s eyes narrowed: “Didn’t they investigate it properly or what? Aren’t the spikes from Huey’s murder not enough of evidence?”

Dudian looked at him with interest. “Do you mean the blood on spikes or the smell?”

Fulin’s eyes retracted: “What do you mean?”

Dudian smiled: “Did you think that I used to kill deacon Huey with steel spikes because of revenge and retaliation?”

Old patriarch was startled:” Did not you?

Dudian smiled: “Today I’m not here to talk to you about this matter. I came to find you to talk about cooperation with you.”

“Oh?” Old Fulin’s eyes slightly opened.: “What kind of cooperation?

Dudian smiled. “You got to create a new consortium under Ryan family’s banner.”

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