DK – Ch 167

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The Dark King – Chapter 167

The name of the worm according to dictionary is- homology or common origin. So we could use Homologous worm but went with Bloodline worm


The old man smiled as he saw all five of them turn silent: “According to our investigations you guys are the most likely ones to have murdered deacon Huey. Bart.” The old man called out a name.

The complexion of youth next to Dudian turned dark and his body trembled: “I, I didn’t kill him! I really did not kill.”

Old man deeply looked at him: “You have neither wife nor daughter. On night of 25th you went to flower shop to buy red roses. What for?”

Dudian turned his face towards the youth.

Bart’s body was trembling. : “I, I…”

“Say!” Old man shouted.

Bart’s body fiercely shook as he said in hurry: “I bought flowers… I bought flowers to give to the girl I like… I, I have crush on her.”

Old man narrowed his eyes: “Whats the girl called?”

“Lucy, Lucy,” Bart looked down.

Old man nodded and waved back at knight to go out to investigate.

The old man stopped interrogation as the guard went out. Instead middle-aged man sitting next to him, dressed in white robes said: “Time for blood test.”

Middle-aged man put the box in his hand onto the table. He opened it and there were two bloody spikes. He beckoned to the knight who was close by and the latter immediately brought up a bowl and knife.”

“If you have read the newspaper then you should be aware that these spikes were the main weapons used to assassinate the deacon Huey.” Old man’s eyes swept over Dudian and the others: “In addition to deacon Huey’s blood we found that there is another blood trace. It is likely was left by the criminal… ” After this his eyes fell onto Dudian’s face.

Dudian saw his looks and wrinkled his eyebrows: “Do you suspect that its my blood?”

“At present, the most suspicious person is you.” Old man’s facial expressions turned to hatred and anger while the previous gentleness was lost while he told: “You had committed theft three years ago. Deacon Huey had personally handled your case. You were sentenced and sent to Thorn Flower Prison. Later on you had escaped from the prison which is the first prison in terms of everything. Because of resent that you held towards deacon Huey’s decision you had used the torture instruments from the jail to murder the deacon. Its nothing but a assassination for revenge! ”

The four sitting next to Dudian were stunned as they listened to the judge. The most astonished was the youth who thought that Dudian was an ordinary civilian because of his simple clothes. He wouldn’t think that Dudian was a super criminal who was able to break out of brutal Thorn Flower Prison.

His eyes pumped as he thought of his previous words. Subconsciously he began to move towards the left.

Dudian calmly looked at the old man’s eyes: “I was in prison when the deacon was murdered. There was no jailbreak. I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Well! Boy, less bullshit!” The middle-aged man next to the old one snapped.: “Now, when we get the conclusive evidence, do you think you would be able to fool others with your sweet talk? After the test is over the aristocrat who has bailed you out will be arrested to. As they have been covering up the criminal. Because of being involved in the conspiracy their aristocratic identity will be abolished!”

Dudian coldly staring at him: “The officials rely on evidence. The results haven’t been verified yet but you have been slandering me non-stop. Actually… Who have you received money from? Who wants to use me as a scapegoat to cover this case? ”

“Darn, what did you say ?!” Middle-aged man hit the table in anger.

Dudian leaned back and his eyes moved to the old man: “Since you have yet to find evidence then everything you say right now is nothing but nonsense. I recommend you to begin the test and verify whatever you going to do. But also keep quiet as I want to rest my ears.”

Old man said in a cold tone: “You don’t have to remind us. We will verify.” He ordered the middle-aged man: “Let’s start.”

Middle-aged man looked coldly Dudian: “The first one shall be you. You arm!”

Dudian stretched out his hand.

Middle-aged man was confused as he saw Dudian lift his arm without care. As soon as Dudian lifted off his sleeve everyone saw his arms full of whip marks and scars. There were some marks left by the fire. Their face turned ugly at sight.

The judges knew about the work routine of jails. But the four sitting next to Dudian couldn’t help but suck back their saliva. Their scalps turned numb as they saw countless scars.

Middle-aged man used the knife to make a shallow cut on Dudian’s wrist. The blood dropped out and slipped into the small bowl.

The four next to Dudian secretly glanced at him. They saw that Dudian didn’t even wrinkle his brows when the cut was made. The youth sitting next to him said to the middle-aged man: “Your honor, are you going to somehow compare our blood with the one on spikes?”

Middle-aged man coldly glanced at him. “You wouldn’t be able to do the murder if you didn’t have the motive…”

Youth stare: “What do you mean?

Middle-aged man didn’t respond to him as he waved and made a hand gesture.

A moment later, a knight holding a palm-sized box came in from outside. He put the box on the table and went out.

Middle-aged man opened the box. There were worms laying in the box. Their bodies were crystal clear and chubby.

“These are bloodline worms.” Middle-aged man coldly smiled as he looked at Dudian.: “Although the blood on the spikes have long dried and can’t be test but Bloodline worms can identify the same blood. After it eats up your blood it can identify if the dried blood on spikes belong to you or not.”

Later on he put the small bowl near the box.

A faint smell of blood was emitted from the bowl and soon attracted the attention of bloodline worms. They crawled out of the box. Their small sticky claws caught onto bowl’s smooth surface as they went into it to eat the blood.

As they ate the blood their body colored change to red.

After they were finished eating the blood, middle-aged man put the blood-stained spikes near them. He was nervous as he was observing the worms.

The worms body turned upright as they gently sniffed the spikes. However, the next moment they retracted their bodies and went back to the box.

Middle-aged man was confused.

Old man who was sitting next to him was also perplexed. He ordered: “Try again.”

Middle-aged man reacted and once again put the spike close to them.

Nevertheless, the worms lazily laid around twisting their bodies. They didn’t respond to spike.

The middle-aged man and the old man couldn’t help but look at Dudian. There was alarm in their eyes. Although they had called five suspects but the most skeptical was Dudian. The blood on spikes was an excellent evidence. However, it seems the blood stains on spikes didn’t belong to Dudian.

Who could they belong to?

Is it really just a coincidence?

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  1. OH YEAH. When they tested his if Dudian had a “light physique” the same thing happened.

    Thanks for the chapters, you didn’t have to Madsnail.

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