DK – Ch 166

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The Dark King – Chapter 166

“Hmph!”. Another knight who was next to them sneered. “Do you want to be taken in a carriage? You have killed deacon Huey! Its not going to take long before you go to prison again!”

Dudian’s eyebrows wrinkled as he listened to the knight with interest.: “Since when the knights of magistrate have become judges? Moreover, I haven’t been interrogated yet. In this case, I am just a suspect. If I’m not mistaken then according to the third criteria of Knighthood, knights have to be just and unyielding! In the absence of evidence arbitrarily slandering others is not consistent with ‘just’ part of the criteria. Or does it?”

Knight was stifled but he wanted to say something. However he was stopped by the other knight who was leading them.

“Mr. Dean please come with us. Otherwise, we will have to use force.” The other knight said politely.

Dudian smiled: “I am a normal civilian. Moreover, I have status of a trainee within magistrate. But now some people wantonly slander me in absence of conclusive evidence. I want explanation!”

“You!” the other knight said in anger.

Their leader stopped him and whispered: “Don’t forget that you are knight of magistrate!”

The young knight lowered his head.

“Mr. Dean he is unfamiliar with the case as its his first take. Please don’t be offended.” The leader then pointed to a carriage which was parked not far away from the hotel: “Please, cooperate with us.”

Dudian faintly smiled. He moved to the side and patted young knight’s shoulder: “Fighting evil is a good thing. But you better polish your eyes and don’t bite blindly. Your duty is to protect the civilians while annihilating the evil. You can’t rely on your status to oppress the civilians!”

The young knight clenched his fists and angrily looked at him but didn’t reply back.

Dudian ignored him as he turned towards Barton.: “You guys wait here for me. If you are in trouble then go to Ryan castle and find their patriarch. He is my friend and he will protect you.”

“Dean, you …” Barton paused.

Dudian cut him off: “Don’t be worried about me. I’m going for a cup of tea.” Then he looked at knight and said: “Let’s go!”

The leader looked at him deeply. He waved at the several knights and waved: “Let’s go back!”

Pedestrians stopped to look at Dudian while he was surrounded by a team of knights from the magistrate. They were surprised to see that such a young boy was arrested by knights as normally they would go after ferocious criminals.

Dudian got into the carriage and was escorted by the knights to the magistrate building.

The neighborhood was much more lively than ever.

The judges from the adjoining magistrates were send to help out with the investigation. All the streets around the magistrate were crowded with knights wearing magistrate’s armor. Some of them were responsible to escort and protect the judges and deacons while the others were protecting the magistrate building. In addition to the staff from the magistrate, many civilians and businessmen had gathered to see the grand event.

A carriage escorted by the knights squeezed through the crowd and stopped in front of magistrate building. A young knight dismounted from his horse and came over to carriage and unlocked it.: “Mr Dean, please.”

Dudian slowly went down the carriage.

He looked around to see lots of carriages, some of which had flags and banners of different noble families.

The leader of the knights led him to the magistrate building.

“This way, please!” The knight guided him.

Dudian followed him as they went from the lobby into a hall.

“I have to tie you. Please.” The knight took out handcuffs.

Dudian smiled back and lifted his hands.

After putting on the cuffs the knight said: “Sit close to them. They are the suspects like you.” Afterwards he pointed to the table where people were sitting by.

There were four people, three men and a woman. One of them who was a young man dressed in luxury clothing saw Dudian and laughed: “You can’t find the real murderer and bring in the innocent people you have have casually picked up! It’s a joke!”

Knight’s face sank: “Shut up!”

The youth laughed: “I won’t be silenced!”

“You!” The knight stared at him.

“Oh …” Laughter echoed from the outside. The people in gold clad robes came to the room. They were led by an old man who seemed to be the one with the biggest authority within them. He patted the knight’s shoulder: “You should go out now.”

The knight’s anger dissipated the moment he saw the old man: “Yes.”

The old man took out the chair and sat down to opposite to Dudian and rest.: “You should be aware why all of you have been brought to here. Our judge, deacon Huey was assassinated. According to the intelligence collected, five of you are the most likely people to murder him.”

The youth smiled and retorted: “Who is deacon Huey? I have never seen him. I had read about his assassination in the newspaper. At the time I was meeting with my friends and partying with them. There are lots of people who can testify for me.”

Old man smiled: “You shouldn’t be worried. Although we can’t prove your presence in the murdering scene but according to our investigation three months ago Huey had lost a bet. He had borrowed quite a big amount of money from you. He hasn’t paid you back. Its not a small amount of money so there is an option that he was killed because of debt issues.”

The youth’s face changed as he tapped the table: “It’s nonsense. Although it wasn’t a small amount but I wouldn’t murder a deacon because of money. You gotta be crazy to do that! ”

Old man indifferently said: “Did you say that you haven’t ever met him?”

The youth was stifled. It was as if he was slapped in the face.

“We have investigated everything. I would like to tell you know that lying is not an option and may lead you to prison even if you belong to a noble family. Of course, you could be bailed out but it won’t be cheap.” The old man smiled and looked at Dudian and the other three: “You better cooperate with us as we how much more information than you think.”

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