DK – Ch 165

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The Dark King – Chapter 165

Warden’s office. Thorn Flower Prison

Bang! The door was pushed up as the youth in black uniform came in. He had a newspaper in his hand while he was angered by the content.: “What the hell is this? He was bailed! I want an explanation!”

Warden Jones was eating breakfast while reading the newspaper as he sat by his desk. He frowned and was displeased because of youth’s action.: “Be very careful about your tone and voice’s pitch when you talk to me.”

Youth was displeased by the news.: “Its been many days that me and my men have searched everywhere day and night. Now that we found his whereabouts in Yard town, I get the order stop hunting him because he was released on bail. I couldn’t wait to peel this little devil for so many days. What a joke! He is criminal that broke out from jail! A wanted man”

Jones took a glance at newspaper and looked at him.: “Calm down. I’m going to explain you.”

The youth gritted his teeth and took a deep breath.: “I want a proper statement!”

Jones put away the newspaper. He took a sip of tea from the cup and spoke lightly: “It was written very clearly in the newspaper. He was bailed out by an aristocrat. In fact it’s a good thing for us as the kid had found a noble family to help him for bail out. At least, his jailbreak was ignored and our Thorn Flower Prison wasn’t put into an embarrassing situation any more.”

Youth’s face turned red as the anger gushed out: “That’s the reason? He was a wanted man! ”

Jones smiled: “If you put away the arrest warrant, then he was just a thief. However, its not surprising that nobles would show interest to him as he had planned and escaped a perfect jail break from the hardest prison. As for the warrant. It will be regarded as nothing but a mistake. A wrong print or you just name it. So at the end our prison won’t lose a face and this matter will end in here.”

Youth asked: “Can’t we do anything? Its going to finish just like that?”

Jones sighed as he looked at the youth: “At the end we are caught in a fight between nobles. Even if you are unhappy with the current conclusion, what can you do? He was bailed by a noble family. Who can stop it? Not even another aristocrat family can come up and stop this process. Unless, he once again commits a crime and there is solid enough evidence to put him behind the bars. That’s the only way and these are the rules.”

Youth was speechless as he was startled.

Jones chuckled: “Although it is known that magistrate is impartial but it doesn’t mean that nobles are powerless. Don’t forget that the lifeblood of this world is in the hands of nobles. The vast majority of economic and military strength is focused in their hands. They can’t be ignored by anyone whether it is military, judicial system or Holy Church. Moreover, aristocracy is much more deeply-rooted as you think.”

“Do you think an ordinary civilian could bail him out even if he was as wealthy as the church? Who would dare to intervene with prisoners of Thorn Flower Prison and protect a thief? But the nobles are different. Even if a declining family steps out for him then he would be taken out. They have such a right. It is called ‘class.’”

Youth was silent for sometime: “Soon he will be condemned again even if he was bailed out. ”

Jones smiled, ” Yes. He has angered the magistrate by killing the deacon. The magistrate will dispose him one way or the other. Nevertheless its too early to come up to judgement. We will see how everything plays out.”

The youth sneered: “I will personally go to watch when they will execute him.”

Jones replied: “Don’t think to much about him. At the end of the day he is just a toy.”

Mount Er. Burong family. Commercial district.

The huge castle was located at the hillside of the mountain. There was a wall all around the foot of the mountain surround by the moats and bridge. The were lots of knights patrolling the perimeter by walking back and forth.

Rudolph Burong didn’t go downstairs in the morning. The servants had brought water for him to rinse in his room. Afterwards he ate the breakfast in his workroom which was a majestic place. After finishing with the breakfast he began to read the newspaper.

“This kid … …” Rudolph’s eyes narrowed as he saw the news about deacon Huey’s assassination. Few days ago when the news about murder was released he was already sure that the little devil was involved in this.

“Thorn Flower Prison is made up of bunch of no goods. A group of leeches. Military is worse when it comes to taking action.” Rudolph swept through the names of the main suspects. His eyebrows wrinkled.: “Magistrate is a bit better than them…”

He didn’t pay much attention to the story as he checked the others news. A moment later he saw the column on the left corner of the newspaper.: “bail? Released?”

He was startled.

“The Ryan family has eaten a lion’s heart. Good courage!” He waved to the maid and indifferently said: “Buy all the newspapers and destroy them! Don’t let little Miss see it. In addition, she is not allowed to go out today. She will stay at home!”

The young maid respectfully answered.: “Yes.”

Rudolph shouted as the maid was about to retreat.: “Wait. She was recently working on some case. Go to the magistrate and get all the information regarding that case. Make sure that they are brought over so that she can work on them at home.”

“Yes,” the maid nodded respectfully.

After the maid went out of the room, Rudolph once again check the newspaper. He thought for a moment and said to the maid on his right.: “Call the butler.”

“Yes.” Maid respectfully replied.

It didn’t take long when a middle-aged man with combed hair, clothed in a suit came over.: “Good morning, master.”

“Go to that old thing’s house.” Rudolph coldly said.

Middle-aged butler was surprised but saw the newspaper on desk. He nodded and turned away to leave.

Yard town.

Dudian was having breakfast when a team of knights of magistrate surrounded the hotel.

“We suspect that you were involved in a murder case,” a young knight belonging to magistrate lifted his helmet and coldly said to Dudian.

Dudian glanced at the street, “Where is the carriage?

P.S: Jenny’s dad’s name is Rudy but we are going to use Rudolph instead for better impression. It sounds more ruthless. Moreover Rudy originates from Rudolph.

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  1. It’s stupid ! No matter the fact that nobles and rich men can do whatever they want, people aren’t that dumb. If a bailed out individual is suddenly accused of another crime juste after the release of the news, people will instantly understand and the integrity of aristocrats and magistrate will be contested leading to some serious other problems.

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