DK – Ch 161

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The Dark King – Chapter 161

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


A few days later.

A report was received about a murder in a remote street in  the outskirts of the commercial district. A neighbor had found a rotten body inside a wooden barrel.

The rotten smell the body emitted was exposed after the weather had cleared. The investigators from the magistrate had come to check the scene in haste. A corpse was situated in sitting position inside the barrel. Its hands were clasped together as if praying. There were two spikes nailed through its chest.

The investigators from the magistrate had recognized the clothing on corpse from the first glance. Impressively, the person who was murdered was a deacon in the magistrate.

The news had an uproar effect in the judicial system.

All divisions of the magistrate within the entire commercial district were on alert after the identification of the body.

The judicial system was the fourth independent force. Its prestige and status was equal to nobility, military, and the Holy Church. The situation was the most serious trauma and provocation that the judicial system faced in the last five years. The people with the highest rank within the system was going to investigate the case to bring the justice.

A day after Deacon Huey’s body was found, the coachman who used to be his driver was found dead in a sewer outside the magistrate building where Deacon Huey used to work.

Investigators sent by the magistrate found the owner of the house. He was a frivolous middle-aged man who had rented out his house. He was brought to the magistrate for questioning.

“At eight o’clock on the seventeenth, where were you?”

“At home. I was accompanied by my family. ”

“I heard your house was rented out. Do you remember the appearance of the lessee?”

“I don’t remember. It was dark, and he was wearing a hood. I didn’t pay attention to his face, but I do remember that his body was fragile.”

“Did not you see his identity card when you signed the lease agreement?

“I asked him for it, but he said that it wasn’t with him. Later on, he said that he was planning to rent it for a week and give me ten silver coins. So I just rented out the place.”

“Well, the money opens many doors. ”

There was extremely limited information to be processed from the landlord’s questioning. The only certainty was that the perpetrator of the crime was male. Moreover, it was a planned, premeditated assassination.

However, the magistrate wasn’t going to let go of this easily as the crime concerned death of a deacon. The corpse and the scene were closely protected. Two senior knights of the magistrate were transferred to this case for reconnaissance of information regarding the murder of the deacon.

The first thing that caught their eyes were the two spikes that were pierced onto late deacon’s chest. They were sent to the court for the examination. It wasn’t long before they found two kinds of blood stains on the spikes. One belonged to late Deacon Huey. The second blood wasn’t unknown.

Although they couldn’t identify the murderer through the blood, but were able to deduce the source of the spikes. They belonged to Thorn Flower Prison.

In addition to steel spikes, there were a few pieces of rose petals on the scene. Ever since then all the flower shops and florists were closely interrogated.

Yard Town. Somewhere in the commercial district.

A carriage stopped in front of a hotel. A pale youth holding handful of dark red roses went into the hotel.

The door opened.

“Dean?” Joseph was surprised to see Dudian come back.: “You are finally back!”

Dudian saw that Joseph was alone in the spacious room. : “Where is Barton and Kroen?”

“They went to collect information and shall return soon,” Joseph replied

Dudian smiled as he poured a cup of hot tea. Moments later he sensed Barton and Kroen’s smells appear in his perception range. It didn’t take long for both of them to return to a hotel.
“Anything new?” Dudian asked the two.

Barton and Kroen were relieved when they saw Dudian. He was their backbone in a sense. Barton said: “These past few days we have asked everywhere. From butcher to hotel owners. The Ryan family is a declining small noble family. The patriarch is called Fulin ryan. He is 62 years old. His wife died early on. He has four children, and the eldest is a son who is 48 years old. … … ”

Dudian listens to them closely.

“As they are on a decline, the number of knights within the Ryan family is limited to two teams of ten. Moreover, they have around thirty squires. So they have 50 people as their military prowess. Moreover, we have heard the most of the knights are not regular knights recognized by the Knight Hall as they haven’t received their Medals of Honor. The old patriarch to protect his face and reputation has recruited probationary knights. It’s a nice façade.”

After some time, all three of them finished giving information.

Dudian nodded as he was thinking about the details of the plan. He got up and said to them.: “You should wait here for me. I’m going out for a time.”

“Where?” Barton asked.

Dudian smiled: “I got to visit the old patriarch.”

The sky darkened as night came.

Near the castle.

Knights and squires were extremely bored because of guarding the perimeter day after day. They have been tired of watching the same landscape for years. Everyone was aware that even the most stupid thieves would avoid coming to steal something from Ryan family. It would be stupid to look for water in the desert and fire in the sea!

They were standing together, chatting about the interesting things they had recently heard to pass the time. They hoped that the night would pass rapidly.

The old Fulin Ryan was sitting at the table in the huge dining room of the Ryan Castle. The two rows on his right and left were full of his children and grandchildren.

A massive chandelier was hanging at the top of the table. The lamp was giving off yellow light. Their family utilized the same lamp oil, which ordinary civilians used.

The children got up and saluted old Fulin after the dinner and went back to their rooms to rest or play.

“Grandpa, did you consider the shop that I told you before?” One of his grandchildren who was about twenty or so years old asked the old Fulin.

He slowly looked at him and frowned: “I investigated. Although the street is bustling the store rent is too high. If you want to sell those broken coppers, then you won’t get enough profit. I assume you won’t even be able to earn back the rent money, let alone get a good return to subsidize the family.”

The youth’s face changed as he quickly said “Grandpa, they are not broken copper! A master craftsman forged all of the swords, daggers, and knives. As long as I have the money and rent the shop, I will bring good result!”

“You are too young.” The old Fulin sighed: “You haven’t investigated the shops on that street. There are several who offer better quality goods at lower prices than your proposal. Do not treat customers as fools!”

“Grandpa!” Youth shout.

“Hugh, stop acting rudely!” The middle-aged man next to old Fulin raised his hand.

Youth bowed his head and loosened his grasp on the fork. He turned away and left.

Middle-aged said to Fulin: “Father, please don’t take offense. The child is not sensible and lacks patience.”

“He is still young. He will understand after a few years when he is honed. ” Fulin sighed, but didn’t continue to talk. He picked up the crutch from  the table and with the maid’s help went back to his room.

They went up the stairs back to his room. Old Fulin coughed up a few times. The maid quickly removed few pills from the container and handed him a cup of water.

The old patriarch swallowed two red pills and drank the water. He waved to maid get back to her job.

After the maid retires, old Fulin came to the edge of his working desk. He ignited the oil lamp and took out a magnifying glass from the drawer to read the books.

“Patriarch.” A voice echoed from the dark corner of the room.


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