DK – Ch 160

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The Dark King – Chapter 160


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Huey was waiting for the exclusive carriage outside the magistrate’s building. He went into the carriage and put away the umbrella. He ordered the coachman: “Go directly to the home. It’s raining too heavy, so drive slowly.”

“Yes.” The coachman answered in approval.

Carriage slowly drove away as the torrents of rain poured down.

Huey sat on a comfortable pad while he gently rubbed his eyebrows. Because of recent affairs, he was a little tired. Huey deeply sighed as he grabbed the teapot inside the carriage. He poured a cup, but saw that tea was cold as his hands touched the cup. He frowned as he shouted at the coachman.: “You should make sure that by the time I get out of work, there is hot water in the carriage.”

“Yes!” Coachman replied.

Huey sighed and leaned against the back pad. He closed his eyes to take a powernap.

The commercial district’s streets were incredibly smooth. There was a bump or two once in a while that shook the carriage, but it wasn’t enough to disturb deacon, Huey. The rhythm of rain made his mind calm.

After a long time, the carriage slowly stopped.

Huey slowly opened his eyes. He thought of the rain and wind, so he tightened the front of his skirt. He picked up his umbrella and opened the door to exit the carriage.

“Well?” Huey was stunned as he looked at the street in front of him. His line of sight was blurred because of the heavy rain, but he could identify that he wasn’t anywhere close to his house.

As he turned to the coachman, he felt pain from the back of his head. His eyes went black as he fainted and fell. The Rain fell over his body almost submerging him.

Coachman grabbed his arm and dragged him into an ordinary house near the roadside. He came back and picked up the umbrella and tied the carriage’s horse to a pillar next to the house. Afterward, he re-entered the house and lightly shut the door.

Puff! A bucket of cold water poured down Huey’s head and woke him up. His neatly combed hair scattered around his face. He quickly looked around. There were a few lamps hanging around and dimly lighted the room. There was a slim figure standing by in front of him. He sights gradually adapted to the dimly lit room. He also could see the other side’s face. It was a teenager. Because of his long experience, he instantly determined that the person’s age was no more than eighteen years old.

“Who are you?” Huey asked in a cold tone. He struggled a bit, but saw that his hands and legs were tied. However, he didn’t panic.

Dudian squatted down and looked at him, “Take a guess.”

It didn’t take long for Huey to reply: “Friend or family member of a criminal who was tried by me. Right?”

Dudian smiled, “It seems that Deacon Huey is aware that you have offended quite a few people. Do you remember three years ago you made a judgment on huge theft case?”

“Burglary?” Huey frowned slightly. He thought for a moment and said: “Are you one of the associates?”

“No, I am the party involved in that case.”

Huey was horrified.

“I would like to know what kind of an offer Burong family made so that a dignified Deacon agreed to work for them.” Dudian smiled: “Is it money? A privilege? Something else?”

Huey looked at him deeply: “If I remember correctly, you would have to do at least five years in prison. You didn’t have an influential background. So for you to appear in here, you have escaped! Right?”

“You just have to answer my question,” said Dudian, whispering his hair.

Huey sneered: “Do you think I will bow down in front of a criminal? You are looking down on deacons of the magistrate. I advise you to go back to the prison obediently. At least you will get to live an extra year or so.”

“You aren’t going to bow?!” Dudian smiled. He grabbed onto Huey’s hair and pulled his head down. “Why are you lowering your head now? ”

Huey raised his head in anger as soon as Dudian let him go. But the moment he lifted his head, Dudian pushed back his head again.

“Your pride and perseverance… Let’s see what is going to happen after a bit of pain.” Dudian smiled.

Huey was angered, but his body was slightly trembling. His chest went up and down.: ” Torturing me is useless. Your crime won’t change even if you kill me. Moreover, if you kill me, you will be exposed much earlier than usual. Do you know that the death of a deacon will disturb the whole judicial system? Everyone will be sent to hunt you!”

“I’m touched.” Dudian sighed: “It’s hard to find a person a step away from death to avoid snitching. But unfortunately, you are mistaken. I haven’t searched for you because I want my criminal record to be changed. I want to know who were exactly involved in my case. The names!”

Huey struggled, but his head was pushed down: “It has been too long. I don’t remember! I have to go back to my office and check through the documents.”

“I’ll help you to remember. By the way, your wife is so beautiful, and your daughter is pretty too.” Dudian smiled while looking at him. “What would happen to them in the slums?”

Huey shouted in anger: “Bastard! If you dare to touch them, the holy ghosts will not let you go!”

“If there were spirits, then I believe the prisoners judged by people like you shouldn’t live, right?” Dudian whispered: “My patience is limited. The rain is going to stop any moment. I hope that you will cooperate with me. After all, delivering your wife and daughter to the slums will be quite costly. Don’t let me go through all that trouble, okay?”

Huey twisted his neck and stared at Dudian.: “You should go to the Burong and Milan family for revenge. It was their conspiracy!”

Dudian smiled: “I’m aware of that. It is natural that they were involved. The thing is who played the decisive role. You are a deacon. Someone with a very high prestige and your words weighs a lot of credibility. That’s why people would prefer to be convinced by your words instead of believing to a trivial theft suspect.”

Huey was startled.

“There was no one else in addition to these two big families?” Dudian asked.

Huey shook his head, “No.” He paused for a while and looked at Dudian.: “You are not a primary hunter. So if you let me go, then I can get you out of the wall.”

Dudian shook his head slowly and turned away to the side of the room. Huey noted that there was a bouquet of roses on the table. Moreover, he saw Dudian pick up two sharp spikes from the table which were stained with blood.

“This gift is specially prepared for you. I hope you will like them.” Dudian turned back and smiled.


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  1. nyeesssss, more, torture, i want to see dean acting more like the Joker, you know, slightly crazy so their enemies, will be scared

  2. Fk yea it’s getting good. I guess it’s easier to hunt them now since all his enemies are not alarmed right now. If he waits and builds his arsenal slowly it will become so much more harder.

  3. Finally! Something really “bad” worth reading! Make him pay! Make ´em all pay! Hahahaha!!

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

  4. I would’ve liked it more if he killed Jenny instead. And send her head with the bouqet of roses to her father. There’s no need for useless romance with a stuck up naive aristocrat b*tch.

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