DK – Ch 16

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The Dark King – Chapter 16
Stupid questions

“In here, I will teach you how to survive in harsh conditions and environments.” Tobu indifferent replied. “Today is your first day. I will give you rewards if you can answer few simple questions.”

The children’s eyes focused on him.

“The first question.” Tobu calmly asked: “How can we stay alive?”

All of them could not help be surprised for a moment.

How to stay alive?

They never gave thought about it. From young age they were protected by their parents. Afterwards everyone planned to choose their favorite college during the adminissions. Later on they would work to earn and continue on with their lives.

“By making money!” A girl immediately raised her hands to answer.

Other children, suddenly sighed in relief, yes ah! Of course you have to learn to make money if you wanted to live. It was such a simple answer and yet they allowed a girl to take the advantage of situation to answer first!

Tobu still had an indifferent and unimpressed look, he spat out a word: “wrong!”

“To work?” Another boy tentatively spoke out.

Tobu glanced at him, “Wrong! By the way, everyone only has one chance to answer.”

All the children looked at each other.

To make money is not the answer, to work is also not the answer?
“Teacher, you just said ‘alive’. Is there any situation to be alive?” A white skinned tender girl frowned.

Tobuu looked at her: “There is no situation to be alive.”

Hearing this, all children cannot help but looked at each other.

Dudian also frowned slightly. His brain fired up to after the observing. The answer should not be tricky. In fact, the answer should be an easy one.
“To eat!” He raised his hand.

As soon as the words left Dudian’s mouth the children turned towards him with stunned expressions. It did not take long before ‘puchi’ sounds echoed one after another. All of them laughed out loud.

To eat?

Is there more idiotic answer than this?

“Correct!” replied Tobu indifferently.

Children were instantly stunned and perplexed: “…”

Looking at all the children with stunned expressions, Toby smiled coldly: “The simplest answer. I was worried that no one would answer the question correctly and I will not hand out a reward. In your minds, in addition to lack of water what would more fatal to human life?

All the children had ugly looks. Some were not convinced. But after they experienced Tobu’s previous atrocities, no one would dare to question.

Dudian was relieved. Like other children he thought that the answer couldn’t be so simple but nevertheless his bet won him a reward.

“The second question.” Tobu continued: “How can we eat food?”

All children were again confused. What kind of stupid question is this?

“By making money!” A voice quickly echoed. It was the little girl who was first to answer the first question. This time again she chose to reply with the same answer.
The other children suddenly wanted to stomp. Damn the first time they missed and this time again the chance was robbed by the very same girl.

“Wrong!” Tobu replied.

The little girl was surprised for a moment, so how can anyone eat food with buying it?
Other children were also startled. But soon they quickly raised their hands to attempt to answer so that they would not lose the chance to be rewarded.

“I know, I know. It is by working!”

“I know. My mother!”

“Use the upper and lower teeth to chew!”

The last boy thought of the simple answer that Dudian came up with, and immediately, and responded tentatively as such.

Tobu could not help but look at him, his face showing a trace of ridicule, “Is there anyone who uses their ass to chew on the food?

The boy was embarrassed, his face blushing red as blood.

“All answers are wrong, a bunch of rubbish,” said Tobu.

Dudian did not expect to be last one again to attempt to answer as everyone else gave incorrectanswers. He was lost in thought, as he thought with the previous mindset. According to such logic the first step to stay alive is to eat. So, the first step before being able to eat would have been …

“To find food!” Dudian once again raised his hand.

Tobu looked at him with a light gaze, and then said “Correct!”

All the children were again dumbfounded.

It was that simple?

Was it really, that simple????

“Here is the last question.” Tobu indifferently pressed on, “How does one find food?

All the children cannot help but look to Dudian.

Dudian saw the quaint gazes from the eyes of children focused on him. He felt frustrated. This time, he did not know the answer.

As they saw Dudian turning silent, the other children began to rack their brain for answers. One after another they raised their hands to answer. The answers were similar to the previous answers.

Especially the girl who kept repeating “by making money”. The third answer was still to make money, it seemed that she won’t stray from her thinking style. Ultimately all the answers were wrong.
Soon, after a round of answers, almost nobody else answered correctly.

Tobu looked around and said: “So no one knows the answer to the question?”

Several children who stood near Dudian could not help but look at him, as he was the only one who has not answered.

Dudian felt their gazes, and even felt Tobu’s gaze at him. It seems Tobu purposefully waited for him to answer. But this time he really did not know the answer, nor could he think of an answer as all the other children have said out possible answers that he could already think of.

“It seems that there is nobody here who has the correct answer.” Tobu saw that Dudian did not choose to answer so he no longer waited and then explained: “The first step to find food is to learn to identify food. Today’s first lesson is to teach you to recognize which food is edible.”

Dudian now understood the purpose of the three questions. Through his conversation with Mason yesterday, he confirmed his guesses. No one knew anything about “Scavenger” special training, for all of them thought that it was just a guard training camp. However, Dudian knew from his previous conversation with Fernando that “Scavengers” had to go outside the giant wall into the wilderness to look for resources. Their own resources to eat and drink would be limited while going out so they had to learn how to survive in the wilderness outside the giant wall.

Understanding food was their first class!

“Teacher, what is my reward?” Dudian saw Tobu had not announced the reward, so he couldn’t help but raise his hand to ask.

Tobu glanced at him and said: “For every correct answer, one would be rewarded with a single breakfast. Congratulations, you get two breakfast rewards. Since today we have passed the breakfast period, so you can only wait until tomorrow to use it”.

A breakfast?

Dudian was stunned. He did not realize yet but in a short period of half a month after the special training, he realized that how valuable those two breakfasts were!

“Now, rest time has ended, so run ten laps around the school field!” Tobu suddenly shouted.

All children cannot help but became startled, their lessons have ended but now they have to run again?

“The time allocated is half an hour. For every five minutes late, one lap will be added!” Tobu declared the rules indifferently.

“Teacher, do not ah … …”

Some of the children could not help but to cry, but soon took the initiative to run at full speed because

Tobu did not seem to be joking about the extra laps.

Dudian’s mouth convulsed slightly. This rule was simply too ruthless to him. However, he had a faint guessing that Tobu did this exercise to improve their endurance. According to Tobu’s argument and logic, since the children are learning on how to survive then they should not exercise power and strength but speed and durability!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Btw in the last sentence login should be logic
    and the sentence “Dudian some stunne” is really incomprehensible.

  2. Oh damn, I hadn’t noticed the move to wuxiantion from madsnail, barely just realized.

    I’m starting to think every chapter ends in a cliffhanger.

    Thanks for the chapters!

    1. we moved and changed the name to WUXIANATION cos we have greater plans of conquering the world…

      there will be some excellent updates in the future

    1. There are many answers to that question. After all, since the reward for answering is breakfast, then a good way to obtain food is actually to answer questions.
      By the way, if Tobu’s goal is to improve their endurance, then it is completely moronic to deprive them of food.

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