DK – Ch 159

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The Dark King – Chapter 159


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


North of the Commercial district.

A castle belonging to an aristocratic family stood tall on the outskirts of the town. Time to time you could see knights patrolling around the castle. There was a javelin engraved on the medals that they had on their shoulders. It represented the Ryan family.

The residents of Shang town knew that everything was under the management of the Ryan family. One upon a time, Ryan family was the top aristocratic family in the commercial district. However, they had provoked an evil alchemist. In the end, their former residence and lands had turned into a desert by the flames of the alchemist. Currently, the family was on a decline. This town was the only one left under their control.

Their total annual revenue from taxes was not as good as the remuneration of a knight working under one of the top aristocratic family’s.

The old patriarch’s temper was getting irritable with each year. He would increase the taxes every passing year. The residents were in miserable condition because of high taxes.

At the moment, the black carriage slowly went into the town.

Its door was opened, and the four figures went out of the carriage. They were led by a slim but tall teenager. There were a handful of fragrant red roses in his hand. Although his clothing was plain, his spine was straight. He gave off an aura of a gentleman.

Dudian rented a room in the hotel. They closed the door, and Dudian said: “You guys will stay in this small town. It is under the management of the Ryan family. Your current task is to acquire all the information about Ryan family. Including their financial status, demographic and military prowess. Moreover, checked out Ryan patriarch’s children, hobbies, specialties and so on.”

Kroen asked: “Dean, what are we going to do with this?”

“You will get to know in a few days.” Dudian solemnly answered: “Inquire as much as possible, but the most important thing is that don’t expose your identities. Try not to do compelling things.”

The trio nodded in understanding.

Barton asked, “Dean, where are you going?”

“I got to meet the main guest,” said Dudian and grabbed two spikes which Joseph had wrapped before.

Joseph’s face change: “Are you going to retaliate against the people who framed you?”

“This is not retaliation or revenge.” Dudian smiled, “It’s a virtuous act.”

“You will have five gold coins to finish the task.” Dudian took out the gold coins he picked and gave it to them.: “Be careful and don’t rush out things. Get familiar with the surroundings and people. Afterward, try to get information!”

They took the gold coins.

Dudian left the small hotel in relief. He knew that Barton and the other two would face difficulties while completing the task. But they had to be somehow honed. This would be a good experience for them.

Thorn Flower Prison. In the castle.

Warden Jones was holding the envelope that the black crow had brought. There was a trace of a smile on his face as he spoke to the youth sitting in front of his desk.: “This little devil. He has been traced into slums.”

The youth wearing the black armor had a long scar on his face. But it gave more charm to his handsome face. He faintly smiled.: “Because of continuous rain his smells had been covered and his trace lost. But now he has been exposed. He won’t be able to run away. Why Frank hasn’t been able to bring him back yet?”

Jones shook his head: “The little devil is very clever. Frank couldn’t find him directly but found a former companion of the kid. However, no valuable information was confessed by the companion. Frank couldn’t find the little devil in the location that the former companion referred to. This little devil was able to escape from here, so it won’t be so simple to catch him.”

The youth in black armor laughed. : “There will be clues no matter how cautious he is. If he is in the slums, then he won’t be able to get out. Even if he digs a pit and goes in, I will still pull him out!”

“I believe in your sense of smell,” Jones chuckled.

The youth drank the tea, got up and left: “I won’t come back until I catch the mouse.”

Butler looked at the back of the black figure which disappeared as he left the room. He retracted his eyes and looked at Warden Jones: ” This kid is just a primary hunter from the Mellon Foundation with rare juranzhi’s magic marks. Would he be able to find the little devil in the huge slums?”

Jones smiled: “Don’t underestimate the vicious dog’s hunting ability.”

The butler, Peter, nodded in silence.

The Commercial district. The magistrate building.

This magistrate office was responsible for dealing more than a dozen small towns and some cases of the commercial district. At the moment, the sky was getting dark. In an office building in the magistrate. The officials were in the building as they were working on the criminal cases. An apprentice knocked on the door and entered without waiting for a response. She had documents in her hand as she put them on the desk.

“Teacher, this is the alcohol case from Bohr town.”

“This is Mick’s case.”

A slender stalwart figure was sitting behind the desk. He was dressed in a dark red robe with golden embroidery. His head was bowed down reading the case in his hand. He heard the apprentice’s words and nodded: “Alright, you can go ahead.”

The young girl said: “Teacher, it’s going to rain in a while. You should go back earlier and rest.”

The man looked out of the window and saw the gloomy, dark clouds rolling together. It indicated that the rain was approaching.

He frowned slightly and nodded: “I know, you go back first.”

The young girl looked at him, but didn’t say anything. She turned around and left.

After she had left the man worked on the cases a bit more. Then he put the quill back into the pen holder. He got up and collected all the other cases. He put them in the drawer. He put on his deacon hat, took the umbrella and left his office.

“Deacon Huey.”

“Greetings deacon.”

The probation officers and knights of the magistrate who saw the middle-aged man bowed and greeted him with respect.

The man was accustomed to such treatment and calmly exited the magistrate’s building. The raindrops began to drip down and stain his clothes. He looked up and slightly frowned. He held up the umbrella, and the next moment the rain began to pour heavily.


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  1. wait was jones talking about the youth? ” This kid is just a primary hunter from the Mellon Foundation with rare juranzhi’s magic marks. Would he be able to find the little devil in the huge slums?” cause little devil is Dudian however isnt he also a hunter from the mellon foundation with a juranzhis marks? oh wait Dudian wasnt a primary hunter if i recall, well officially

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