DK – Ch 158

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The Dark King – Chapter 158

Dudian’s guests


Chinese people have big eye fetish!

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The carriage went past a bustling street full of pedestrians and shops.

Dudian opened the curtain and asked the coachman to stop by the roadside.

He went out of the carriage and stopped in front of the florist by the roadside. The shopkeeper was a beautiful woman with blonde hair. : “Give me a bucket of your most fragrant flowers.”

She noticed that Dudian had an extraordinary temperament and nice clothing. She nodded her head as she picked a bouquet of fresh roses and handed to Dudian: “That will be a silver coin. These are the most fragrant flowers in our shop. However, if you are going to give it your sweetheart, you should tell her in advance that it has lots of thorns. It’s easy to get our fingers stabbed.”

Dudian smiled, “Flowers with prickles are the most charming ones.”

He handed out a silver coin and returned to the carriage.

His mates were surprised as they saw Dudian buying flowers: “Dean, what are these flowers for?”

“I’m going to give them to our guests,” Dudian smiled.

The carriage continued to drive away.

After a few hours.

Dudian got off the carriage with the other three on the street near the boundary of the residential and commercial district. They rented a hotel room. Dudian asked Barton and the others to go to a pharmacy and buy gauze, disinfectant, and scissors.

The first thing that Dudian did was cut and shorten his hair as much as he could. The others helped him to trim down the hair at the back of his head.

His features were clearly exposed. In comparison to three years ago, he was much more handsome. His face was slimmer while his big black eyes stood out more. He was still somewhat similar to his picture depicted in the arrest warrant. However, his expression and eyes were calmer.

He sat down on the bed while he checked the new coat and trousers Barton and others had purchased for him.

“Dean, you … …”


Barton and the other two saw Dudian’s upper body as he changed into new clothing. They were stunned at the sight. It didn’t look like a human’s body. It was like a dry field full of cracks. There were countless whip marks, scratches, and wounds all over his body. It looked like as if a spider web had covered all over his chest, arms, abdomen, and other parts.

There were shallow scratches on his cheek and chin.

They were shocked as they couldn’t grasp what kind of cruel treatment Dudian had gone in the prison. But they were surprised to see how much willpower he had to endure so much pain.

“Is this the result of prison?” Kroen stared at his body. His eyes became moist as he thought of his previous hesitant mood. His heart was full of guilt and shame.

Dudian smiled: “Not all of them. Now I need you guys to do a favor to me. Help me pull out two spikes.”

They noticed the end of spikes on Dudian’s shoulders as he pointed out. They had goose bumps, and Barton whispered: “How can they be so merciless?”

Dudian picked up one of the pliers they had purchased and handed it to Barton. : “Less talking… Hurry up!”

Their faces turned ugly, and they felt very complicated. Barton’s hand trembled as he held onto plier.: “If I use it to pull that out… There will be lots of pain… Would you be able to hold back?”

“Well,” said Dudian and gave the trio and encouraging look.

Barton gritted his teeth and used the plier to catch the spikes caps. They tried to pay attention to Dudian’s expression in fear of causing more damage. Barton was a bit calmer as he saw a calm expression on Dudian’s face. Barton pinched the spike with pliers and forcefully pulled it out.

Dudian’s fingers tightly clenched into fists because of the extreme pain. But he still tried to keep his calm. But the pain was beyond his expectation. His lips were tightly pressed into each other as he opened his mouth a bit to squeeze out the word: “fast!”

Barton fiercely pulled it out.

As the spike was pulled out, the blood began to spew out from the wound.

Dudian’s mouth twitched in pain. The trio was prepared in advance as they used the disinfectant first and gauze afterward to dress the wound.

They were anxious, but still entangled Dudian’s wounds with the gauze.

“It’s so long!” Joseph looked at the bloody spike in his hand. It caused his heart to shudder. The spike was as thick as his finger. He couldn’t imagine how much pain it would cause for it to be nailed and kept in the body.

Dudian’s lips had turned white. However, he gritted his teeth and asked them to unplug the second spike.

After a few minutes the second spike was taken out. The trio helped out Dudian to bandage his shoulder.

They collapsed down to the ground after finishing because of mental exhaustion.

Dudian relaxed his body as he laid on the bed so that his shoulder wound would heal as soon as possible.

“Dean, what should we do with spikes?” Kroen was cautious as he asked Dudian.

Dudian’s eyes fell on the two spikes and whispered: “Don’t throw them out. It’s for our guests.”

After the blood had stopped oozing out, Dudian took the other three and left the house. However, he didn’t immediately go to the passage, but stopped in the middle of the street. He picked up a stone and threw it away towards a house’s door.

The door opened soon, and a chunky woman looked around and saw the stones on the ground. She cursed out loud and closed the door.

Barton and the other three were puzzled.

Dudian didn’t say anything and took them to leave towards the passage.

With the crowd check, Dudian was stopped by a middle-aged guard.

“Please show your identity card,” the middle-aged guard said.

Dudian took out a gold coin and looked at the middle-aged guard’s face. The guard paled, and soon anger gushed out of his eyes.

Dudian didn’t give him a chance to speak as he said in a low tone. “Is that short, fat woman your wife? ”

The middle-aged guard was about to voice out his anger but suddenly stopped. He looked at Dudian and quickly took out the gold coin. “Sorry, sorry. My mistake…”

Middle-aged guard’s hand tightened as he grabbed onto the gold coin.: “Go.”

Dudian waved back to the other three and went into the passage.

After they had passed through the commercial district, Kroen asked: “Dean, how did you know that the woman was his wife? Did you know him?”

“The smell,” Dudian said, but didn’t explain the details. He hired a carriage.: “Now, it’s time to go and meet our guests. You must not be careless from now on!”

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  1. Wait! The prison left the spikes on their prisoners? Wouldn’t they eventually die then?

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Not really. So long as the wounds are treated, the body heals around the object. IT would just never heal properly and would constantly open and hurt. So long as it wasn’t pierced in a vital spot, they could live the rest of their lives with it.

      Theodore Roosevelt got shot once and they never removed the bullet since it was risky and unecessary. He died of old age with the bullet still inside him.

      1. They have been real life cases with people living for years with a nail in the foot or a bullet(shrapnel) in their shoulder, etc.

      2. There were reports of people surviving and living their entire lives with a sword stuck through their chest. Human body can be mercilessly tenacious sometimes.

  2. Безумная улиткат, спасибо за перевод , но главв какие то маленький стали .

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