DK – Ch 157

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The Dark King – Chapter 157


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Barton sighed and said to Dudian after Barry left: “Dean, don’t blame Barry. He has found his happiness in the family. At the end of the last ‘black snow season,’ he had a kid. It is indeed difficult to expect him to leave his own family.”

Dudian quietly said: “I understand.”

“Dean,” Kroen whispered, “What’s the big deal that you were talking about?”

Dudian didn’t answer, but instead asked another question: “Is there any remaining gold coins from the last time?”

Joseph scratched his head and replied: “We spent some on tuition fees and bought some materials. Later Barton and I got sick, so we spent some on treatment. We spent some on eating and drinking. When we saw that you aren’t back, we rented a house. So now we should have around 19 or 20 gold coins.”

Dudian nodded: “After I was framed and sent to jail I was robbed of thousands of gold coins that were in my safe. So I’m going to borrow yours to begin our operations.”

The three were in shock.

“Thousands of gold coins?”

“So much?!”

Their eyes went wide. They couldn’t even think about thousands of gold coins. What kind of a concept was that? It was enough to make a bed out of gold coins and lay on top!

“Were you framed because of your wealth?” Barton asked.

A killing intent flashed pass Dudian’s eyes, but he avoided answering.: “You will get to know about it later on. Time is pressing down on me. The arrest warrants are everywhere. The longer we wait, the more chance that I will be exposed. We must seize the time and take action. The first step is to enter the commercial district!”

“We got to get into the commercial district?” Three were confused.

“The commercial district is not like the residential area. How can people like us get into that neighborhood?” Kroen voiced out his opinion.

“There is no place that we can’t get in.” Dudian looked at the three: “Now, let’s get the money first. ”

Three as one nodded their heads.

Dudian let the three lead the way back to their house.

The house was in a remote location. The streets were messy, and the rubbish was everywhere. There were tons of flies.

Dudian waited at the door while three went in. A moment later they came out with a luggage and coarse cloth bag. They handed the bag to Dudian.

“Dean, Barry’s share …” Barton hesitated.

Dudian waved in dismissal. In fact, he had sensed Barry’s smell. He had come in advance and just left the front by the time they had arrived. Most probably he has taken out his share of  the money.

“Let’s go.” Dudian counted the gold coins. There were 14 left.

After some time, Dudian gave Barton two silver coins for him to enter the tailor shop and buy clothes for them. Dudian told him to get set of clothes with the finest quality.

Barton came back with four sets of clothes of linen fabric mixed with silk.

Dudian changed the clothes while he ordered them to put on new clothes too. They went to a nearby underground ditch to change the clothes.

Subsequently, Dudian took the three and hired some workers. They went to the abandoned factory and moved all the pre-purchased materials out of it and discarded them.

Barton and the other two were surprised, and their heart ached as they so materials worth of dozens of gold coins to be discarded. However, their hearts were determined that it was the right choice.

“Dean, why would you want to lose all these materials? We have spent quite a big amount of money to purchase them. ”

“It will be exposed here.”

“Are you worried about the Barry? Dean, come on, Barry is not a kind of person that will inform on us.”

“I am not worried about him. The magistrate! ”

“Will they trace it?”

“Hard to say! But just in case if they do we have to be prepared.”

After discarding the materials, Dudian told them to go to the boundary wall and wait for him over there. He went back to the factory and gave give copper coins to the old man to call out Barry.

“De, Dean.” Barry was a bit nervous as he saw Dudian.

Dudian found a quiet place: “The three of them wouldn’t be enough to help me out. I hope you can come with me for help. Take your time for a decision. If you are up for it, you can come to the outskirts of Hawk Hill to find us.”

Barry hesitated: “I’m really sorry. If it was in the past and I was alone, I would be willing to accompany you to take risks. But now… I want to live in peace and safety.”

Dudian patted his shoulder: “Think about my offer.” Dudian didn’t give him an opportunity to reply as he turned and left.

Barry stared at the back of Dudian left, tightly clenched in the palm of his hand loose.

After bidding farewell to Barry, Dudian came to the boundary and through the smell tracked Barton and the others. He said: “Walk behind me and learn.”

Three looked at each other with anxiety, but still followed after Dudian.

“Stop!” The guard in front of the gate stopped Dudian. He glanced over and saw that the clothing they were wearing was valuable. So his attitude was not cold: “Please, show your identity cards if you want to enter the district.”

Dudian nodded and got close to him. He took out a gold coin from his pocket and gave it to guard.: “Thank you.”

The guard saw the gold coin and looked at Dudian’s face. He was silent for a few seconds. However, he took the gold coin and impatiently waved.: “Go, go!”

Dudian was relieved as he waved to Barton and others to follow him.

Barton and the other two didn’t expect that Dudian would use bribery to pass into the residential district. Moreover, he did such a bold act in broad daylight. They were stifled as cold sweat poured down their spines. Their bodies were tight and stiff until they got to the other side.

As they entered the residential district, Dudian hired a carriage on the roadside. He said to the coachman.: “To the boundary.”

Inside the carriage.

Barton patted his chest and cleaned the sweat from his forehead. : “Dean you are really daring. IF the guard got angry, what were we going to do?”

“He wouldn’t,” Dudian replied in a calm tone.

“We couldn’t do that… Yes, we couldn’t.” Kroen bitterly said.

Dudian smiled: “You are all law-abiding citizens. It’s natural that you wouldn’t dare to do something like that.” In the last three years in the prison, it was not only planning the tunnel that he learned. Moreover, everything wasn’t just about suffer and torture either.

“I didn’t expect that a gold coin was enough for us to enter the residential district,” Joseph said. Normally, the residential district was out of reach for them.

Dudian faintly smiled: “As long as you have enough money, then everything is simple. Even a murder!”

“Wouldn’t you be retaliated against if we go to the commercial district?” Barton asked.

Dudian was about to speak when he sensed a distinctive smell. He couldn’t help but slightly set of the curtain to make an angle to check the place.

After a while, he saw five black uniformed people on black horses running by. They had a spear and thin swords on their waists. They passed by the carriage.

Dudian noticed that all of them had Thorn medals on their shoulders through the gap of the curtain.

“Dogs are chasing …” Dudian watched them pass.

A moment later, five black horses came to the boundary of the residential district and the slums. One of the asked the guards: “Have you seen the person on the arrest warrant?”

All of the guards shook their heads.: “Never seen.”

“Well!” One of them one the horses said: “You gotta let us know if you get some clues.” Finished speaking, he pulled the reins of the horse and went into the slums.

After the five had left, the guards turned towards them.

“A criminal have escaped from the prison! ”

“If it weren’t that our boss ordered to look for the crossing people, I wouldn’t even care a bit. ”

“You know what is funny?! The Thorn Flower Prison is called the number one prison, and they were saying to everyone that no prisoner could run out. A sixteen-year-old kid has escaped.”

They wouldn’t dare to chat about this in front of the black cavalry, or they would be beheaded on the spot.

“Captain, the criminal will come here?” One of the black uniformed cavalrymen asked the youth who was leading them.

Frank replied: “His smell disappeared from the residential area. He had bought two horses and most probably have gone through here. Maybe he had intended to go to his adoptive parents, but he wasn’t there. So he has somewhere else to hide. The slums are where he originates from. We should check out the Meishan orphanage to see if he had some friends.”


After a few hours.

In a factory at the north of the slums.

Frank sat on the dark horse and asked the old man, “Barton, Barry, Joseph, and Kroen.”

The old man knew that they were not ordinary civilians from their armor.: “Well, please wait a moment.” Then he trotted into the factory.

Moments later, the old man came out as Barry was following behind him.

Frank frowned: “Only one?”

The old man replied: “There was a man who had come here and took them away. The other three didn’t come back. It’s only him who returned.”

Frank’s shouted at him: “What kind of a person? Was he looking for the man on the arrest warrant?”

The old man was scared: “This, this… I didn’t pay too much attention. But I think it was a little different. That person looked very young. Maybe ten or so years old.”

Frank sucked down. He shouted at Barry: “Imp! Be honest. Was that Dean?”

Barry’s body slightly trembled. His mind was in a panic. He didn’t think that they would catch up to him as Dudian had escaped not too long ago. He clenched his fists: “No, that person was just my friend.”

Frank narrowed his eyes: “Do you know that by covering up for wanted criminals, you will get charged by the magistrate? ”

Barry turned pale: “I did not cover up, I, I … …”

“Well, since you didn’t cooperate with us I have to take you to prison. According to the law covering a wanted man will get a sentence of 30 years of imprisonment!” Frank shouted and waved: “Take him away!”

Barry shivered in fear. Yellow liquid dripped from his crotch: “Sir. Mr guard. He said that… He said that he would be in the outskirts of the Hawk Hill…”

Frank looked at him and confirmed that Barry was not lying. He reined the rope and went away.


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  1. Yep, good thing Dudian thought ahead, but this will screw over Barry once they find out it was a ruse.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I don’t understand what the guy was thinking starting a family like that. Shows how selfish he is imo. Pretty sure the other three knew Dean would eventually come back, this guy thinks he can live a normal life after breaking the law? gtfo of here boi.

    1. Would you live your life only for a friend who hasn’t come back for 3 years? Would you put your plans on hold for 3 years for someone you don’t even know if dead or alive?

      1. Thanks for the consistent releases.

        While I might not expect a “friend” to risk his life for me after 3 years, I would expect someone I saved from a life worse than death(ie.forced labor in a mine with minimum food and no way out besides death) to a bit more loyal. Then again even Dean got fooled into wanting an easy life until he realized Jenny was only infatuated with him and not in love. Here’s hoping he murders Jenny’s father in front of her to reciprocate the feeling of his world falling apart.

        1. NO, it’s better for her to find out her father’s misdeeds herself so she would be guilty and sorry and regret and think about what she said to Dean and the torture her father subjected him to.

    2. How would they possibly know that?

      They have no idea about Dean’s abilities. All they knew is that he was adopted and made some money. They didn’t even know how much money.

      How could they possibly know that Dean would escape from prison, the greatest prison even?

    3. I mean if I was somewhat disabled and oppressed with no hope of survival and suddenly a friend gives me not just a sense of hope but a life with worth , I probably would. Also considering the era and backwardness of the mind its understandable. In fact if i was him Id be eternally grateful

  3. well barry will certainly pay for this….

    he should just have said ‘yes he was here, no i dont have a clue where he went’ although not 100% this was his best chance at survival

    1. That is exactly what he said at first, tho. It didn’t work.

      They were going to take him away and probably beat/kill him. I am sure that if they killed some deformed low class worker nobody would give them any trouble for it, especially if they said he was covering up for a criminal.

      Dean fucked them the moment he went to see them, since he probably knew they would track him.

    2. All of them were DEAD MAN. If Dean didn’t save them they would have been worked to death in the worst way. He still should have followed Dean if not he should be ready for the consequences and Dean isn’t to be blamed he already did them a favor. Atleast he had 3 good year because of Dean.

  4. Thanks for the translations! Releasing chapters like the flash,

    Hopefully, it won’t take dudian 10 arcs just to get back on track, i mean getting training, consuming concoction and shit.

  5. Hahaah they will never catch Dudian hes too smart especially now after the prison arc hes changed and for the good nice misdirection. Go Dudin bring hell to those who wronged you, cant wait.

  6. Well, in the words of Bird Person; …In bird culture this is considerate a dick move.

    GG barry, RestInPeperoni!

    Thanks for the chapter.

  7. Haha. I knew hackhill was just to a ruse. Can’t blame Barry tho, he’s still young. But having kids? Is he retarded? I mean congrats for getting laid bc isn’t he deformed? Anyways deans never gonna get caught or seen again. Suddenly your gonna find 10 church of shits bodies hanging from poles or som hehe… dark king shall rise through bloodshed and terror.. hahaMuahahahaMUAHAHAHAH

  8. Lol…. The story is getting way off the track that I thought it would take when I read the first 40 chapters… What happened to restoring humanity? What happened to supercomputer chip? Anyways, hope that his three ‘scavenger’ brothers won’t turn their backs on him… Pretty sure that I read somewhere that the 4 man team probably including Dean, Barton, Kreon and Joseph was mentioned in the far future by scholars as Devils something… So why did Barton betray Dean, that would not make any sense unless someone else joins his team.

  9. It was already mentioned back then about devil something when he reclaimed the three. Barry was reclaim later so it still understandble how things turn out.

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