DK – Ch 156

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The Dark King – Chapter 156

Big things

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Thorn Flower Prison.

3:16 p.m.

Inside the gorgeous office on the top floor, the Warden Jones and his butler Peter were sitting in a balcony enjoying tea. A black cat was lying on the table and purring once in a while. People who were familiar with the warden knew that he was fond of raising small animals. Cats and dogs were his favorites.
He preferred kittens and puppies to a woman. One he invited a master painter to portray his cat and dog in the office.

Moreover, a prison guard once forgot to feed dinner to his hound ‘Cassie’ and a since then no one had seen that guard.

“Greedy little kitten … …” Jones touched the black cat’s head while there was a kind smile on his face.

He was just 38 years old. In addition to his huge background, his abilities were not that could be ignored by the others.

“It’s raining again,” The butler Peter sighed as he looked out the window to the rain.

Jones indifferently said: “It’s just a drizzle.”

“It will turn into a heavy rain maybe even a storm.” Butler replied.

Jones waved his hand as he looked towards the maid. The latter obediently handed over a fluffy cotton-padded jacket. “Rheumatism… Your joints and bones will be in pain so put it on.” Jones handed the jacket to the butler.

Peter quickly got up and thanked as he put on the cotton jacket: “Every rainy season the pain affects me. Unfortunately, there is no cure.”

Jones was smiling at him when a slender woman walked from the outside and got close to him. She whispered a few words into his ear. Jones smile disappeared as he listened to her. He nodded slightly in understanding. He looked out of the window and softly said: “You are right. A drizzle will always lead to heavy rain…”

Butler noticed the strange expression on Jones’s face and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“A prisoner ran away.” Jones whispered: “It’s the little guy who was brought three years ago. A prison guard has found out that he wasn’t replying to them, so they have checked his cell and found a tunnel. A jailbreak. ”

“A prison break?” Butler was surprised. “How did he get the tools? Where would he escape?”

“He should have stolen the tools while the workshops. Most probably he has planned to dig under the lake.” Jones looked out of the window as his fingers gently touched the table.: “The radius of the lake is around 300 meters… ”

Butler was shocked: “Dig out a tunnel through the lake? How could he have planned such a thing? How would he handle the soil?”

The slender woman standing next to them respectfully said: “According to the prison guards, he has mixed soil and water and smeared it on the wall and the ground. Because of dim lighting, the guards were not aware of the situation. ”

Butler was speechless.

Jones raised his hand and stroked the black cat which was eating meat. The kitten was ignorant on their conversation as it was concentrated on eating. Jones gently stroked cat’s hair and softly said: “Hand down an arrest warrant. Immediately deploy the black cavalry to trace the whereabouts of the criminal.”

“Yes.” The woman replied and was about to turn and leave.

“Wait.” Jones stopped her. He still kindly looked at the black cat and whispered.: “The guards responsible for giving them the meals. Make sure that they accompany the guard who was looking after Cassie.”

She nodded, but her body hair was erect. She quickly left.

After she had left, the butler couldn’t stand anymore and said: “There shouldn’t be any defect in the prison’s structure. Even the drainage system for excrement is protected by the guard on the other side. How could he run away?”

Jones shook his head slightly: “There are no defects. Perhaps the biggest flaw is the construction of the prison in the lake. The walls are too thick. We always thought that no one would be stupid enough to chisel such a thick wall. Not to mention to make a tunnel all the way out of the lake. Because of the thickness of the wall, this fellow was able to dig all the way out, and no one was able to hear sounds. It was the biggest advantage of the prison, but it had turned to a drawback in this case.”

Butler sighed: “If so, then it is a reminder to us. The prison guards can’t be relaxed. It would take an enormous time to dig a tunnel and come back. This round-trip should be enough for him to be exposed, but the guards weren’t vigilant enough.”

Jones nodded, “Fortunately, the little guy was from the first section.” Then he patted the black cat and smiled: “Greedy kitten! It’s enough now, go and play.”

There was a small factory on a desolate, remote street at the north of the slums.

Dudian bought some food from the roadside pub and hired a carriage to come here. He ate the food in the carriage. The fatigue that resulted because of non-stop running and stress of few days passed away as his body strength was restored to some degree.

He got out of the carriage and was about to enter the factory when the sign outside the factory caught his eyes. It was his arrest warrant.

“It’s been just one night. The efficiency is quite fast for the news to spread all the way to here.” Dudian’s eyes flashed. However, he didn’t avoid, but entered the factory. There was an old guard at the entrance: “I need to find a few people. Kroen, Joseph, Barton…”

The old man lifted his eyes listlessly and glanced at Dudian: “They are at work. What do you need them for?”

Dudian took out three copper coins from his pocket and handed it over,: “Help me and call them out. Tell them that an old friend of theirs has come to see them.”

The former drowsiness was gone as the old man saw the copper coins. He put them away: “Okay, wait over here. I’ll get them for you.”
Dudian quietly waited while the old man went after them. The old man didn’t recognize that Dudian was on the wanted list. His hair was cut, and he was looking totally different to the picture where he was depicted. Past three years his hair was long and disheveled. Although the prison guards tortured them over and over, they would never take a deep look to their face. After all, the prisoners would never comb their hair, and no one was interested in remembering a prisoner’s face which would die in prison in any case.

Moreover, the picture was drawn at the time of his imprisonment. There were delicate features that were depicted on it which belonged to three years ago. But in the last three years, his appearance has changed a lot. The fastest growing stage of the person is when they are between 10 to 16 years old. Now, there were no remains of childish and delicate look that he had in the past. Because of pain, hunger, and torture, his facial structure had changed a lot. His face slimmer and brows were a bit heavy. Moreover, he was a bit mature, and his temperament had changed too.

Also, he had, smeared coal all over his face. Even the close acquaintances had to carefully look for a long time to see the familiar profile.

Moments later, the old man returned. Four figures follow behind him. They were Barton, Kroen, Joseph and Barry. They had changed a lot in the last three years, but Dudian was able to recognize them at a glance.

Four of them saw Dudian and were puzzled.: “Who are you?”

Dudian smiled: “Come with me to the abandoned factory.”

“Abandoned factory?” All four of them were surprised as they heard him talk. However, they revealed their surprise as Barton spoke excitedly: “You finally came back. De…”

Dudian interrupted him by raising his hand: “We should talk later.”

Barton thought of something, and his face changed. He didn’t say anything.

The other three same as Barton hesitated, but didn’t say anything ultimately.

The old man hurriedly said as he saw four of them leave with Dudian: “It’s still working hours. Where are you guys going? Don’t you want to be paid?”

Barton said: “Grandpa, help us out with the permission.”

“I can’t help with that.” The old man shook his head in refusal.

Dudian said to the four: “There is no need to work in here anymore. Come with me. ”

Four of them looked at each other faintly guessing what was going to happen.

The old man looked at Dudian: “Boy, if they leave with you, they will not get the salary of the last two months.”

Dudian ignored him and turned away to leave the place.

Four friends hurried to keep up with him.

Dudian and the other four returned to the abandoned factory.

“What has happened to Dean? Why are you wanted? What happened three years ago? What did they find you guilty of? Was it murder? I didn’t believe in stuff like that. I couldn’t believe that you were involved in a heinous crime.”Barton eagerly asked as they reached the abandoned factory.

Dudian’s eyes swept over them one by one. There was a trace of faint anxiety on Barry’s face. He said to them: “I didn’t commit any crimes back then. But now I’m a bit different.” He looked at the four: ” Are you willing to continue with me?”

All four looked at each other. Kroen whispered: “What are we going to do?”

Dudian smiled as he gently shook his head: “Big things.”

They were a bit hesitant, but Barry had a complex look: “Dean I can’t. I may as well quit. I’m living an ordinary life, and it’s alright. Though its bitter, I’m satisfied with the everyday work. It’s enough for food and clothing.”

Dudian looked at the other three: “You guys?”

“We were helping you, but now you are on the wanted list. You are done for.” Kroen hesitated, but said whatever was in his mind.

Barton wasn’t speaking, but was staring at Dudian. As soon as Kroen finished talking, he said: “Dean, no matter what you do I’ll follow you. I’ve already said that my life is yours. If you order me to do a robbery, I will!”

Dudian looked at him as there was a touch of a smile on his face.

“Me too.” Joseph said: “I said it all the time ago. Although I was able to find work in a factory how do others treat us? Contempt! Disgust! I’m fed up!”

Kroen and Barry were silent.

Barton saw that the other two were silent, so he spoke in an angry tone: “Are you going to isolate him as Dean is a wanted man now?”

Kroen replied: “I do not want to, but what can we do? Can we even revoke Dean’s arrest warrant?”

Barton snapped: “Even if we can’t but it’s time to help Dean out. Is it how you are repaying him for bringing us out from the orphanage? By chickening out?”

Their faces turned ugly.

Dudian looked at them: “Don’t put any psychological pressure on them. I brought you guys out because you had taken care of me back then. It’s alright for you guys not to follow me. But I hope that you would not expose the things what happened in here.”

As they heard Dudian talk, they bowed their heads. Kroen clenched his fists.: “I’ve decided. I’m going all out with you. I have had enough of those foolish ridicules.”

Barry bowed down as he said: “Dean, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I can not do it. I already have a person who I like. I want to live a peaceful life. I hope you can forgive me. I guarantee that everything that happened here will stay in here.”

Dudian nodded: “Alright, I wish you happiness. Go!”

Barry raised his hands and wiped his tears. He didn’t look at Barton and the others as he turned around and left.

Dudian quietly looked at Barry’s back as he departed the place.


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  1. I suspect that lad at some point may be tempted by the bounty on Dean, so that he and the person he likes may lives well off.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Ugh he just let a bomb that might explode at any time go like that… Here’s hoping the cliche of his friend ratting him out for 100 gold coins won’t happen… Enough of the drama he should smarten up already…

  3. remember he is a human and has feelings too so letting Barry go is… a big mistake damnit author sure is consistent in that part of Dean. c=

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