DK – Ch 153

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The Dark King – Chapter 153

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian was slightly surprised.

At this time, this rocky surface stretched out, and two sharp teeth came into his view. It didn’t stop for a moment as it bashed over towards Dudian.

Dudian understood that the surface which he had stabbed earlier was cuticle of a rock monster. He raised his hand and punched over to the position which Dudian considered as the monster’s head.

Bang! His left hand had hit the monster. It was affected by the hit as it hurried back for a moment.

However, it screamed as it was impinged by the hit and rushed towards Dudian in anger.

Dudian quickly grabbed the knife in his hand and stabbed it.

The knife stabbed on its scales but did not cause the slightest injury. Although the knife was used by him less than a week, it had been worn down seriously. It wouldn’t be able to cut through the skin of an ordinary person.

Swinging its head, the monster attacked Dudian’s left arm and bit on it. Though there was no pain.

Dudian was anxious as he quickly raised his right hand and punched it.

The monster was like a small crocodile. It had short claws, flat body and the scales were very hard. However, it was clutching onto Dudian’s left arm, and the bite was getting deeper and deeper.

Dudian groped onto its head with his fingers. Suddenly he found a soft skin and pushed onto it.

This gap seemed to be its weakness. It released its mouth on Dudian and shrank back into its body.

Dudian quickly grabbed and pulled it by its short paws. His body weighed down on it so it couldn’t use its mouth to bite him.

It struggled, but it was not strong enough to overcome the Dudian’s body pressure.

Dudian found the previous soft gap and began to tear it apart with his left hand.

The monster began to struggle intensely because of the pain, but Dudian’s left hand wasn’t perceiving any pain, so he did his best to rip it apart.

The monster suddenly went stiff and gradually stopped moving at all.

Dudian slowly crawled down and checked the monster which was about a meter and half long. Its body was covered in scales similar to rock. The body temperature was cold too.

“It looks like … … like a stone beast!” Dudian was looking at it while he suddenly remembers that he had read about this monster in the atlas.

This monster had the ability to drill down the area, same as the black weaver which they had hunted with Glenn. Moreover, it was completely active in the underground. Black Weaver would go out of the soil, but this monster’s choice was to live underground all its life. That’s why its drilling abilities were much more elaborate than the black weavers.

“It is one of the few monsters which can enter through the giant wall. But its hunting level is too low. Combat capability is almost same as an ordinary undead. However, because of its skills in drilling down endowed by nature, even level 20 or 30 monsters would find difficult to kill it.”

Dudian knew the identity of this monster. He felt fortunate that he was able to hit and rip out its fatal weakness.

Dudian looked at the broken knife in his hands while he was sitting on this stone beast to rest. However, he thought of its claws and his eyes lit up. He saw sharp nails of the stone beast above its claws. They were curved, extremely hard, thin and very suitable to dig up the earth.

He had an idea.

Two days later.

Dudian once again came to the underground tunnel. The stone beast’s body had signs of decay. Dudian pulled out its four claws and scales of its head. He dug down a pit and buried its body as to avoid its rotten smell to float into the entire tunnel.

After burying down the beast, Dudian shook the claws of the beast and began to dig.

“It’s like an excavator.” Dudian was surprised as his efficiency and speed were about ten times faster than earlier on when he used a knife.

After a few days, Dudian met another stone beast. Its body was smaller than the previous monster. After a fierce struggle, he was able to kill it.

“It’s ‘black snow season’ now. So the stone beasts have drilled down so that their bodies are much warmer in comparison to upper layers of earth. I don’t know if I’ll encounter another if I continue like this.” Dudian was distressed. This stone beast had extremely durable claws. Having beast’s claws was enough for him to speed up digging the tunnel. However, if he met more on the way, he could fall into trouble. Moreover, if he met their king, then he estimated that he would serve as a main dish for their dinner.

The main advantage was that he had beast’s claw in his hands so he could wait a month so that ‘black snow season’ would end.

In the blink of an eye, another two months passed.

Two guards were dragging the cart across the cells. They casually threw the bread into the cells. The prisoner would pick up and eat the bread as if they were treasures.

When both of them came to the last cell, the guard picked up the last piece of bread and threw it in the cell. But he found out that there were two pieces of bread on the ground left from yesterday. He wrinkled his brows and sneered: “Don’t starve to death.”

It was not the first time that he had seen a situation like this. Almost a year ago when he came to deliver the bread he had seen that Dudian hadn’t picked up the pieces of bread. At first, he thought that the crazy prisoner had made a suicide or some misfortune had happened. He opened the cage and went in, but the crazy kid had rushed out, punched and cursed at him.

It had happened so many times that they had gradually got used to it. Sometimes Dudian wouldn’t eat for a day or two, but eventually will pick and eat the bread.

He turned the cart and began to chat and smile with his companion as he left away.

The next day, noon.

The guards were in good spirits. They were going to play another game today. As usual, the reward will be an extra bread.

The guards pushed the cart after the performance. By the time they had two pieces of bread left in the cart, they had reached the last cell. One of them was about to throw the bread into the cell but noticed that there was a total of three pieces of bread on the ground.


P.S: We are done with the prison arc. 😉

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  1. And he’s finally out; though why didn’t he take or at least the bread. It’s not the most appetizing thing in the world you never know when he’ll find food again.

  2. Yes! About time. I was bored to death by now. I hope his friends from the orphanage are still alive and well. Also the alchemist group he joined.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Is he out? Several chapters about Dean digging a tunnel is rather boring. Digging tunnels is boring, there is that.

  4. Whoaaaaaa!!! Yay! Finally, no more prison arc! XD

    Now, it’s time for revenge!!! Kill all of the guys from your previous consortium!!!! (Except Glenn, I like her)

    Thanks MadSnail =) !!!

  5. This is the most wasted timeskip I have seen in novels.
    No character devlopment.
    No progrest in strength or anything else other than dean’s digging skills.

  6. He should’ve still ale the bread. Buy himself atleast a day head start. Anyways about time he gets out…. he’ll probably go mingle with the alchemist people now.

    1. He probably took it from the day before, though it might’ve been worth it to make a little stockpile, though with so much time skips, who knows if he didn’t do so?

  7. Future prediction:

    Scavenger bros and adopted parents will shun him.

    Orphanage bros will be his back ups!!

    And he finally will join the alchemist crew for real..!!

    Own prediction!!

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