DK – Ch 151

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The Dark King – Chapter 151

Dudian’s plan

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Because of such occurrences, and his resistance Dudian was dragged and tortured to death many times.

Another half a year went by.

The guards were too lazy to care about a madman like Dudian. Torturing a lunatic was not interesting for them. They would get pleasure for painful moans and screams of ordinary people. But he wasn’t like that. Torturing Dudian had lost all the colors.

At night.

After dinner, groans burst out from different cells.

Dudian squatted in front of the urinal. He was moved to a dark cell at the end of the promenade. Normally, the pit was in the opposite direction so the excrement would pile up in the urinal and the water was a need to wash it down.

He had tumbled down to the torn mats on top of his mattress. The bedding had been distributed during the ‘black snow season.’ After all, the lake was stationed in the middle of the lake. In the ‘black snow season,’ it would be freezing. If there were no mattresses to sleep on, then the prisoners who already ate less would certainly die.

At the moment the mattress was a mess and close to the steel column. But it was in a place which blocks the view to his toilet and bathing position.

Therefore, unless he deliberately created a gap, no one would know what Dudian was doing in front of his pit.

Dudian squatted down in front of the toilet as his head was down. With one hand he touched his buttocks. Because of a deep breath, he almost suffocated. A moment later, a sparse excretion of dung came out. As a result of eating less, it was almost all water. However, a small and thin object falls out with the dung.

Dudian looked around as the darkness didn’t affect his vision. He saw that no one had noticed, so he immediately grabbed the thing. There was a thick, thin linen covering the object. He untied it and took out the thin, sharp knife.

Dudian picked up the knife and hummed a song for a few times. Then he began to roar and curse.

As he was cursing and shouting he bent over to move the toilet. The pool around the mosaic has long been chiseled. But while he lifted it a sound would be made, so he was cursing and shouting to cover it up.

He dived into the trail. His upper body was still on the ground, so he cursed time to time. It didn’t take long for his whole body to enter the hole.

It was a very narrow but very deep pit. He had chiseled out a route next to the pipeline. Initially, his plan was to go through the manure pipeline. According to the prison model that he conceived the pipe should go straight to the bottom of the prison and then go through the lake under the ground. But it wouldn’t release the manure in the bottom of the lake as the water pressure would recoil and drown the prison.

Therefore, it seemed that this was the only safe escape channel from the prison. But the weakest link in the prison’s design!

However, the thing that made him disappointed and even led him to despair that the diameter of the pipe was not large. Even though he was skinny from hunger, he still couldn’t fit into the pipeline.

Moreover, the pipeline was made of steel and couldn’t be destroyed.

So he could take the risk and use the opportunity while in weekly work to steal tools.

After six months of digging this narrow channel of more than ten meters depth was made.

Everything had been solidified and strengthened whether it was the thickness of the wall or the thickness of the floors. So in a sense, it was much more solid structure than an average prison. But it was the biggest advantage Dudian had at the moment while he chiseled the wall.

If the wall were too thin or similar to an ordinary building, then he wouldn’t have an opportunity to dig in the wall. His actions would be easily perceived, and he wouldn’t have a place to chisel through. According to the thickness of the ground, Dudian speculated that the wall was at least five meters wide.

Although the wall was thick, Dudian still didn’t dare to cause too much movement. He carefully poked out the soil and stones with the blade.

In the blink of an eye, most of the night passed.

Dudian would bring little by little the soil and stones as the channel was too narrow. He would go back and forth several times before soil and stones were moved to his cell. He would soak them in water and wash off. There would be some hard stones which couldn’t be washed through the urinal, so he waited for the right opportunity to loose them.

The greatest difficulty that he faced while chiseling the channel was dealing with soil and stones.

He wanted to secretly transport them to the studio. But it was clean inside in the workshop so it would be eye-catching if he moved the soil over there. He had to dispel the idea.

Others gradually woke up after a few hours later.

He soaked the small stones and soil in the water. Afterward, he began to slowly grind them into mud. Then he would smear the mud on the dark part of the cell.

Because of Dudian’s madman acts the prison guards would seldom get close to Dudian’s cell. They would leave the bread and leave. So no one noticed that the walls of his cell were full of mud. Some parts were thicker in comparison to other parts.

However, this part of the wall was blocked by the mattress.

It had been half a year that the straw mat had blocked the place. The last person who wanted to grab it away was caught by Dudian and almost snapped his arm.

Since then none of the prisoners from the next cell dared to get close to Dudian’s mats or mattress.

After finishing the process, Dudian closed his eyes and slept for a while. He wakes up to the voice echoing from the other cells. He immediately grabbed the larger and harder pieces of stones and threw them past as he cursed out loud.

The others didn’t respond back as they knew that Dudian had gone crazy.

After finishing the stones, he clutched the steel column and roared. He hit his head against the column as if to break free.

He acted for a while. Afterward, he restored his calmness and continued to sleep.

The prisoners were helpless. Moreover, they didn’t dare to fight back and anger a madman. After all, Dudian was not an ordinary maniac.

After all, such things didn’t happen in a day or two. They secretly thought that once Dudian had done enough damage to the ground, the prison guards will beat him up anyway.


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  1. Wait 2.5 years passed alredy? If I rememeber right, that rich guy said he would be in prison for 3 years…
    I maybe wrong but that was the case a few chapter ago, if thats correct WTF!?!?

  2. Isn’t 3 year sentence. He’s served 2.5 years I believe… why escape? Just wait it out… anyways hehe. Deans second name must be Michael Scofield hohoho

  3. He was framed for theft and got 3 years… he would come out and then get framed for murder/ insulting the ‘holy church’, they would give him the death sentence or life…. so might as well escape now.

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