DK – Ch 150

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The Dark King – Chapter 150


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Time flew by.

It has been a year that Dudian spent in prison.

During this past year, Dudian gathered information about the entire Thorn Flow Prison through the gossips of the other prisoners and guards. Some stuff that he was not sure of Dudian would ask Scar or some other old-timers who would answer him.

He had asked many about their intent to ‘escape’ but everyone avoided the question. No one didn’t want to escape, but the problem was that no one could escape!

After collecting enough information, Dudian also was tackled with problems.

First of all, it was about the difficulty of a jailbreak. The Thorn Flower Prison was built within the lake. That’s why prisoners had lost the interest in a prison break.

Dudian knew that monsters were lurking in the waters of the lake. Cutting a hole through the prison’s wall was nothing but an act of suicide.

Moreover, the thickness of the walls would have to be very big for the prison to withstand the pressure of the lake. It had to be extraordinarily solid, so the idea of cutting a hole through the wall was nonsense.

Therefore, no matter how reconciled you were, ultimately everyone would resign the idea of a jailbreak.

Dudian knew that he couldn’t come up with a solid plan and was in despair. After a few days, he sat in the cage. Not feeling anything and avoiding giving a response to anyone. His mind was empty and the prison life became painful.

It took a while for him to get out of the depression and think about his jailbreak plan.

This time, he was going to start from zero. He had to think through all possibilities that could lead to a successful escape.

In the end, he divided the plans into two parts.

Outside and inside.

“Outside” referred to the chiseling the wall. He could start from the cell he was living in and continue to make the tunnel to outside. But he knew that he didn’t have the tools to dig. Even if he could smuggle something out from the weekly workshop and begin to chisel the wall, he didn’t know how many years it will take to get out of the prison.

So Dudian gave up on this method.

He could process by using the guards.

Attacking the guards?

The guards dared to put them out to work collectively so they had backups and naturally were not of their riots. So this option was out of his consideration.

Bribe the guards?

He dispelled the idea as soon as he thought about it.

He had seen the newcomers try to implement that method. The result was that the guy was dragged out by the guard, tortured until death and thrown back into the cell.

Obviously, bribery was not an option. Not that guards were not greedy, but they had better ways to squeeze out every valuable thing from the prisoners.

Dudian felt that there was nothing that he could do.

The prison was full proof, and there was no way to break out.

“Am I going to die in this prison?”

Another six months passed by.

Dudian went insane and became crazy.

He shouted out nonsense and beat the cell mates almost to death.

Two guards became furious when they came over to see Dudian’s cell mates lay on the ground, almost dead. One of them took out a stick from the craft and opened the cell to attack Dudian. However, Dudian didn’t even give him a chance as he threw punches and kicks at him.

Dudian roared as he punched towards the second guard.

His strength was tremendous. Both of the guards were knocked to the ground. This scene caused all the other prisoners to become stunned. No one thought that with the spikes pierced into him he could come up with such a vigorous force.

One of the guards got up and ran. Soon, another five guards came and attacked Dudian.

He was beaten and later dragged out from the promenade.

More than an hour later the guards dragged back Dudian’s bloody body and threw him back to his cell.

A few days later, as Dudian’s injury got better, he began shouting again. Fatty who had restored a bit of strength in the cell was knocked down to the ground and beaten to death. The guards who were bringing the meals saw this scene and rushed to stop.

Dudian fought back with them and even overturned the trolley while he was scuffling with guards.

The guards saw that both of them couldn’t suppress Dudian, so one of them ran away to call for back up.

This time again, Dudian was dragged out and brought back after the torture. However, they threw him into a separate cell.

“Damn, this kid has gone insane.”

“Why don’t they give him to another section?”

The guards were angry, but all they could do was to torture him. They would avoid killing prisoners at all costs. In fact, they couldn’t treat prisoners as disposable materials. The torture was a small matter as it could be covered up. But in a case of a death of a prisoner, the people above them would ask for proper explanations. So in case even if there were people outside who wanted prisoners to die, they wouldn’t go for it as it didn’t matter who or what was the client’s background.

Moreover, they had seen many prisoners like Dudian who couldn’t cope up with prison life and gone crazy through the years.

People would get depressed in this dark prison day after day. It would often take a normal person three to five years for that depression to occur. However, some with weak willpower would go crazy, and some would even commit suicide. So it was not surprising to see Dudian act the way he did.

Moreover, no matter how tough or power Dudian was, they were aware of his age. At the end of the day, for them, Dudian was a child. Inevitably, his heart wouldn’t be as strong as an adult’s.

The guards reduced Dudian’s daily food to only a black bread while he was in solitary confinement.

Dudian’s body gradually thinned down. His cheekbones were protruding, and his face was similar to a skeleton.

Fortunately, he wasn’t missing any water.

Because of the availability of water, it was rare for someone to starve to death.

Dudian was still acting insane while he was held in solitary confinement. He was beating steel columns or tearing mats from time to time. Over time his symptoms gradually eased down. He would occasionally attack, but would curse at others.

The prisoners were aware that Dudian had gone mad and didn’t care much about his cursing. But at the same time, they looked at him with regret as if seeing their future in Dudian’s present.

After he had become a bit stable, the guards assigned him back to weekly work. After all, the prisoners were not meant to stay idle.

Another six months passed and it was the second year of Dudian’s imprisonment.

However, Dudian’s madness becomes more serious. Sometimes he would hit his head against the wall and self-mutilate himself. Other times he would throw back the bread at guards and curse them.


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    1. Somehow I doubt it’ll just be 3 years… Even the 5 years is probably bullshit. This is like the oubliette, a dump hole for them to quietly disappear never to appear again. The theft sentence was a mere pretext. Though them being unable to kill is a curious tidbit.

  1. Doubt he really went insane, my guess is that he is using the time when they drag him away to look for ways to escape outside of his cell or to gather more information outside the cell. He has way too much willpower too simply go insane and his IQ is pretty high so I am pretty sure its all part of an elaborate plan. Just guessing though.

  2. I don’t mind the darkness, but there’s a point where all the character growth is ending and now it’s just milking words and pages. Ok, we get it, he’s in prison and suffering. But this arc is so goddamn boring.

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