DK – Ch 15

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The Dark King – Chapter 15
As long as you stay alive!

I would like to thank spiritsong for editing this chapter!

For starters, it was an unbearable place to live in, so the children did not adapt well to the new environment. They barely slept. So, when they heard an ear-piercing sound such as this one, it felt as if lots of needles were jabbed to their brains. One after another they got out of the room. The sky was still dark, and the temperatures at night were cold. Most of them could not help but shiver because they went outside still in their pyjamas.

That strange bird called out three time more before it ceased.
Some children wanted to go back to sleep, but it was in vain. “I am now going to give you three minutes to be ready to stand in front of me.” A brown haired brawny person at the height of two-meters howled out loud.

At first, many children were in confusion, but they soon remembered about the special training.
Dudian’s biological clock was disrupted, so he cannot help but to suffer from some headaches. He restrained his emotions, ran back into the room to wear a coat but later he gave up. There was cold water near the door which he used to rinse his face and then later exited the wooden shed and moved towards the brawny man. Only two and half minutes had passed.

The other children gave up on washing themselves but instead hurriedly put on clothes to go out.

They wanted to give a good impression to the instructor so they did their best to be as fast as possible.

But there were others did not change even after three minutes were up; especially the girls who brought along a lot of luggage full of clothes, as they hesitated on what to wear today to look good.

The instructor did not hurry anyone, but quietly waited.

Time went by, about five minutes later everyone was out standing near the instructor.

“Since today is the first day, I set up a special alarm for you to wake you lot up from sleep. However, from tomorrow onwards, I hope that when I come over here I shall see all of you already ready and set to go!”

“Yes!” Several bold boys answered loudly.

The brown-haired man nodded slightly. “Well, today you are five minutes late. So, everyone will have to run five laps around the school field.”

The faces of many children changed. They had witnessed for themselves the huge size of the school field. Let alone five laps, even a full one lap would exhaust them.

“Teacher, why is it everyone that have to run?”

“We arrived well within three minutes!”

“Even if we were late, only some were late for two minutes at most, why is it now five minutes?”
Several boys could not help but spoke their minds loudly.

The instruct replied in an indifferent tone: “First, even if you all were ready in three minutes’ time, you would still had to run three laps around the field. Secondly, you are a group! A collective, if one of you is left behind the rest of you must bear the consequences!”

“Teacher, I am not satisfied!”

“There will always be people dragging their feet, I refuse to follow such a ridiculous idea!”
A few boys suddenly spoke out in anger.

The instructor licked his lips and responded in a rhetorical manner, “not satisfied, are you?” Without waiting for a response, instructor kicked the boy who talked first in stomach. The kick was so fierce that the kid was pushed backwards, he hit few other children and fell in pain.

“You do not agree?” Instructor kicked another dissatisfied boy in the same way as he kicked the first one. Unfortunately for other boys he did not stop but continued to kick another three or four boys.

As soon as he was finished kicking them, instructor turned around to speak “Here, you don’t ask anything. You only obey the orders! Anyone who refuses to act will be hit by me. I may even kill you.

Believe me, nobody will care.” there was a trace of indifference in his face as he sneered and continued on, “In the previous session I killed one. Unfortunately, you were not here to witness it. It’s better to kill the garbage instead of wasting time and resources to nurture them!”

All the children who heard the vicious words coming out of instructor’s mouth were frightened and turned pale.

Some of the girls had their legs trembling because of the fear. Tears poured out, but none dared to cry.

The instructor gazed at them before saying: “If you fail to finish in ten minutes, then there will be no breakfast!” Then, he suddenly smiled “Those who cannot adhere the collective idea, and those who don’t finish running are the ones who won’t get to eat. I do not want to let any individual garbage pull down the level of the whole group.”

A lot of the sturdy children felt relieved after hearing those words.

Dudian sighed, almost crying in his heart. He knew for a certain, that he would not finish the run within the stipulated time.

Soon, the instructor brought all of them into the school field to begin the run.

However, the school field was too big. Even the children with the best physiques failed to finish in ten minutes. Some were late for a minute, some were late by two minutes and some for four or five minutes. In short everyone lost the opportunity for breakfast.

Some frail girls finished the entire five laps 20 minutes well over the time limit. But Dudian’s result stunned everyone else. He lagged thirty whole minutes over the time limit to finish the run.

He won the nickname “undisputable” from other children. Mason and the other two boys who lived in the same room as Dudian distanced away from him as if he was a total stranger to them.

Although Dudian was relatively calm, he could not help but to blush a bit because of shame as he saw all the strange eyes casted at him. He knew for a fact that having slept in a frozen storage capsule for over three hundred years, it had slowly weakened his body. It would take many months to recover from it.

He got tired from walking let alone to run for five laps.
The instructor looked towards Dudian but did not say anything.

“Everyone, gather!” The instructor ordered as soon as Dudian finished. This time the instructor’s order was not left deft by anyone. Soon everyone arranged themselves into neat rows.

“First, a self-introduction is in order. My name is Tobu.” The brown-hair instructor continued in an indifferent tone, “For the next three years I will be responsible for your training. I have only one rule which is to obey every single order of mine! Of course, I do not want to raise people who are a group of puppets that listen to orders only. Any questions, except the ones related to my orders, are welcomed”

“Teacher, what is there to learn here? Only exercises?” A boy immediately asked with disturbed look on his face.

Tobu indifferently smiled, said: “If you can learn to stay alive in here, you can graduate.”

“Stay Alive?”

All children became surprised at once.

Dudian’s mind turned cold. He knew that graduating from Scavenger camp was going to be difficult as the situation outside the giant wall was very dangerous to a normal human being.

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  1. so the talk about continuing his education while in the training camp was pure BS. Or probably, that kind of privilege is only available to the Hunter trainees.

  2. “You are a group! A collective, if one of you is left behind the rest of you must bear the consequences![…]I do not want to let any individual garbage pull down the level of the whole group.”
    Wow, bullshit bootcamp sargent manages to contradict himself within the first minute of his ‘teachings’. Either you want them to act as a group or you emphasize individual strength but you need to be consistent in what you ask of them.

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