DK – Ch 149

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The Dark King – Chapter 149

I’m not a trash like you (3)

Hopefully, with the next release we will finish with prison arc. 😉

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Most of the prisoners were either from the residential district or the slums. They were convicted of theft or murder. The reason for them being imprisoned in Thorn Flower Prison was that their activities had to affect either a noble or the Holy Church. Some of them had leaked or proliferated knowledge that had to be kept behind closed doors.

The fifth day in prison.

More than dozen prison guards came in and opened the cells. They forced everyone out.

Dudian knew that they were going to start the weekly work.

Although more than a hundred prisoners came out at the same time, there was no resistance or hint of a collective riot. The first reason for being obedient was that all of them had gone through ‘spiking’. The conditions were so bad that the deep wounds wouldn’t repair for a long time. Even for a person like Dudian who was a hunter, there would be too much fatigue and pain if he put too much force into his arms.

The second reason was that the security forces outside the prison were too large. If there was a riot, they would be sent to suppress them.

This reason made Dudian drop the idea of killing the prisoners and escape.

The guards led the prisoners to the second floor of the prison. It was a huge processing plant. No-one knew how many layers there were in the prison.

Dudian was startled when he saw things accumulated on the tables in the processing plant.

There were all kinds of limbs of  monsters, complete furs or horns.

“Bunch of scum! Get working!” The prison guards who closed the heavy iron gate scolded the crowd as he waved the rod in his hand.

Everyone came to their respective workstations. Each cell was a small team and occupied a workbench. There were different monster parts on different tables. There was a classification on peeling and cutting them.

Dudian took out work clothes from the wardrobe. Also, there were protective gloves that had to be worn. They were made of plastic and nylon materials.

Fortunately, the limbs of the monsters that were brought from the outside of the giant wall had their blood dried up. The hair on their skin was dry and hard. More than half of the viruses, parasites and the other germs had died.

Dudian didn’t work as he took into account that the protective gloves were in bad condition. Instead, he watched as the others picked up limbs, stripped the fur and neatly stacked the things on the side. They cut off the horns, sharp teeth, claws and other parts with either a guillotine or dagger. Most of them were skilled in the process, and it seemed it wasn’t the first or second time that they were doing it.

The leader of the other cell didn’t also do any work, but quietly stood watching the process.

Dudian played around with a very thin knife as he thought about different things.

After a few hours, the work shift finished. Everyone lined up to return.

But before leaving the guards arranged every to strip all their clothing and came to a bathhouse to clean.

Dudian saw that Fatty and the others hands after the wash were a bit redder than normal skin color. It seemed as if mosquitoes had taken constant bites and the skin had slightly swollen. However, they were accustomed to this.

After the shower, the guards checked their mouth, ears, nostrils and other parts to confirm that none of them were smuggling out anything.

In the evening, four black pieces of bread were distributed to their cell. Dudian picked two for himself while gave the other two to the rest of cell mates.

Time went by.

The days were boring in the prison. After two weeks of imprisonment, the prison returned to its usual calm as prisoners lost interest in Dudian.

Cries and moans echoed throughout the prison during the day and night. It leads to more restlessness.

Dudian wasn’t interested in such kinds of activities. His cell mates would secretly look at Dudian. Afterward, when they saw that he didn’t care much about their relations, some of them couldn’t bear anymore and helped out each other.

Fatty’s third leg was wasted so his desires wouldn’t be realized in any case. Occasionally he would feel envious, but was enduring.

Dudian noted that most of the people involved in such things would look at him with eyes full of desire and greed. Needless to say, he knew what was going on in their heads.

At the beginning, Dudian was full of resentment and anger, but gradually got used and indifferent towards such looks.

Dudian would rarely start a conversation. But sometimes he would ask a strange question to the cell mates and the prisoners from other cells. His questions would be related to astrology, business, the radiation zone, the giant wall and so on.

Many were willing to answer Dudian’s questions. The main reason being Dudian’s super strength. But also the prison life was boring. People were willing to participate in discussions to waste time.

However, most would ignore questions related to their past. But there were still a bunch who would be willing to share information about their families, hobbies and their brilliant … crimes.

After three months in prison.

There was a new prisoner who had joined the ‘happy little family.’

The youth had a temperament of a gentleman. His hair was blue colored while he had sword-like eyebrows. He was wearing a death sentence uniform. As he was dragged in by the guards and immediate warm concern was aroused. Shouts and hands were coming out of cells to express desires from prisoners for the newcomer to be assigned to their cage.

The guard didn’t listen to the prisoners. They threw the youth into Dudian’s cell.

The youth groaned as he stood up and shouted back.: “I was wronged! I was wronged! I have to appeal! I want to appeal!”

The prison guard sneered and left.

The guard had locked the iron gate, and a funny laughter echoed from behind.

The ‘welcome’ was held in front of Dudian. He silently looked at the youth who was thrown to the ground by several men. The youth struggled fiercely, but nothing changed at the end. Cries echoed throughout the prison.

The rest of the prisoners were excited because of the sounds.

Dudian quietly watched the youth to be rotated by the prisoners. Screams echoed out. Dudian knew that if he weren’t strong enough, he would end up like this youth three months ago. But he did not speak out to stop.

The youth’s had been screaming out for several days in a row. In the end, he was broken like a dead fish and let the prisoners wantonly play around with him.

A week later the youth had understood the situation in the jail. He knew that when he was in the prison, there was no way out.

Two weeks later, the youth was already accustomed to his role in the cell. He silently bears the attacks of others as he no longer screamed.

After a month the youth was fully integrated into the system. Occasionally he would have the strength to try to fight back, but others would always overpower him. He was the first person to get into the part of the cage Dudian resided. But Dudian didn’t care for him, even didn’t look at him.

The youth was dissatisfied with Dudian’s reaction and enraged, thinking that he could push over him. Because of his traumatic experiences he had cursed out Dudian with some vicious words.

However, it took a moment for Fatty and the others to curse and make threats to the youth. He slapped and beat him and afterward made him kneel down in front of Dudian and apologize for his misbehavior.

The second month after the newcomer had joined their cell, Dudian was selected by the prison guards to fight out another cell leader. The guards wanted to enjoy a good show. The cell leader had no prior communication with Dudian, so he was not aware of Dudian’s prowess. He wanted to go for the kill, but unfortunate to him because of Dudian’s punch his ribs were broken, and he almost died because of internal bleeding.

Since then all the cell leaders were clearly aware of their cage. Although Dudian was younger than them, his power and strength was at a level which they could not even imagine.

The youth also understood that the thin child that was their cell leader had a position in this prison that was completely not in order with his own.

There were many conversations about Dudian in other cells. Scar’s cell was opposite to Dudian’s, so they were much aware of the situation in comparison to others. Scar shook his head and smiled.: “I have already told you. Nine out of ten which come to this prison are guilty. The remaining one, the tenth is a great devil. Look at him. So young and with such prowess, he certainly was involved in something very big.”

Dudian heard Scar carving out a stereotype about him: “I have told you, I’m not a trash like you.”

Scar smiled and replied: “It’s been so long that you are here and you still act so proud. But you have eaten the same trash bread and drank the same water with us. I can’t find anything different!”

Dudian glanced at him. “I haven’t committed any crime. But in the future, if I commit a sin, I will never be caught. So, I’m not a trash like you! “

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  1. Uhhh… This chapter… umm… It’s a one heck of a disturbing chapter. *sigh* I feel bad for the other guy =(.

    Tsk Tsk. Good thing that this arc’s about to end..

    Thanks a lot Mad Snail for translating this chapter =) !!!

  2. So basically “I’m not incompetent like you lot” kind of attitude. Well okay.

    OH DAMN. I just forgot about Dudian friends from the orphanage! What will happen to them?

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. ikd. Dudian/Dean (w/e his name is, guess i missed the explanation) has really put his buds on the backburner ever since he got together with Jenny

    2. They got 100 gold(1 gold = 100 silver, 1 silver = 100 copper) with them, a meal at a nice restaurant cost them 50 copper or so (in their slums area). So with 4 of them maybe spending about 6 silver (3 meals) per day. 100 x 100 = 10,000 silver. So yeah they got a lot of spending money enough to last them at least 3~5 years (if they stay under the radar).

    1. if i remembered correctly it is in their old house when he got adopted. i think he hide it before he clean himself in the bathroom =D

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