DK – Ch 148

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The Dark King – Chapter 148

I’m not a trash like you (2)

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Fatty gradually woke up the next night. Fatty groaned as his body was in extreme pain. Especially, the guards had kicked on the places where the spikes had nailed him. At the moment his body had gone soft and weak so that he didn’t have the strength to get up.

He growled in anger: “I’ll kill you all! Come over and help!”

The others shrank back to corner as they looked at Dudian. Even the previous sturdy youth didn’t dare to help Fatty out, after Dudian’s previous reminder.

Fatty roared out a few times, but saw that no one responded. There was panic and sadness in his heart. He was angry, but he understood that he was abandoned. No one would side with a blind tiger.

Moreover, Fatty didn’t have good ties with Jin and Scar who had high prestige within the prison. Most of the cell leaders showed respect to them. So even when the cell leaders were injured, they would support them, and no-one would dare to bully cell leader.

Loneliness, helplessness, despair, and darkness.

He remembered the first time he was thrown into prison, which didn’t happen that long ago. He was crying in violation. However, he was able to climb the ladder in here.

Now, he fell again.

Dudian quietly looked at him, but did not say anything. A moment later, dinner was served, and the jailer threw four pieces of bread to their cell.

Dudian picked them up.

Fatty heard the sound and crawled up. But didn’t rush to snatch the bread, but instead kowtowed towards Dudian and pleaded: “Spare me, I beg you! You are my boss. I’m one of your men now. Please don’t hate me for…”

Dudian didn’t think much of his status, which was reversed. But he thought that Fatty would do a desperate counter-attack. So he was silent for a moment before he looked towards the other cellmates: “Do you think I should forgive him?”

The others were sitting on top of a mat in the corner looking at the bread in Dudian’s hands. One of them tentatively answered to Dudian’s question: “Boss you should forgive him. We are all assigned to work in  the prison. If he is wasted, then we would be quiet at a disadvantage as there will be fewer people to work.”

Dudian nodded and waited until the two prison guards left. He said: “Destroy one of his arms and his third leg.”

The others were surprised as they heard Dudian’s order.

Fatty’s face changed as he was lying on the ground. He clenched his fingers tightly, but loosened them to plead: “Big brother, they are right. We have a week to work if my arm is destroyed I’ll become a waste. The work has to be equally done by the others so that you will suffer too.”

Dudian quietly looked at him: “Do you think I need to be personally involved in the work?”

Fatty was stunned.

The faces of the others changed too. They knew the meaning behind Dudian’s words. They didn’t expect that after their boss changed their conditions would still be same.

Dudian looked at the others: “No one wants to move?”

The others as one maintained the silence.

Dudian took out two pieces of black bread.: “Who is going to be obedient?”

He was using the same trick the prison guards had applied.

The rest of the cell mates were startled. One of them finally came forward: “I can, but I’m afraid of killing him.”

Dudian looked at fatty: “I believe that you are smart enough not to resist. Or I’ll have to cut off more than one hand. I guess the rules are very simple in here. I just don’t have to kill you. So a bit of torture should amount to nothing in the prison guard’s eyes.”

Fatty heard the ‘a bit of torture’ statement by Dudian. His body trembled in anger, but he was afraid too. He knew that what Dudian had said was correct.

As long as there was no murder, the prison guard’s loved to see a dog bite dog situation.

Dudian began to eat the bread and said: “Let’s begin with the performance!”

The others looked at Dudian chewing the black bread. They clenched their teeth and came to surround fatty.

The prisoners from the other cells also noticed the situation. But it was a rare no laughter scene. Everyone felt a hint of chill. They had seen many vicious criminals who wouldn’t blink while doing the evil things. But they had never seen someone who would not have the slightest hatred or killing intent, but calmness while going for a pure retribution.

It was this tranquility that made people think of him as a dangerous person.

Screams and an angry roar echoed out inside the prison. The sound waves stirred in the cage and crashed down mercilessly.

Dudian ate the black bread while quietly watched the scene. After the atrocity, the fatty was lying down as blood oozed down from his crotch and his left hand was broken.

The show was over, and the others were looking at the black bread in Dudian’s hand.

Dudian didn’t say anything and threw out the black bread.

One of them quickly picked the bread and quickly shared in between them.

Day after day.

The prisoners were not stupid. From Dudian’s initial struggle they had seen that he was not an ordinary civilian, but someone whose strength was superior to normal soldiers.

After all, by relying on anger, you couldn’t burst out super strength. They have seen too many people struggle with anger and despair, but ultimately still pressed down their unyielding heads to the ground.

Anger was nothing while facing an absolute power. It didn’t have the slightest effect. The only thing that would change was that the person would appear sadder by the end.

These days Dudian occasionally chatted with Scar. He got to know that this prison was located in the bottom of the lake. There was a total of three floors for prisoners. They were on the first floor, which represented part of the prison which had the weakest criminals.

The criminals were distributed to floors according to the crimes that they had committed outside.

For example, Dudian who had committed ‘theft’ naturally belonged to the weakest category.
In the past few days, Dudian also got to know that Fatty was a wealthy man in the outside world. His crime was that he had tried to rape a noble lady. However, because of his wealthy identity, he had a chance to buy a ‘God’s blessing’ in the black market. It made him stronger than usual prisoners. He was at the same level as a scavenger.

It was here that Dudian understood that in public ‘God’s blessing’ was referred as a ‘sacred’ item. It could be purchased on the black market.


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