DK – Ch 147

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The Dark King – Chapter 147

I’m not a trash like you (Part 1)

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Well, you did good,” said the prison guard. He shrugged his shoulder as the suspense was gone. He threw two pieces of black bread into the cage and said to Dudian.: “Eat, little one.”

Dudian was relieved and was about to go to pick the bread pieces.

Fatty roared loudly and rushed along the voice of the prison guard. He indiscriminately touched the ground and picked up two pieces of bread and stuffed them into his mouth.

“Darn! This piggy!” the prison guard yelled in anger.

Fatty desperately stuffed the bread into his mouth regardless of the guard’s yell.

One of the guards was enraged as he took out the key and opened the cage. He took out a torture stick from the cart and went into the cage. He severely beat Fatty on his back and head. The anger had risen to his head, so the guard didn’t care about fatal points.

Fatty screamed in pain as he desperately tried to go backward to run out of the guard’s reach.

“You can’t eat unless we let you eat!” Both of the guards were angry as they kicked Fatty’s face and chest. The others in the cage were silent as they saw the guard beat Fatty. They didn’t dare get close to the guard. In prison, the guards were the highest existence who held the ropes of life and death.

After the constant beating by the two guards Fatty screamed and howled in pain: “I dare not! Mercy! Mercy Lords…”

However, the guards didn’t stop because Fatty was pleading. They kicked and kicked until the fatty’s body had turned into a pool of blood. Both of them spat on his face, turned and left the cell.

Dudian saw that a crumpled piece of bread on the ground. He wanted to talk to the two guards, but hesitated and didn’t say anything. He quietly went and picked the piece that was on the ground. He crushed it and began to chew it little by little.

He had not eaten for six or seven days in the detention center. He was very exhausted, and it was his first meal in almost a week.

The prison guard pushed the trolley and continued to distribute the food to the behind in other cells. After they had finished, both of them pushed the empty cart back as they chatted and laughed.

The prisoners swallowed their salivas as they heard guards talk about ‘roasted chicken’,  ‘steak’ and ‘foie grass’.

It was silent all around as everyone focused on eating as fast as they could. Afterward, they began to chat in a low tone.

They would talk about the scenery, their past and so on.

Dudian quietly ate the piece of bread. The burning feeling coming from his stomach because of the hunter slightly calmed. His body also restored some strength. Although the thin bread slice that got was not enough to fill his stomach, he had been hungry for so long that eating too much would have hurt his stomach. It was enough for him to digest the slice of bread.

Dudian half-closed his eyes to rest and restore strength as he leaned against the cage.

Other’s carefully looked at Dudian and the fatty who was moaning as he laid down. Not only Dudian but every criminal who came to this prison would be pierced by spikes. It was the treatment that everyone had gone through.

The only difference was that after being nailed with spikes, no one would be sieged like Dudian. They would have time to recuperate.

“Boy, what have you done to get in here? Ha? Talk about it.” A sound echoed from another cage.

Another prisoner spoke out from another cage: “Ah, yes! You have joined our happy little family, but haven’t introduced yourself yet!”

Dudian slowly opened his eyes and coldly glanced at these people.: “I’m not trash like you. I haven’t committed any crime!”

Laughter echoed out from the other cages as they heard Dudian’s reply.

“Little guy, are you saying that you have been wronged? Right?”

“Haha, all of us are innocent! There is not a single criminal in here!”

“Let me ask you, who is not wronged?.”

There was a sudden response coming from different cages to Dudian’s words.

Dudian frowned, but didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes.

Dudian suddenly opened his eyes and stared at one of his cell mates who was silently getting close to him. That person stopped and looked at Dudian.: “I didn’t offend you! I’m here looking for leftovers.” He tentatively picked the bread crumbs from the ground. He saw that Dudian didn’t respond, so he slowly put them into his mouth.

Dudian saw this scene and realized what was happening. He didn’t say anything and half-closed his eyes to rest.

In the evening, two guards pushed the cart again and entered the promenade. One of them whispered: “Today we have decided to add a benefit. We have steak! Who wants a steak?”

The silent cells turned into an uproar as they heard the guard’s words.


“I want!”

“Give me! Excellency give it to me!”

The guard was satisfied as he saw such a warm response. He raised his hand slightly and spoke in a sad tone: “So many people want a steak! We will go with the old rules. Do you know what to do?”

The reaction from each cell died out after the guard muttered out the words.

Dudian leaned against the cage and watched in silence.

He saw two people from the cage next to him say: “I want.”

Both of the guards looked at them as if they were dissatisfied with the results: “Only two people? It seems the rest is eating very well!” They saw that there was not a reaction from the other cages: ” Then you grab it. ”

They opened the locks of the cage.

There were two prisoners. One of them was ‘Scar’ who had spoken for Dudian previously.

“Scar, that’s mine!” A golden haired youth came out too.

Scar sneered: “According to each’s ability!” As he finished talking, he punched out.

Dudian looked as they fought out. In about few minutes, both of them separated, and Scar won the fight. Some parts of his face were red and swollen. He panted as he said: “I won.”

“I know.” The guard delivered the steak.

Scar’s hand was about to reach and grab the steak when the guard released it, and the steak suddenly fell to the ground. Dudian saw that there were a few rows of bite marks on the steak. It was clearly a leftover.

The guard sneered: “The fights are getting worse. Do you think I don’t know that you are intentionally acting?”

Scar’s face slightly changed: “How we would dare? I can not wait for the guards to take him and peel out a layer of his skin.”

The guard sneered, “That’s what you said.”

Scar’s expression was the same as he listened to guard.

The blond who had been beaten down and was lying on ground roared at Scar: “Damn you beast! I curse you!”

Scar picked up the steak and locked into the cage. The guard pushed the cart and delivered the bread. Afterward, on their way back they picked the blond and left.

The heavy air through the corridor was relieved as the sound of doors locking echoed from the end of the corridor.

“These two damn beasts!”

“Unlucky Jin.”

Dudian picked up four pieces of bread that were left at cage’s door. He looked back at the dark, hungry eyes: “Who would like to come and grab them?”

All of them saw that Dudian had picked up the bread. Coherently they shook their heads.

One of them spoke in flattering tone: “In the future, you are our boss! We will follow all your commands!”

Dudian understood the law of survival in this prison. He didn’t say anything as he ate two slices of bread and kept the other two to eat after the midnight.

The others enviously looked at him, but didn’t dare come forward to snatch the bread. They could only continue to please Dudian.

Dudian was indifferent. He understood what real power meant.

At this time, Dudian noted that Scar who was in the next cage didn’t eat steak but hid in his arms. He couldn’t help but desired the steak.

Scar noticed Dudian’s eyes. He smiled.: “Little guy, the big boys call me Scar. How should I call you?”

“Dean,” Dudian replied. He had heard the man’s previous words when he tried to rescue him, so Dudian didn’t have ill will towards him.

Scar nodded: “You used to be a hunter or a knight from the magistrate? You are not a knight of light, right?”

Dudian wrinkled his brows and didn’t answer.

Scar seemed to realize that Dudian didn’t want to go into details, so he didn’t say anything.

“Why aren’t you eating?” asked Dudian.

Scar knew what Dudian meant. He sighed.: “Jin is in bitter conditions now. I will leave it to him.”

Dudian knew that by saying ‘Jin’ he was referring to blonde youth: “Were you acting?”

Scar looked at him and considered for a moment. Afterward, he nodded: “Yes. These bastards out of ‘kind heart’ occasionally would give us something good. But every time they would want to see us to kill each other. So we play along. It is worth the injury.”

“Originally, it would be mine. But these pricks took Jin, so I’m going to give it to him as compensation.”

Dudian looked at the other cell and said, “Do the others agree?”

Scar nodded: “If no one comes up, then they would deduct all the food from us. So we must play according to their wishes.”

Dudian went silent as he heard his words.

More than an hour later, his body was dragged back by the two guards. Blood was dripping from his body. He was thrown to his respective cage where he laid on the ground for half a day without moving.
After the guard left the Scar shouted twice, ‘Jin, Jin’ to see if he could react. The blonde moved his head, but Scar said: “You take and eat it. You suffered today!”

A few others helped blonde to get up. He spoke with difficulty: “One day I’ll make them pay!” Scar looked as he sighed and shook his head.

In the blink of an eye, the middle of the night came. Dudian ate the rest of two loaves and closed his eyes to rest.

It didn’t take long when he felt very light voice. He opened his eyes and saw the previous man taking up the bread crumbs.

The man jumped in fear as he saw Dudian open his eyes. He didn’t expect that Dudian will detect such a small movement. He quickly explained and apologized.

Dudian did not say anything and closed his eyes.

The next day.

Dudian felt that the pain has reduced a lot. The wound has long scarred. The part where the spike had pierced in was still dull. There was slight ulceration.

However, there was no knife or first aid kit around. He could only use his saliva to coat the wound.

There were two meals a day. One at noon and the second one at night.

At noon they would give three pieces of bread. All of them were not exclusive to Dudian. He ate two while he throws out the remaining one to the others. He wanted his injuries to heal not to tear them apart.

However, he saw that the others didn’t compete for the piece of bread, but each shared a small piece.

Dudian understood that there was no one here who was worthy of trust. But there was a tacit understanding built between each other to allow them to survive.

Like between Scar and Jin.

The rest of the prison operated the same way.

If you broke the tacit understanding, then you were bound to die, like Fatty.

The prison guards seriously injured Fatty and there was no one to take care of him. There would be no treatment, and injury means that his status will rapidly decline. Unless he was like Dudian, and he could quell others, even if he is injured.



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  1. What is the point of this prison? lol its expensive to have a prison and the prisoners don’t even work

    1. To torture your enemies. I doubt the nobles care about the money. It doesn’t sound as if theirs really that many guards there as well just very secure.

  2. Hmm age of heroes, the same one on RRL, because if it is I remember it made me rage so much. Lol
    Anyways dean is gonna be sporting some scars by the time he’s out.

    1. haha. Right that’s why I freaking dropped it. NTR is like my pet peeve. cuz I also feel betrayed and I spend months of the story just to get the rights feelings to read again lol

  3. How many editors do you guys have and how do someone join?
    I have read The Dark King since the begging and I have seen most of the time some small mistake and I believe some missing words to add coherence to sentence,so i could help you guys a bit with the editing if you want.

  4. Yay, more chapters. I kept forgetting Madsnail lives in a different timezone, or has weird sleeping habits, and releases when I would not be awake. Good thing that I too am a Night Owl.

    Thanks for the chapters.
    P.S. Rise fellow Night Owls, the night awaits us!

  5. Is it bad when I saw fatty stealing the food I was thinking that Dean should eat that fatty instead? I mean….as long as it isn’t poison it becomes “food” <.<

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