DK – Ch 146

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The Dark King – Chapter 146


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Everyone was stunned by this sudden reversal.

Fatty was lying on the floor howling in pain as his eyes were poked. This caused everyone to shudder.

Dudian leaned against the cage as he took big breaths. He suppressed the pain coming from his body as he listened to the mournful screams of the fatty. There weren’t slightest emotion in Dudian’s eyes as he looked at Fatty.

After a moment, Fatty closed his eyelids. He was slightly accustomed to the pain. He fought back the horror coming from his heart. He raised his hands and began to sweep around. He feared that Dudian would take the opportunity and rush to attack him. Moreover, he wanted to seize Dudian.

He knew his eyes were blinded and what it meant for him in prison.

Moreover, there was an injured tiger in this cage!

“Come out!” Fatty growled in anger. Blood dripped from his eyes down to his cheeks and dropped to the thick hair on his chest.

Dudian didn’t want to kill him, so he silently observed Fatty. In case, Fatty was accidentally coming towards his position. He would silently bend over to the iron pillar and tap with fingers to make a sound.

The prisoners who saw Dudian’s cunning move felt that if the kid resists Fatty and live through, then he was going to become a tiger-like existence in the prison.

Fatty rushed on as he heard the sound. He roared as he raised his hand and punched severely. Instead of Dudian, he had hit steel column with all the power that he could muster. As his fist touched the iron pillar, he bent around flapping in pain. He didn’t come across Dudian’s figure and were aware that he was fooled. He didn’t re-rampage, but stood still. He tried to rely on his hearing to induce the movement around the cage.

“Pig is refueling, ah!”

“On your left Piggy, on the left!”

“You’re blind piggy! Oh, you’re blind!”

The people from the other cells showed no sympathy to Fatty as they deliberately were speaking out loud and laughing to make it hard for Fatty to find Dudian. In fact, Dudian was on his right. However, the prisoners were clear about the unwritten rules of life. They knew that with blind eyes, Fatty didn’t have a prospect to live. Especially when he had offended an injured young tiger, who was living in the same cage as fatty.

The coax seriously interfered Fatty’s hearing He growled in anger: “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

“O, piggy wants to catch the tiger!”

“Behind you, piggy! Behind you.”

“Piggy, be careful!”

Everyone was ridiculing fatty. Especially the ones who saw that Fatty was listening and responding to their words couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Dudian sat next to a dark corner. He looked at fatty who was cluelessly rampaging around the cage while surrounded by laughter. The coldness in his eyes gradually disappeared.

“Where is he!” Fatty growled as he thought of his men.

Those several men looked at the location where Dudian was sitting. They also saw Dudian look at them. Dudian’s hair was scattered, and his face was covered in blood. But those pairs of cold eyes were preying on them. All of them kept their silence.

One of the men who had a strong physique clenched his teeth as he screams: “Boss, he is on your left, close to the wall.”

Fatty turned to left and moved towards Dudian’s direction.

Dudian’s eyes were cold as he dragged his body towards the sturdy youth who leaked his location.

“Come here, come at me!” The person with the strong physique showed a trace of fright on his face as he saw Dudian scurrying to him.

Fatty rushed down the source of the sound.

Dudian saw that the others were hesitating and were about to join the forces against him. Dudian’s voice echoed: “Do you guys want to follow a waste? Piss off if you don’t want to die!”

The others who heard Dudian’s words immediately went to avoid him.

Only the stout youth stood there, but his face was ugly: “You bastards! If the boss dies, he will come after us eventually!”

The others heard him, but didn’t respond.

The youth immediately understood their intentions. He cursed in his heart as he runs to the left to avoid a head-on clash with Dudian.

The cell was big. Although the youth was physically fit and strong after all, he was only an ordinary civilian criminal. So he was quickly forced to a corner by Dudian.

“Boss, here boss! He’s after me!” The youth cried in horror.

Fatty roared and rushed over.

Dudian lifted his left hand and slowly moved towards the youth.

The sturdy youth was retreating, but he changed his direction as he lifted his fist and punched towards Dudian’s shoulder blade.
Dudian was intentionally moving. Slowly waiting for this moment. He grabbed onto the youth’s wrist, pulled him and turned towards the fatty who was running to them.

The sturdy youth resisted strongly, but unexpectedly the kind who was strangling him was as strong as steel. Moreover, Dudian was a head shorter than him, which made him feel horrified.

However, the sturdy youth responded very fast. He quickly raised his hand to attack Dudian’s other shoulder blade.

Dudian wasn’t going to stop, but he was unable to lift his right hand. He saw the youth squat and try to attack again. Moreover, the youth screamed: “Boss!”

Fatty had reached them and punched out. Dudian used the same tactic as the sturdy youth used seconds ago.


Sturdy youth spewed blood as hit the wall. His face was in pain as he said: “Boss you hit me! He squatted down!”

Fatty squatted and waved his arms to catch Dudian.

However, Dudian had long rolled away. He was similar to a cat as he had quietly reached another place.

Fatty waved his hands but didn’t find Dudian. He shouted in anger: “Where did he go?”

The youth who was hit by the fatty began to run around while giving him advice.

Dudian was extremely gloomy as he changed directions to hide from the Fatty’s clutches. His body was in pain, and his legs trembled.

The others who saw the youth who was accidentally hit by the fatty also began to run around the cell. These footsteps seriously interfered with fatty’s hearing.

Fatty was getting impatient as he hadn’t found Dudian yet. He suddenly roared and turned towards the sturdy youth: “Are you playing with me? Do you want to harm me?” He lifted his fist and punched out.

The sturdy youth shouted in panic.: “No boss! I did not!”

Bang! Bang! One of Fatty’s fists punched onto the bridge of the youth’s nose while the other hit his head. The youth fainted on the spot.

The others who observed this stopped, afraid to make any sound.


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