DK – Ch 145

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The Dark King – Chapter 145

Who is stupid?

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


As he heard the jailer talk, fatty’s face changed. He was already planning to rob Dudian’s allocated food and make the others attack him in turns to deplete his strength and spirit. However, Fatty didn’t expect that the prison guards would come with such an extravagant game today.

There was ruthlessness in fatty’s eyes. He was not afraid of those two prison guards, let alone a scared child.

“Let’s start,” said the prison guard: “If there is no winner today, both of you will get nothing to eat.”

Fatty took a deep breath and slowly stood up from the mat. Although his foot was bitten and ached when it came to facing a real fight he was able to hold back. Step by step he went towards Dudian.

Dudian was leaning against the iron cage while his body was full of dull aches. His brows wrinkled as he saw Fatty slowly approach him. He looked at the prison guard: “Can I throw the towel?”

The prison guard smiled: “Little guy, you better don’t disappoint me as everyone is looking at us. Don’t be worried this piggy can’t kill you. We are the only one who can decide who lives and who dies in here!”

Fatty clenched his fists and grinned: “Boy, you should beg for mercy. Laozi may beat you a bit less in that case.”

Dudian sighed and murmured: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a stupid offspring like you.”

“You seek death!” Fatty’s eyes were full of anger, but he wasn’t affected by Dudian’s words. He knew that in prison people could play roles to injure the others. It was a harsh environment. He took a deep breath and punched out as he aimed at Dudian’s shoulder injury. It was faint as fatty loosened his arm and raised his foot to kick the next moment.


Because of the speed and momentum of his kick wind whistled.

Dudian coldly stared at him as if a tiger was crouched down waiting for its prey. He lifted his arms slightly as he looked at fatty’s foot.

Fatty saw Dudian lift his arms, so he retracted his foot. It was another feint!

Dudian’s arms also fell.

Fatty sneered in his heart in disdain.: “You want to fight with me?” He raised his foot again.

Dudian saw fatty lift his foot, he also slightly raised his arm.

Fatty again took back his foot.

Fatty walked a few steps while at it continued to raise his foot and made a feint again.

Fatty made seven or eight times feints. None of them knew when the other one was going to go for a real attack. The advantage of feints was to consume Dudian’s physical and mental energy. Fatty was patient.

When a person is unguarded and unprepared, then the damage is the most.

“Piggy, do you know how to fight? Ah!”

“The kid is so small. Piggy do you even have the balls?”

The people from the other cells began to ridicule Fatty. But the main point for them was to curse the cunning fatty. He was very foxy while dealing with an injured kid.

Fatty was not affected by the other’s mockery. However, his face was exasperated. Almost everyone from the other cells thought that fatty was going to attack this time. So when they saw another feint, all of them lost temper as they felt bored.

He lifted his foot and feinted for another seven or eight consecutive times.

Dudian’s breathing got heavier with each of Fatty’s feints. Someone he seemed too lazy to defend against fatty’s attack as he didn’t even raise his arm.

Fatty again raised his leg similar to previous postures he had taken.

There was small killing intent exposed in his eyes.

Everyone thought that this is another feint. However, this time it wasn’t as the kick swept directly towards Dudian’s shoulder.

Dudian who seemed out of it suddenly raised his arms as fast as lightning. He accurately grasped onto fatty’s leg as if he was an eagle and his hands were claws. The moment he grabbed onto his leg, he suddenly pulled it towards the iron pillars.

None of them had noticed when Dudian’s arms were already out of the iron pillars.

This out-of-nowhere pull brought Fatty’s leg out of the steel column and imbalanced his body as he fell to the ground.

Because of spikes nailed to his arms earlier on, Dudian’s was in pain as he moved his arms. He clenched his teeth to bear the pain. The next moment, he jumped onto fatty’s body and seized his hair.

Originally because of steel spikes pierced and taken out from slightly under his shoulder blades, he wasn’t able to move his arms. But Dudian found out that he would still be able to exert strength with his left arm. So he was relying on the strength of his left hand the most!

Because of absorption of cold crystals his left arm didn’t perceive touch or pain. Although the activities of internal muscles affected, his shoulder blade’s injury the left arm still had the power.

However, he knew that he must seize the opportunity at all costs. He bites the pain and broke out all of his power.

Bang! Dudian fiercely knocked Fatty’s head onto the ground. It almost split, and Fatty almost fainted. Although Fatty had done a lot of bad things, it doesn’t mean that he had suffered great pain.

Dudian gritted Fatty’s hair and his fingers poked onto his face.

Puff! Pop! His left index finger and middle finger had deeply inserted into Fatty’s eyes at the same time. Both eyes were squeezed out.

“Ah! Ah!”

Fatty went crazy as he screamed and raised his arms to wave around casually.

Bang! Fatty’s punch hit Dudian’s flank affecting his previous injury caused by the torture. Dudian saw that he had successfully blinded him, so he released his fingers and backed away.

Now he had the initiative to attack.


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  1. Actually still wondering how you can have a fat guy in a prison where they are constantly underfed. Unless it’s ‘fatness’ from malnutrition it doesn’t make any sense.

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