DK – Ch 144

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The Dark King – Chapter 144

Little game

We may have a mass release tonight… Maybe…

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Fatty who was clutching his hurt thigh cursed: “Break his legs and arms. Make him disabled, ah! Let’s see how he will fight back then!”

The man clutching his abdomen spoke with hesitation: “That little devil is too strong, unlike normal people. Should we wait for a few days for him to weaken in hunger and waste him later on?”

Fatty frowned and cursed in anger: “Damn it, damn it!”. Although he was cursed out loud, he didn’t force people to siege Dudian. The latter had made him feel shocked. Normally, when a person who was pierced by the spikes, they would be like a dead and obedient dog. No matter how rebellious they had been before, they would have no ability or strength to resist. This little devil was very strange. He didn’t have strength to stand up when he was thrown into the cell, but now he acted like a crazy beast.

Moreover, he had first-hand experience on Dudian’s strength. He thought that if the spikes were not used on him, then he may not be this kid’s opponent at all.

“Don’t let him breathe! This little devil should be a hunter or some high-level knight.” Although Fatty’s face was ugly, his mind was very sharp: “For next twenty-four hours attack him in turns. Don’t let him sleep. I don’t believe he won’t collapse and break-up.”

“Pig, stop it!” A voice echoed from the next cell.: “The kid has good potential.”

Fatty’s face sank: “Scar, it’s not like I don’t want to give you face. But I have already offended the kid. If he gets better after a few days, there is no good future waiting for me. I must scrap him!”

“I promise you. He will not provoke you later.”The burly youth frowned.

Fatty sneered: “After he gets well and wants to get his revenge you may not be able to pull him off. This decision is not open for a discussion. Don’t continue to persuade me as I don’t want to turn against you.”

The burly youth’s face was gloomy as he deeply looked at Fatty, but he didn’t say anything.

“Why are you guys stunned? I said, don’t give him a chance to breathe!” Fatty roared in anger.

The other hesitated, but still came forward as a percussion, to threaten Dudian. They want to keep him as tense as possible.

Dudian looked at the figures get close to him as his body was shaking. Previously, when he was tortured, he had a large amount of blood loss. His vision was blurred. He raised his hands and made an attack posture while waiting for his physical strength to restore.

The clever prisoner saw that Dudian was like a futile, empty shelf. A few made deliberate postures to trick Dudian and suddenly attacked with a kick.

Dudian was caught off guard, and the kick hit his arm. As a result, he fell to the ground.

The others who saw this also used the same technique. The used constant feints and occasionally made sudden attacks.

This happened several times. The clever one managed to kick Dudian’s neck.

Dudian who seemed to have forsaken resistance suddenly raised his arm and caught that person’s feet. He lifted his other arm and slammed onto his knee.

*Kacha* The sound of bone fracturing resounded. The clever youth’s mouth issued a pig-like screaming as he howled in pain.

The others began to attack Dudian in a hurry to force him to let go.

Dudian didn’t continue to brace and loosened his hand as he leaned his back against the cage. He took big breaths. In comparison to his previous state, he was barely able to bear the pain. The human instincts would gradually adapt.

“Ah, ah, ah … …” the others dragged back the person who was injured by Dudian. He was screaming out in pain. His leg was protruding in the opposite direction.

Fatty who saw this his face changed. He looked at Dudian and spoke in cold tone: “Good boy. Tenacious!”

Dudian stared back at him and did not speak.

The others began to help the young man to deal with his injured leg. They were adjusting the bones so for a time Dudian was ignored.

The people checking out the scene from the other cells knew that the entertainment had ended. The show was done.

“It’s boring.”

“Pig is a trash who can’t handle a kid. ”

“Piggy if you don’t kill the kid, you will be the one to die. ”

“I can’t imagine how evil he is to be thrown into Thorn Flower at his age.”

Fatty heard the words coming from other cells, but he didn’t continue to rush out in anger. He didn’t expect the new kid to be full of tricks. He chose to wait.

A few hours later, the two guards opened the door and put down two pieces of wood onto stairs. They rolled down the cart and pushed it through the promenade. “It’s time to eat, garbages!”

The laughter and noises coming from cells have silenced the instant the prison guard’s voice echoed out.

The other jailer took out a piece of dark bread and threw into each cage.

“Sir, we seem to have less today.” One of the prisoners said.

The jailer who was distributing the bread bent over towards the cage and said: “The next time you will get much less.”

The prisoner seemed to realize something as he shook his head. “It’s a lot, a lot!”

“Give that back to me!” The prison guard screamed as he came towards the cell.

The man’s face turned ugly, but still gave back the bread in his hand.

The jailer picked up the bread and spit on the floor. He threw it onto the ground outside the cage, raised his toe and stomped on it. He twisted back and forth until the bread was flat. The prison guard sneered.: “Trash!”

A moment later, the cart came to Dudian’s cage.

One of the prison guards saw Dudian and leaned against the cage: “The little devil’s habit has kept him alive. The pig hasn’t been able to cool you down.” He had an easy tone as he spoke. It was like he was talking to an old acquaintance.

Dudian’s head was down and did not say anything.

The other guard saw Dudian and smiled: “Today, I heard that there was a new kid who made a guard disabled. Is this the little kid who did that?”

The previous guard laughed: “Yes. But he was unlucky because of his stupidity. Didn’t he know that the first thing is to nail the spikes? He will lie in bed for six months, and his wife is going to be lonely.”

The other guard laughed as he heard him talk.

The prison guard turned back and said: “Do you want to see a show?”

The other people who were eating black bread in their cages heard the jailer’s speech and raised their heads. One of the took the lead as he shouted: “Yes!”

The other prisoners did not lag behind and responded swiftly.

The jailer listened to echoes coming from all the cages. He took out two pieces of black bread from the card and looked at Dudian’s cage: “Let’s play a little game. Piggy! Piggy, you are going to play against this little devil. Whoever wins will get two pieces of bread for today and tomorrow. Whoever loses will eat soil!”


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  1. I rlly want him kill that &%$# Jenny and her father.And don’t forget about these guys who framed him.I want him take one bloody revenge.After that probably he should join Dark church and destroy holy church.It’s sounds good but probably it will take another 1000 chapters.Artist will develop some useless characters to prolong the story after that he lose ideas then he will end the story.Anyway this story is nice.
    Thank’s for chapters.I am waiting for next 2 Hehe.

  2. Actually, they are making a huge mistake.

    As the fatty had said that if Dudian can get some rest, he will be coming back for revenge. Had they attacked him all day and night. No matter how many of them died, eventually died would black out. Then they could have killed him.

    But now they let him remain alone in his corner.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. PumpKing Nope I dont think that is it he got stabbed by that poingy iron thingy and got too much beating even its mid hunter body its needs at least week to recover

  4. hmm cant wait for the next chapters, love revenge hope it pays out big time. For now Dudian needs to survive and change.

  5. Hmmm… I kinda don’t like this arc. *sigh* But of course, what should be done, must be done.

    Anyways, Thanks a lot MadSnail =) !!!

  6. I really don’t like these arcs, not because of the content but because the situation is to forced to begin with. He could have easily talked his way out of it, especially if he knew the law. You just mention the church or what ever, then it’s not a law problem but a holy one.

    On the other hand I really like it when the MC is actually in danger and something bad happens to him. It creates a sense of unease and not like other novels where fights are a joke because the MCs never lose anything to anyone.

  7. I’m curious. Wasn’t hunter suppose to be way stronger than normal human + they have abilities similar to the mutated beast outside the wall. Howcome this criminals seems to overpower dudian in some aspects and seems to not fear him. I know i know dudian is tortured and shit but the way this prisoners speak was kinda indicating that they are used to dealing with hunters and high level knights… so heres the question, are this guys superhuman themselves?

  8. Thank you for translating this series, plz if the book doesn’t bother you, continue translating. While these things are a bit nauseating and while i don’t know how this book will turn out (hopefully good) i do hope you will let us find out if this book really is good. so don’t worry about what other people gripe about. 🙂

  9. A lot of people want Jenny dead, I don’t. I want her to realize her mistakes, see the situation in the jail(after dean scapes or som) and then wallow in sadness and heartbreak. Break down emotionally and suffer. Death is to quick, it’s better if her heart slowly breaks and she suffers through the ordeal, it’s better hehe. But I can’t hate her really, she’s the same age as dean, and she’s a pampered girl so it’s not like she has any other knowledge besides “praise god of light” and “judges are never wrong” bullshit lol.

    1. I don’t want her dead. I want Jenny and her father put in the same jail! It is much better punishment than just simply killing them.

  10. Hmm….rebuild human civilization I think the best road is to build from scratch. Hard to try and change the foundation of what’s already there for 100+ years best to just destroy it all and build from scratch.

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