DK – Ch 143

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The Dark King – Chapter 143


Way toooooooo much drama on yesterday’s comments. Don’t forget that the story happens in medieval settings and moreover stuff that ALMOST happened there is a daily occurrence in many parts of the world every day even in modern world that we live.

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The fatty stifled as he heard Dudian talk. He sneered as he looked at the juvenile with stubbed eyes: “I’ll break your teeth. First, let’s see how you bite then…”

Dudian’s face changed.

“Are you stunned? Come over and hold him!” the fatty shouted as he turned back.

A few figures came out of the darkness of the cage. They laughed and sneered as they came closer.

“This little devil should be strong!”

“It’s going to be exciting as we play with him!”

“Don’t struggle kid. I’ll make you happy!”

Bursts of laughter echoed from the cage next door.

Some of them said: “Pig, don’t overdo anything. We also want to play with him!”

“It’s rare for such a tender-skinned meat piece to come in here. The cheap pig is lucky!”

“If I had known there would be a newcomer, I would have killed a person or two so that he would be put in my cell.”

Dudian’s looked at the approaching figures. They stink with the smell of urine. His heart was nauseous, but he clenched his teeth and struggled to stand up. His body was almost cramped after a little action. He was almost going to lose his consciousness.

However, because of laughter from surrounding cells and from approaching people, his heart was in panic but also angry. There was a deep helplessness and sorrow feeling. He clenched his fists as he growled: “Don’t come!”

As his roar echoed, it only increased the laughter of the others.

His spine was tightly touching to the cage. He wanted to escape, but there was nowhere to go.

What is desperation?

He had the urge to survive even when facing the beasts face to face.

But at this moment, despair had inflicted deep into marrows of his bones.

At this time one of the figures was getting closer to him grabbed his arm and shoulder.

Dudian was frightened as if he was a beast in the corner. He growled in anger and raised his fist to punch. As his arm was lifted the handcuff’s chains rattled. The pain burst out from his shoulder blades, almost fainting him.

Bang! Dudian’s fist hit the slim figure who had grabbed his arm into his chest. He made a few steps back and almost fell. He kept rubbing his chest to relieve pain.

Because of the sudden counterattack, the other people froze up for a moment.

The cells next to the were silent for a moment, but afterward waves of laughter followed.

“Little devil has a bit of strength, ah! ”

“So there is the strength to fight back an injury, Gee.

“Pig, your men, are too weak! They can’t even fight with a kid! ”

“Ha ha … …”

Fatty and his people had ugly faces as they heard the sounds of laughs from the other cells.

“Damn! Strip his pants. I will get him dry! ” Fatty shouted in anger.

The others immediately stepped forward.

Dudian began to scream and randomly hit out punches as he saw people try to approach again.

They stopped for a moment, but one of the bold ones tried to catch Dudian’s fist. But after just a touch he was against to find that this little kid’s power was beyond his imagination. His arm was numb as he quickly retreated.

Fatty saw that the other were afraid to get close to Dudian. So he took the opportunity and approached him to kick Dudian in the chest.

Bang! Dudian issued a muffled sound as his body hit the back of the cage.

Fatty moved forward to kick fiercely in Dudian’s chest while he cried out: “You are stubborn?! Alright, then let’s see how long you are going to be stubborn.”

However, the moment his feet swing to hit Dudian he screamed out in pain as Dudian had wrapped his feet like a vicious beast and bite on.

Fatty was in a hurry to get his leg out of Dudian’s wrap as the other side teeth were pulling out his flesh. In pain and anger, he raised his fists to hit Dudian in the head.

Dudian almost lost his consciousness because of fatty’s punches, but there was only one thought in his mind. “Never relent! I got to stay alive!”

Bang! Bang!

Fatty saw that his punches didn’t have any effect on Dudian.

“Faster, help me and pull him ” Fatty roared out to the others as he was soaked in cold sweat because of pain.

The other reacted and pulled Dudian’s hands and feet. One of them was clever enough to kick Dudian’s wound where his flesh was pierced.

Because of sharp pain, Dudian loosened his arms. Fatty took advantage of the opportunity and withdrew his feet. His thigh had clear bite marks. The flesh was almost bitten off by Dudian.

He growled in pain and sat onto the mat. He shouted at his minions: “Hit him! Severely! I want him dead!”

The others who heard his orders immediately began to punch Dudian.

Dudian felt like he had been thrown into a mixer (fruit blender). There was a steady stream of punches impacting his body.

“Perhaps if I bow down there won’t be pain any longer?”, a thought passed through his mind.

“Do not revolt, do not resist, or you will die … …” A voice constantly was whispering in his mind.

Dudian didn’t know how long the punching continued, but finally it seems they were tired as they heavily threw him to the ground. After the constant punches had been stopped, he felt like the world calmed down.

He was relieved and wanted to lay down like this for a while.

However, the world was coherent and not as good as he thought it is. Once a person falls there will be someone to step on him.

Hands grasped from his waist as if carrying a weak sandbag.

He was confused, but his mind woke up in time.

Although he couldn’t see, he realized what kind of position this was!

“Do not revolt! It won’t be too painful … …” a voice was persuading in his mind.

Bear it?

He thought that even if he can endure such a thing. But what about giving up on his self?

Many thoughts flashed pass in his mind. He hissed and wriggled. He raised his left arm, turned over and waved it past.

Bang! He punched the shadow on the abdomen. The hand grabbed him immediately released.

Dudian stood up and clenched his fist and roared!

“Ah ah ah ah -”

The roar echoed through the cell!

The person who was hit in the abdomen was about to rush and grab onto Dudian but stopped the moment he heard Dudian roar. It was as if the members of some beast clan were fighting. The echoing roar had intimidated him.

The laughter’s coming from the other cells were overshadowed by the sound of the roar.

All the people looking at the young and thin kid couldn’t help but put away the contempt for him.

There was a silence in the cell.

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  1. Wait? Is this a normal people’s jail? Did they not account for him being a hunter? Granted Dudian is stronger than your beginner hunter.

    Is there no jails specifically made to hold hunters? Not even at least scavengers? Well, they are imbeciles. They should just have killed Dudian, without Jenny finding out, but then again they did try multiple times over.

    Yet they failed.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Re: drama… Seriously guys, this isn’t The Rainbow King or The Glitter Unicorn King. It’s called The Dark King for a (damn good) reason.

  3. Drama. LOL.

    Yeah. People reacted rather funny. At times I feel that most of their experience in life comes from TV or from novels.

  4. Is it because he’s weakened? Or are these guys hunters? Bc a punch from dean should’ve fucked them up. I Like this tho, my emotions are running wild.

  5. Come on tl you know this is a drama novel, ofc there will be drama in the comments aswel, Thanks for the chapter!

    …Hope dudian becomes the prison king or something, and then make a motin.

  6. Yeah if he fought so desperately before he became so miserable maybe he wouldn’t be in this stupid situation… I guess he only fights so desperately when his bums cherry is on the line ^_^

  7. Most people are not complaining about the dark elements of the story. They are complaining about the cringy romance and horrible writing. While I do like the concept of him falling in love, willing to give up his ideal, then get betrayed and turning to the dark side, the writing and execution just felt lazy and rushed. So I felt that people that have complained made some good points and just respond to their argument with a “you read too many positive novels so you are not used to this dark edgy content” is cringy.

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