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The Dark King – Chapter 141

Fish and bird.

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian looked at him, but didn’t say anything as he slowly went into the cage.

The whole carriage was made of extremely strong steel. Even with his current power, it would be difficult to break open.

The middle-aged man was bored as he saw that Dudian didn’t resist. He locked the cage and jumped to sit in front. The coachman was wearing the same armor: “He’s better than the ones sent in the past.”

“So young, but so good at scheming. He dared to get his hands on an aristocratic lady. He is just a frog in the well!”

“Ridiculous! He dreams of stepping up! Ha! ”

“It’s alright, though! It’s been a long time that new stuff has not been passed over. The brothers are itchy!”

“This kind of tender skin is the most popular. ”

“Still a young child, ha ha…”

The two talked and laughed as the carriage drove away. There were four apprentice knights escorting them.

Dudian sat cross-legged as he looked at the scenery. After leaving the castle, they went through the desolate radiation zone. Along the way, they encountered occasional beast attacks, but the apprentice knights easily beheaded them.

After they had passed the inspection by the border fortress, they came to a remote wilderness.

The carriage stopped in front of the prison, the middle-aged man opened the cage and said, “Come down.”

Dudian jumped out of the carriage and said, “I’m going to appeal.”

“You can only groan.” the middle-aged sneered: “Do you think you will have the opportunity to do anything? No one will hear you! The decision has been passed down, and you won’t have a chance to stand up. If you want to blame, then blame that you were born poor. It was alright that you were a hunter and earned some wealth through the consortium. But why did you go and get involved with a noble lady?”

Dudian coldly stared at him: “You are not a warden, right?

The middle-aged sneered: “Do you think the governor would personally see you so that you can complain? You don’t have the right kid! You are just a trainee in the magistrate, but nothing else. Do you think you could bluff using that? ”

Dudian took a deep breath and clenched his fingers: “Thank you for your teachings.” Then suddenly he punched the man’s face.

Bang! The man’s nose got fractured, and the blood spewed out as he fell.

All of them were stunned because of the sudden attack as no one had expected it. Dudian even dare to attack in front of the prison.

The middle-aged man covered his face with one hand to stop the blood. He was angry and madly looked at Dudian. His body was shivering as he screamed: “Kill him!”

The apprentice knights pulled out their weapons. They had spears and swords.

However, Dudian didn’t act the way they had imagined… Instead, he turned and ran! He ran to the prison while shouting in a high-pitched voice: “They want to kill me!”

Because of the sound, many people rushed out from the prison.


The prison door opened and seven or eight people ran out. A woman wearing glasses led them. She saw that knights were about to attack Dudian, so she had ordered them to stop.

The apprentice knights stopped and looked at each other.

Dudian immediately ran to the woman: “They have been bribed to kill me. I want to appeal! Are you the warden?”

The woman looked at him and frowned: “I am the judge’s secretary. You have the right to appeal. I can help you, but I don’t know if it is going to be approved.”

“Thank you! Thank you very much!” said Dudian.

The middle-aged man came over as his hand clutched over his nose. His face was ugly as his eyes locked onto Dudian. In anger and with killing intent, he said to the woman: “Miss Secretary, this wicked villain attacked us and obviously wanted to escape. He even attacked the prison guards. He should be executed!”

The woman’s face sank as she said in a cold tone: “Look at your embarrassed look. Disgraceful. Also, be careful and attentive of what you say. We are only responsible for keeping the prisoners. We don’t have the right to kill them. Don’t talk nonsense!”

The middle-aged people knew his tongue slipped, so his face immediately changed as he bowed: “Yes.”

The woman turned towards Dudian: “From now on you are being held in custody. If you repeat such a thing again, no matter the reason, it will not be tolerated!”

Duddian nodded in a very serious manner.

The woman saw his expression as she turned towards the middle-aged man: “Send him inside, but you won’t be responsible for monitoring him. I will arrange someone else and send the person over.” Finished she turned away and left.

After she left, the middle-aged man turned around and fiercely looked at Dudian. He spoke in a low voice: “Little devil, don’t think that you have escaped from my clutches. As long as I’m here, you will die!”

Dudian replied in a cold manner: “Aren’t you going to lead the way?”

The middle-aged man clenched his fists in anger, but still holds on to his nerves as he stepped forward and led the way.

Detention House, a luxury office.

“Oh, this kid turned out to be a hunter.” A clean shaved bald man sat in the chair while the secretary from before handed him out a document. He skimmed through the information.: “A hunter from the Mellon Consortium had committed theft? Funny… Funny… Moreover, the Mellon Consortium also supports his imprisonment… Interesting, they are ready to cut down their cash cow. It’s the first time something like this happens. Now contact the Mellon Consortium about this matter and check their heartbeat to see how they react.”

The warden’s secretary was puzzled: “What about the appeal?

“If the Mellon Consortium wants to kill him, then we have to give them some face. Of course, it won’t be cheap. It’s a good opportunity, and we got to take hold of it.” There are joy and happiness in the bald man’s eyes: “Moreover, this matter should be useful for our consortium too. ”

“I know.” Secretary nodded.

Dudian sat in an independent cell as he waited quietly.

“I don’t know if that the middle-aged man has informed the Mellon consortium about the news.” Dudian was worried, “I must think of alternate ways to get out. As long as I get the opportunity to complain, then I’ll have a chance to prove that I was wronged. ”

“Unfortunately, there is no one with a little bit of background who could bail me out. ”

“However, the people with that level of power would collapse after being pressured by the Mellon consortium.”

“I don’t know how Jura and Gray will be affected as they were involved in my upbringing. ”

“Damn it!”

He couldn’t think of anything. He was angry, but at the same time, there was a trace of fear.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

He didn’t get anything but water and break in these three days. He knew that the person responsible for looking after him was someone else but that the middle-aged mad could buy him off for a silver coin. At the end of a day, he was a prisoner.

However, the worries in his heart increased as in the last three days there was little movement.

“There should be no hope of appeal … …” Dudian looked at the dim light shining from the window. There was desolation in his heart. But despair and anger were lurking around making him crazy. “The only option is a jailbreak. Otherwise, I’ll be trapped in this dungeon and die here. There is only suffering and humiliation in here.”

“If I escape, I won’t be able to live in the light, but the darkness is the only choice. ”

“In that case, I’ll never see aunt Jura, I can’t see Mason and the others. Also, I can’t see… her!”

Dudian was sad, but his instinct of survival inspired and increased his determination to live. He began to seriously think about methods that could get him out of here.

Another two days passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, the cage suddenly opened.

A familiar smell drifted into his nose. He was a bit surprised.

“Dean!” a sweet trembling voice echoed: “You, How did you become like this? ”

Dudian was startled when he heard the voice. His eyes were wide open as he saw Jenny wearing a white skirt standing on the other side of the cage. Her white fingers were grabbing onto the thick steel pillars of the cage.

Dudian stared at her almost doubting his eyes. He thought that he saw an illusion because of hunger.: “Jen…Jenny, how did you come here?”

“My father sent me over. Did they abuse you?” Jenny’s eyes were red.

Dudian hurried up and grabbed her hand. He spoke in excited: “Are you alright? Your father didn’t hurt you, right? ”

Jenny immediately broke free from his hand and backed away a few steps. She rubbed off the tears on her eyes. : “Why would my father want to hurt me? I just wanted to ask you. Why? Why did you want to steal?”

Dudian was startled. His blood was boiling up because of meeting her, but he suddenly calmed down. The coldness invaded his heart as a piercing pain walloped him. His heart was bitter as he thought: “Of course he won’t hurt you. You are his baby daughter. Why should I worry about that?”

He looked at the white girl: “Do you believe that I will steal something?”

Jenny clenched her teeth: “The evidence has been conclusive. They have found the Milan family’s Longshan (Dragon Mountain) Ruby in your safe. It is one of the three treasures of Milan house. There is no second identical piece. Why did you do something like that?”

“If I say that I never knew about the existence of the Milan family and had never seen the ruby that you were talking about. Would you believe it?” said Dudian. He clutched onto iron pillars as his body trembled.

“Why do you have to lie to me!” Tears flew down Jenny’s eyes: “I have inquired about everything. I know all the truth regarding this matter. Why do you want to lie to me now?!”

Dudian was full of bitterness: “I never cheated you. It is done by your father who wants to break us up. He deliberately framed me. Why don’t you want to believe me? Why are you acting like this, as if you are alien to my character after the year that we have spent together?”

Jennifer crouched down: “At first I also thought so, but I asked the people of the Milan family. Two months ago Miss Milan had invited you to their house for a visit. At that time, I again thought that you wouldn’t something like that. Even when they said that a ruby was found in a safe at your house, I still believe that someone else has framed you!”

“But the deacon took the case and personally investigated it, he had confirmed that you had stolen the ruby! ”

Dudian suddenly understood everything. No wonder there was no interrogation and the order to capture him was released so easily. It was a deacon level judge who had accepted the case and made the investigation.

However, even though the whole world was against him, he was aware that he had never seen that Milan family’s Miss. All of this was fictitious. He was being framed!

“Your father should also buy this deacon,” Dudian said in a sullen tone.

Jenny raised her head in anger, “You must utter a word about my father!”

Tears almost fell down Dudian’s eyes: “Do you believe your father?”

Jenny replied: “You may not understand this. Although the Burong family is very large, but bribing a deacon is absolutely impossible! The judges are pure, noble and aren’t confounded by money. The deacon has never had contact with us. So he has no reason to slander you!”

“No one is going to be tempted by the money. Not even the judge and magistrate, not even the Knights of Light from the Holy Church,” he said.

Jennifer looked up at him. She rubbed off the tears. Her expression slowly calmed down: “It’s all because you are a thief! You love money, so you think everyone loves it too! The book of light says that in the eyes of despicable everyone is despicable and in noble eyes, everyone is noble!”

Dudian firmly held onto iron pillars: “If you no longer believe me then why have you come here?”

Jenny’s body trembled: “I just want to hear you admit your sins. As long as you admit, I won’t care about anything. I will still be with you. I can forgive your crime. But you are still obsessed. You even try to frame my father. Moreover, you are slandering the deacon to cover your crimes. I am really… disappointed with you!”

“Disappointed?” Dudian laughed as tears slid down his face. “You’d rather believe an outsider, a deacon at the magistrate than trust me. You’re right. I’m guilty. I’m too silly and too naïve to think that we can break the shackles of the system. An aristocratic lady and a common man’s love! My sin is that I am too self-righteous in believing, that you can follow me to the ends of the earth!

“Even if they fall in love, bird and fish cannot be together!

Suddenly, the door was pushed open as a stalwart middle-aged man entered. He had the extraordinary temperament and was full of dignity as he said to Jenny: “Child, let’s go back!”

Dudian looked up at the man with eyes full of resentment: “If you want to break us up why not do it openly? You could give me a request, a target! If I couldn’t do it, I would leave. Why? Why do you use such underhanded means?”

“It’s enough!” Jennie interrupted Dudian’s words and looked at him bitterly. “Why do you refuse to admit that you have been wronged? Until now, I had to shout at my father! If a man is innocent, who can get you wronged? Is the entire consortium corrupted? I asked, your magic ability is tracking by smell, right?”

Dudian stared at her.

“You knew about my identity at the first encounter, right? You had used your sense of smell time and time to arrange coincidences to get close to me deliberately! The time when you sent me back at rainy night and later accompanied me to attend the examinations…And over and over again! It was all deliberately done by you to get close to me…”

Jenny continued, “Even if I knew all of this, I still loved you. I loved the tone of your voice, and I loved your maturity. I knew that you were not disguised. But why? Why do still not admit it? Why did you want to be a thief?”

As he heard her speech, it felt like his heart was pierced by a dagger time and time again, suffocating him in pain.

He suddenly understood that when a person does not trust you, all your explanation seems like a lie to them! Hypocrisy!

If there is no unconditional trust, even if you do everything right, but wrong once then everything will crumble!

Is this love?

He looked at her and suddenly wanted to laugh.

For you, I was willing to give up everything, even my own ideals!

For you, I even give up myself, willing to live your favorite life.

Because your father’s calculations, I almost lost my life in the hunt!

At the end, I have become a bad person, a dirty thief!

Dudian felt ridiculous.

How ignorant he was! He should have understood earlier that there won’t be good results.

It was ridiculous to hope that with sincere treatment alone, he will be able to overcome all the difficulties.


Goodwill was all he had, but in return, he was framed.

He looked up and smiled. He began to laugh. He laughed so hard that couldn’t help but cough up!

The stalwart middle-aged man looked at Dudian indifferently and turned to Jenny and softly said: “Let’s go.”

Jennifer hesitantly said to the middle-aged man: “Father, will he be alright?”

Middle-aged man smiled and said: “It was just a theft. Although the value of the thing he had stolen is too expensive, I talked with the Milan family. Because of the help from our family, he will get commutation and will be released in three to five years. This approach is a bit illegal, but…I hope he will change for the better!”

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. She deeply looked at Dudian as she held back her tears and then turned away.

Instinctively, Dudian wanted to raise his hand to retain her. But he didn’t. He understood that some things once lost, wouldn’t be restored again.

He was silent as he stood alone in the cage.

He was like a cold and hard stone.

After two days, the formed middle-aged man who was wounded by Dudian pushed open the door. His nose was bandaged. He saw Dudian’s motionless body and jumped in fear. Soon he found that Dudian hadn’t hanged himself, so he was relieved.: “Brat, you scared the shit out of me.”

Dudian did not respond as if he hadn’t heard him talk.

The middle-aged man sneered. He took out a sheepskin scroll and said: “This is the notice sent by the magistrate. The ruling has come out.”

Dudian’s body slightly moved and he slowly raised his head. His eyes swept over the sheepskin and then moved to the middle-aged man’s face as his lips curled up into a smile.

Middle-aged man’s hair stood erect as he saw Dudian’s smile.

Sylvia Giant Wall Calendar. Year 305. ‘Black Snow Season’

13-year-old Dudian was escorted to the number one prison within the giant wall. Thorn Flower Prison! He was the youngest criminal to serve a sentence there in the last fifty years.

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