DK – Ch 140

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The Dark King – Chapter 140


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P.S: Some depressing chapters are going to appear soon…

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian carefully raised his right hand, and gently touched the burns.

“How could this be?” Dudian turned pale. Through his right hand, he could feel that his left arm’s temperature was extremely high. However, the left hand was unconscious. He didn’t feel anything at all.

“Impossible!” Dudian raised his left hand and hit the ground in anger.


A deep pit was made in the ground.

Dudian was stunned.

He lifted his left arm and tried to make a fist. Dudian saw that he could freely move his finger. When he wanted to make a fist, the fingers moved, and his palm covered. But he didn’t feel anything. Even when his fingers touched his palm, there was no feeling coming off.

It was very strange. Apparently, he could see the activities of his left hand. He could freely control it, but it happened so that his brain couldn’t control the nervous system of the left hand.

He calmed down as he looked at his left hand. He thought of the pit on the ground. He raised his hand and punched the stones next to him.


The stones crushed and turned into dust after a hit.

The stones were made of concrete and had long decayed. Originally, if Dudian wanted to crush them, it would be an easy feat. But now it felt that as if he didn’t face the stones’ reaction force. Like nothing was broken or crushed.

Dudian grabbed a stone with his right hand and clearly sense the touch. He increased the force of the grab, and the stone smashed.

He felt relieved. It seems that his left hand was not unconscious. It’s just his strength had indeed improved. Because of excessive power, he couldn’t feel the resistance.

Dudian took out the black bow, which was next to the other objects. It belonged to Brian, who was Linda’s younger brother. He pinched the bowstring. As soon as he pulled it the bowstring slammed open and almost popped in his face.

“It’s very light, whether I hold something or pull the bow string.” Dudian clenched his hands from both ends of the bow. He put a bit force, and the bow suddenly bent into a circle.

“My strength had enhanced more than double…” Dudian whispered in excitement. But as he checked the burns, his left hand the joy in his heart vanished, ” Although the strength has increased my left hand had turned into a vast. It seems his nerve system has gone through necrosis. Is there going to be other consequences? Moreover, because of no sense of touch, my grasp of power will be biased. I have to rely on my feelings.”

He sighed as he thought of the disadvantages.

He continued to look after his left hand to see if it would restore back to usual for some time. He temporarily put away the issue as he took out the dagger from the fire. It was burning red. Dudian pulled out a disinfectant and gauze from the first aid kit. He opened his belly armor and saw that the abdominal wound he got from the tall youth’s spear had resulted in rotten meat on its outer edges.
He clenched his teeth as he used to dagger to cut off little by little the rotten meat.

“Hiss!” The pain him go crazy. He held back tightly in his right hand. He thought of his left hand, which didn’t feel anything. It won’t be painful, so that it won’t tremble.

After a moment, anterior part of the abdomen where the rotten flesh existed was cut off and re-bandaged. However, the back part was done slowly. Operating in such circumstance was inconvenient. However, in the hunter course, they had gone through the course which taught them stuff like this in case an emergency occurred in the wilderness.

After a while, the wound on his abdomen cleared off the rotten flesh. He had put new gauze. It was time to clean his left thigh. The leggings given by the consortium had long been broken and tattered. There was a circle of teeth marks on his leg as if a row of black holes. The wound was completely rotten.

Dudian burned the dagger again to cut off the blocks of rotten flesh.

Ten minutes later, Dudian finished with bandaging the cleaned wounds. He was tired.

“I have to wait and get better before going back to the giant wall.” Dudian thought that recuperating outside the giant wall was not suitable. Nevertheless dragging his body back was extremely dangerous. Moreover, he may have to wait for some time before the underground passage opened, so it was better to be in better condition before he left to the giant wall.

Two weeks later.

Dudian thought about Peter, Mason and the others as he waited near the iron gate belonging to the passage owned by the Mellon Consortium near the area no 9. Once again, it opened, but Dudian didn’t expect that a hunter team would come out. Impressively, the female archer from the previous team was here.

The female archer should be assigned to a new team. She was surprised and stunned as she saw Dudian: “You!?”

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as a trace of killing intent flashed by. But he thought of her, the swordsman and the scout who didn’t help the captain to attack him. He didn’t say anything as he walked into the passage.

The other four team members who saw Dudian were surprised a little. There was no information that a rookie hunter would be here. However, they were relieved when they saw the Mellon consortium’s badge on Dudian’s armor. One of the team members asks the female archer: “Do you know him?”

She subconsciously nodded as she looked at Dudian who was getting closer to the gate they were by. She couldn’t help but touch the hilt of the dagger on her leg.

His height was lower that female archer’s his angle of sight was enough to see through her little trick. He looked up at her. As long as she dared to pull the dagger an inch, he would immediately take action.

However, the female archer touched the dagger not to attack but to defend. She was worried that Dudian hated her and would go for revenge. She knew that he was a newbie hunter, but his physical strength was not inferior to primary hunters. Moreover, Dudian was able to escape from an intermediate level knight and underwater beasts successfully. This made her heart tense.

Dudian saw that she didn’t have any intention to attack, so he passed by and went into the passage.

After Dudian had disappeared into the passage, a one-eyed hunter called out to female archer: “You seem to be afraid of him. He is just a newbie hunter. What’s the problem?”

She was relieved as she saw Dudian leave.: “We still have to find the monster that has leaked into area no 9 as soon as possible.”

The others saw that she avoided answering the question, so they didn’t ask anything anymore. They went forward to area no 9.

Dudian returned to the wall. By the rules, he once again was sent to be kept in place for the hunters.

“Will they find any problems with my left hand if they check it out?.” He had absorbed too many cold crystals. After all, one of the crystals was enough to freeze a human body. It seems he wasn’t able to digest all those cold crystals and his left arm ended up frozen. He didn’t know if his left arm is the same as an undead’s. This is what made him a little nervous.

Moreover, he knew that in was not feasible and logical to sneak into the commercial district. The inspection fortress on the border was extremely strict. In addition to the castle set up to check them, there was a barrier set up by the military.

If a hunter wanted to get into the commercial district, he had to get a qualified mark from the check ups. By this logo, he would be able to pass the border.

Dudian washed his body clean with the water, put on clean clothes and sit inside the cage to wait.

The next day, doctors came for a blood test.

Dudian was tense as he handed out his right hand.

The blood drops went into the bowl. There was another drop of blood in it. The moment Dudian’s blood was instilled inside the bowl, the other side didn’t move but stayed suspended in place. There was no mutual attraction.
Dudian’s heart was relieved as he saw this. He decided to wait for seven days to pass quietly.

“After returning to the commercial district I got to stay apart from the consortium’s hunters. I have to climb to the position of an official judge as soon as possible. In the future, I can even ascend to the position of deacon or bishop.” Dudian was planning his future while sitting aside.

On the fourth day, the cage opened again.

Dudian thought it was the hunters who were back, but instead he saw eight people came in. Four of them were armed apprentice knights of light. The other four were wearing strange armor. They came up to Dudian’s cage. A middle-aged man shouted: “Are you, Dean?”

Dudian was startled as he felt a trace of a headache coming: “You are?”

The middle-aged man continued: “I’m coming on behalf of the magistrate to arrest you because of ‘theft’!”

“Stealing?” Dudian was ignorant.

“You got it wrong. I haven’t stolen anything. I am a hunter, and I have just come back from the outside!” Dudian tried to explain himself.

The middle-aged man was impatient: “Little long–winded. You are going to prison!”

“Prison?” Dudian was angered: “There was no interrogation and investigation! Are you qualified to imprison me? ”

“If I say qualified then it means qualified.” The middle-aged man sneered.

Dudian heard and looked at him: “So, you do not arrest the order?”

The middle-aged man suddenly face sank: “Of course there is. It’s just we were afraid that you would run away so today we came to capture you! ” He waved to apprentice knight of light: “Open the door!”

The apprentice knight of light nodded. He pulled out the key and went to open the cage.

Dudian came to realize that he was in deep problem. He slowly stood up and went forward as the apprentice knight of light opened the door. He looked up at the middle-aged man: “You are from the Mellon Consortium. How come you are imposing charges on me?”

The middle-aged man frowned and shouted to the people next to him: “Get him!”

Dudian did not resist, but raised his hand out as he stared into middle-aged man’s eyes: “Even you have confirmed my guilt on your own you can’t capture me without an official arrest from a judge or probation officer. I still have the right to prosecute you because of ignoring judicial process and abusing the law!”

The middle-aged man raised his hand and gestured to that person to stop taking Dudian. He looked down at him who was about the age of his son. He didn’t expect that a child in the face of such a situation would be calm and retort back. He felt that it was going to be difficult to handle him this way. After a long silence, he said: “Boy, count yourself lucky!”

“Lucky? Ha” Dudian sneer.

The middle-aged man slightly frowned as he didn’t want to wrestle words with Dudian.: “You should wait for tomorrow when we came with an arrest to take you away. Look after yourself well!” Then he waved, gesturing the others to leave.

Apprentice knights of light and the man’s companions looked at each other. They didn’t think that they will be forced back by Dudian’s words. They felt useless and went back depressed.

Dudian looked at them leave, but didn’t feel any joy of victory. His heart was full of unspeakable anger and killing intent. He rapidly thought: “I have evidence that I was absent all the time and I haven’t stolen anything. Even if they have framed me maliciously, as they can perjure the facts, but the consortium is aware that I was outside. This can’t be concealed!”

He was at peace as he thought of this.

Another three days passed.

Dudian went out from the castle. His heart sank as he saw a caged carriage with few people were waiting for him. Moreover, the previous middle-aged man was present too.

“I had to be present in the cage for seven days. He came to arrest me, apparently he didn’t have an official order.” Dudian was thinking about what was about to happen and the ways out of it. In the last three days, he thought that something strange that he was not aware of had happened. ” He didn’t qualify to take the first time he came over. They couldn’t even take me to the prison in that state, according to the law.”

“He wasn’t planning to take me to prison at all but wanted to kill me in secret. So that the consortium would register my death as an occurrence out of the giant wall. There would not be even a trial. ”

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he saw middle-aged man rush over, “Now he dares to come so he should have an arrest order. But the trial did not interrogate me, how could he a warrant for arrest?”

The middle-aged man took out a warrant and said: “Child you are coming with me now!”

Dudian’s heart sank: “You are not timid at all as you have forged a warrant for arrest!”

The middle-aged man was surprised for a moment,: “Boy it is not forged. You will know when the time comes. If you dare to resist now, I have the right to kill you on the spot!”

Dudian was not planning to resist. In case he did so, he would become guilty even if he weren’t guilty at all. He would be included in the wanted list of the city. No one inside the walls would want to shelter him.

“Go on,” the middle-aged man opened the door of the cage as he spoke to Dudian.

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