DK – Ch 138

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The Dark King – Chapter 138

Hunting Dudian

This chapter was 3x the size of a usual chapter…

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Under the leadership of the young knight, they rapidly went through the rubble of the ruins. Along the way, they saw some new footprints that were the size of a bathing tub. It is hard to imagine what kind of a giant had passed by.

Dudian traced the smell of the footprint. Through his sensitive nose, he tracked the creature to twenty-five to thirty miles away from them. At the source, the smell was very rich, and it was moving very slowly.

The tall youth walked down to the opposite side of the footprints and stopped by the broken street.: “We will take a break now. Dudian comes over and looks at the map. You have to track the ghouls!”

Dudian heard the tall youth and looked up towards him.

The tall youth suddenly turned, pulled out his dagger and violently stabbed it at Dudian’s heart.

This sudden change shocked Dudian.


Dudian flew out and fell to the ground.

The tall youth was disappointed as he watched Dudian’s chest where the black armor was punctured, but… … it hadn’t taken Dudian’s life as it was extremely hard as if a layer of steel!

Female, archer, swordsman and the scout were completely stunned as a result of this sudden turn of events.

“Captain … …” the archer girl was ignorant about the happening situation.

Dudian was horrified. He unbelievable looked at the tall youth. The next moment, he thought of something as he quickly stood up, turned and ran!

This hunting mission was simply a pretext!

The hunting mission’s goal was not the ghouls, but him!

The tall youth saw Dudian running away and swiftly said to the rest of the team: “It’s consortium’s task to kill him! We must not let him get away!”

All three of them looked at each other, but didn’t move.

The tall youth refused to say anything more to them and quickly chased after Dudian. His initial plan was to successfully wound and kill Dudian on the spot and afterward slowly explain to the team why he acted so. But if the rookie hunter ran away from him, he would be the source of a big joke. Moreover, the people at the top would be angered.


The tall youth was running at full speed. Although he was a knight, his flexibility and speed were in no way inferior to archers and scouts.

Dudian felt that he was being overtaken more and more as time passed. He was panicking. There was no chance of winning if he faced an intermediate level hunter head on. He quickly threw away the backpack. Although there were bombs in the backpack, there was no time to ignite them. It has been just cumbersome.


Dudian frantically ran.


The sound of the rapid wind was coming from behind.

Dudian heard the sound and instinctively wanted to turn to check out. But alarm sounded in his mind and he didn’t turn back. He went to the side to hide.

Although he changed his direction to hide rapidly, he felt an anguish of pain from his back. It was as if he was hit by a truck. His body involuntarily stumbled, and he skids for several meters before coming to a stop.

At this time, Dudian saw the tall youth quickly approaching him.

“Uh ah ah ah … …” Dudian’s eyes were red as he endured the pain. He pulled out the spear that stabbed into his body from the back. The blood began to spew out and sputter onto the ground.

“Well!” The tall youth reached him and quickly kicked Dudian as not let him balance his body.

Dudian rolled but seized mud and dust with his hand and threw it to tall youth’s face.
The tall youth raised his hand to block the mud and dust. Dudian stood up and continued to run away.

“Damned boy!” The tall youth gritted his teeth and grabbed the spear from the ground. He aimed at running Dudian and threw away the spear.

Dudian clutched his abdominal wound and fought back the pain. Although he was injured and running, his mind concentrated at the back. He turned his face once in a while to check the tall youth. Dudian saw the other had picked up the spear and Dudian knew that he would shoot again. He endured the fear and continued to run along a straight path. However, with a sudden movement, he rolled towards sideways and hid.

He saw that a spear roared pass by him the moment he changed his direction.

Dudian was relieved, but he didn’t stop but continued to run towards the next street.

The tall youth was stunned as he didn’t think Dudian will change his direction at the last moment. He had seen Dudian foolishly run in a straight line so he thought the spear would be enough to kill him. His anger raised up as he understood that Dudian had deliberately misdirected him!

“Damn!” The tall youth reacted momentarily. He no longer went to grab the spear, but quickly came to the corner Dudian turned over.

Dudian felt an extreme abdominal pain. It seemed that blood was leaking from his body as he was running. It made him feel terrified. He tightly pressed over the wound.

At the same time, Dudian was flustered. He knew that the other side would catch up to him in a matter of minutes. Although the other side preferred to use the spear to kill him the distance between them was too close from the beginning. Dudian thought that getting rid of him seemed impossible.


The tall youth looked at the front where Dudian was running while clutching the side of his abdomen with his hand. The Tall youth was angry as Dudian’s speed was not usual for a newbie. Dudian was much faster than primary hunters and almost comparable to his speed.

Both of them run through the streets covered in moss, water, and mud. As the time passed, the tall youth was getting closer to Dudian.

Dudian sensed the smell and knew that there were three or four meters of distance between them. Dudian was already in the tall youth’s reach.

So far … …

Suddenly, he saw and was attracted by a puddle in front. It was a collapsed street filled with rainwater. The dark rotten materials were floating on it while the water was cloudy.

Dudian took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.

Splash! The sound of diving into a puddle echoed around.

The tall youth suddenly stopped as he grasped the air instead of Dudian’s body. He looked at the 7-8 meter long puddle. His eyes were gloomy as he whispered.: “Normally you would have at least a corpse after death. But this sewer should be full of monsters…”

He looked at the surface of the water and waited. Around ten seconds later the red colored blood floated up.

The first feeling was cold as Dudian dived head on into the puddle. It was deep, and he dived down, in fear that the youth will follow him down the puddle.

Dudian saw a black shadow swiftly swimming towards him. It didn’t make much water fluctuation as it swam.

Underwater Monster! Dudian’s pupils shrank as he remembered that the sewers were full of amphibious monsters.

His heart turned cold as he thought of the monster.

The black shadow was about four or five meters away from him and was coming at him as if it was a hungry tiger dashing onto its prey.

Dudian’s eyes were in pain because of his efforts to keep them open in turbid water. It got closer, Dudian was able to see the appearance of the black shadow. It was a monster which had crocodile-like scales. It had six claws attached to its abdomen. They seemed very sharp, and in case a human body was caught by them it would take an instant to be shredded by them.

Dudian pedaled rapidly in panic as he wanted to flee away. However, the monster’s acceleration was too fast in underwater. It didn’t take long before its fangs caught Dudian’s left leg.

A sharp pain came from his left leg. Dudian painfully swings, but the other was tightly holding onto his left leg. He thought of his dagger and pulled it out in a hurry. Dudian stabbed the dagger to its head crazily.

The monster was in pain as the dagger stabbed onto its head. It swung its tail faster and agitated the water.

Dudian didn’t stop but continued to stab. A lot of blood floated from its head. After a few seconds, the monster’s bit, gradually loosened. He moved its upper and lower jaw and removed his leg. However, the same moment feeling of suffocation burst out of his chest. He quickly looked left and right.

Soon, Dudian found a hole in the wall and quickly swam past.

This hole was the end of drainage channel that leads to the sewers. Dudian opened the rotten steel bars of the hole and drilled in.

He swam up the hole and finally surfaced. He took rapid breaths as he checked the surrounding environment. It was a toilet covered in moss.

The Tall youth looked at the puddle of water. Blood was floating and surging non-stop. The turbid water was stained red.

At this time, the female archer and the others caught up with him and looked at the puddle. They were alarmed, and the female arched asked: “Captian, why?”

The tall youth indifferently looked at them: “This task is given from top. Moreover, each of you will get a thousand gold coins as a fee from Burong family. It’s best you don’t leak out what happened today, or else even I can’t help you.”

All three of them looked at each other in surprise.

Dudian sensed that the team was only 20 meters away from him, so he didn’t want to do anything to get their attention. He vaguely remembered that there were quite a few collapsed buildings in the vicinity. All of their drainage systems should connect to the same sewerage.

He breathed softly after to let out to much sound. His body was still soaked in water and palm was tightly covered the wound in the abdomen.

A moment later Dudian sense the smell of female archers and the other came close. He holds his breath as his head sank into the water and didn’t make the slightest movement. He feared that one of them might have a magic ability to detect his position through vibration or movement.

Dudian carefully resurfaced again. He sniffed their smells and found that they were still close to the puddle. He felt uneasy and thought that it was dangerous in here. He took a deep breath and dived down the hole and continued to swim. He prayed that he wouldn’t encounter any underwater monster.

He was swimming close to the walls of the sewer. Although it was not lighted at all, fortunately, his vision was not affected by the darkness. After ten meters he saw a huge monster’s body fluttering around.

The other side seemed to have detected him too. It began to swim over towards Dudian slowly.

Dudian was scared and hastily came to a stop. He looked around and found another hole. Once again, he drilled the hole.

After entering the channel, Dudian quickly swam towards the top. He still ended up in a toilet, but everything has long been smashed. The surrounds were flat. He saw decaying dark bones. The ground was full of rotten dirt and feces of an unknown monster laid around.

Dudian sense the smell of the tall youth. It seems he was going back along the same road. He had given up in jumping into the puddle and searching for Dudian. Most probably, the tall youth thought that Dudian was seriously injured and bloody wound. So, according to the tall youth Dudian’s survival chance was close to zero.

Moreover, the hunters would often kill monsters outside the giant wall, but they would never hunt in structures below the ruins of the city. That’s why they didn’t have much understanding of the environment and monsters living in underground waters.

Dudian sense that they were quite far away. His tightened heart began to loosen. However, suddenly he felt numerous cold and soft things wrap around his foot. They were climbing from his legs and wrapping his upper body.

Dudian thought of the amphibious underwater monster and climbed out in haste.

Although the area under the toilet was small, the surroundings were soaked in water. The concrete had long been delayed by the water and couldn’t withstand Dudian as he struggled to break out.

Dudian climbed out of the hole and looked back at his body. Green colored snakelike monsters were biting into his body. Fortunately, the armor was enough to block them, and they couldn’t penetrate through.

Dudian felt his scalp tingle. He grabbed his dagger and began to stab into the monster.

The monster felt pain and tried to attack and bite Dudian’s face.

Dudian wielded the dagger and cut it off.

The monster screamed and retracted its body instead of winding around Dudian. Its body slide into the toilet. Blood began to float onto the water.

Dudian was relieved as he saw that he was able to scare away the monster. He carefully climbed out of the collapsed building.

“I have to deal with the wounds as soon as possible.” Dudian felt the pain coming from his left leg and abdomen. His face was ugly. He wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible so that the other team would not detect him.

He took off his armor and used the wet gauze from the first aid bag to cover the wound. Then he found some green vine leave and affixed them on top. The mixture of the plant juice would be able to stop the blood oozing out.

Afterward, he washed armor clean from the blood stains. He smeared it on the sludge and wore it. Rotten mud smell floated from his body.

“I must leave this place. Once a large monster catches me, I’ll be dead.” Dudian was seriously thinking about the possibilities. Camouflaging his smell was to improve his security, but for some monsters, it wasn’t enough to stay undetected.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.
At the border of area no 2.
Dudian checked the surrounding buildings. He was vaguely able to see Mellon consortium’s banner as well as badge pattern painted on the ground, symbolizing that this area was under their control.

“Its area no 6 in front. From there I can pass to area no 9.”

Dudian passed by the banner clutching his stomach. In the past two days, he didn’t dare to clean up the wound. The first aid products on his body have been soaked. Hemostatic drugs installed in the bottles had little effect as the wound was infected with serious viruses. It was decaying and must be cut off.

However, cutting off the festering tissue meant that the blood would ooze out.

In a dangerous zone, such as area no 2, Dudian couldn’t do anything but enduring the rotting wound. He hoped that he would return to a clean area as soon as possible.

“I did not expect his purpose was to kill me, rather than test me … …”

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