DK – Ch 137

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The Dark King – Chapter 137

Monster Atlas

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“After you finish this mission, you are not going to be a hunter anymore. Will you?” Jenny looked up at Dudian. After a year she already knew that Dudian was no longer a scavenger but a hunter.

Although she was not interested in consortium’s business, but she still was aware of some stuff. The hunter’s job was to kill dangerous beasts. In the meantime, she unconditionally supported Dudian to do what he wanted to do. Deep in her heart, the thought of Dudian facing a risk as he left the giant wall, made her feel sad.

Dudian saw the hope in her eyes so he softly said: “OK.”

Jenny could not help but rejoice and cling to him. She buried her head in his arms: “After we become judges we will fight bad guys together. We will be together every day until we die.”

Dudian’s heart was full of longing as he heard her words. He was falling in love more and more with the girl. Moreover, he also didn’t want to face the life outside the giant wall. He was even reluctant to practice archery. He was thinking about her all the time. It was difficult to concentrate. He wanted to accompany her every day, look at her non-stop. He wished everything would go like that till they died.

Since six months ago when they confessed to each other, Dudian would go to the magistrate’s building after the training. He would accompany Jenny back to home. On Jenny’s holidays, he would love to be with her and play with her.

He found himself tired of boring archery practice. Even the alchemy factory which was ready was abandoned by him. It had been a long time that he didn’t go back to visit.

The ideals and ambitions that he had already disappeared. Dudian was feeling tired. He just wanted to be with her, but nothing else.

“In a few days my father will give you the task. You should go back and prepare. I don’t want to bother you” Jenny raised her head and said to Dudian.

Dudian smiled: “You’re quite sensible.”

“Of course,” Jenny replied.

Dudian also felt that he needed to prepare for the job properly. Since the other gave him this opportunity, he would have to take advantage of it. If the task would be beyond his reach, then he would refuse. But if there were slight difficulties he was willing to struggle to get Jenny’s father’s approval. He wanted to prove him that he was worthy for him to be trusted with Jenny for a lifetime!

Two days later.

Dudian received the notice. He was assigned to the third team to perform a task outside the giant wall.

Task content: Behead two ghouls from area no 2.

“Ghoul!” Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he saw the content of the task. He rapidly analyzed the information: “Captain of the third team is an intermediate hunter. The ghouls are graded as level 18 monsters. The captain should be able to resist one or two… If the rest of the team, including me, would grasp the opportunities, there should be 60 percent possibility for us to be successful.”

During the last year, Dudian had already taken the time to read the monster atlas of the world outside the giant wall. The atlas had simple information about a variety of monsters. Based on that information there was an assessment regarding their hunting levels.

In the early days, the information on atlas and monster’s actual combat power would deviate, but as the time passed the deviation had become very small. The hunting level assessed by the atlas would not deviate more than a level with the actual monster.

Dudian decided to go with the implementation of the task.

Although it was going to be difficult, but not without hope.

After all, there was a fortress in area no 7 too. He would be able to pick up a lot of materials worth money. He wasn’t going to leave anything.

Dudian came to the collection hall in the Hunter headquarters. He found members of the third team. A total of four hunters, counting him in there were 5. It was a standard team size. In general, each team must have one knight or defensive warrior. The remaining vacancies were free to be filled with different hunter types.

“Are you Dudian?” A tall young man took the initiate to ask.

Dudian apologized: “Sorry, I’m late.”

A 20-year-old female who was carrying a crossbow saw that Dudian was a newcomer and commented: “We are the people above drunk when they picked the hunters? It’s an ‘intermediate’ level task, a lot of risk factors are involved, and they have sent a rookie!”

“Captain, is there anything wrong with the appointment?” Another warrior carrying a sword said his point of view. Most of the swordsmen were the defensive type, rather than the attack type ones like Linda.

“The decision was made by the upper level. It’s not open for discussion, get ready to start.” Tall young hunter waved his hand to prevent both of them from further talks. He looked at Dudian: “I heard that your magic marks originate from juranzhi. You will be responsible for tracking ghouls!”

Dudian nodded: “No problem!”

Female archer and the other swordsman heard the order of their captain, so they didn’t continue to say anything, but from their looks, it could be seen that they were dissatisfied.

Soon, the captain led them towards the giant wall.

After a few hours, they passed through the radiation zone and came to the giant wall.

The Mellon Consortium’s staff was waiting for the underground passage, and when they saw the team arriving, they immediately came up to welcome them.

As they passed through the underground passage, Dudian followed others. As usual, they stopped in front of the engraved status of the goddess of hunting to pray and left afterward.

The passage that they used was different than the passage used by Glenn and team the previous time. It didn’t take to a giant tree forest, but a desolate plain. The ground was full of rocks.

“Let’s go.” It was apparent that it was not the first time that the tall youth had come to this place. At a glance, he was able to confirm that there was no danger lurking around. He pulled out a map from the backpack and checked the area that they had to leave too. He took to lead as the others followed him.

In addition to Dudian, female archer and the swordsman there was a short scout in their team.

“Rookie, if you smell something dangerous to don’t forget to remind us.” Swordsman said to Dudian.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled but he did not say anything.

“Ghouls are active on the northern side of the marsh.” The Tall youth said to the crowd: “We have to be decisive and act quickly. There would be many other strong monsters wandering, and we wouldn’t like to be involved with them.”


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