DK – Ch 136

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The Dark King – Chapter 136

One year

This is the last chapter for the next 8 or so hours… I just wanted to get finished with this touchy-touchy chapters.. Get ready the shit is going to get real.

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Time passed by.

Dudian’s skills were getting better and better at scattered arrow shots. He was able to pull arrows quickly and shoot at the same time at four targets. It had been only half a month from his first study.

The young instructor was pleased as he observed Dudian’s amazing progress. He continued to teach Dudian other skills that would be helpful to him outside the giant wall.

He was teaching Dudian how to eliminate sounds while acting, cover up his smell and rapid transposition.

Some monsters preferred eating undead. So blindly smearing undead powder was like courting death. This time he was taught other methods and tricks to cover up his smell. These things included plant juices, rotting mud, and a mixture of crushed insect body, vines or mud.

The tracking was based on footprints. Such as tracing monsters actions or direction according to the footprints. Determining the whereabouts of a monster was an additional advantage to Dudian. After all, not all the hunters had the ability to sense beasts up to 40 miles.

Crossbows were used while hunting giant beasts or, in destroying a nest of demons. According to the young instructor, primary hunters had to learn either archery or crossbow skills. However, after reaching the silver level, the archer had to learn crossbow skills too. It would help increase their melee ability.

Crossbows could be used in close distance to get enough time for retreat.

After all, the essence of an archer lied in the distance control!

“If there is enough distance, then there will be sufficient opportunities to attack!” The young instructor repeatedly stressed these words to Dudian to let him keep in mind.

Dudian studied seriously. He also understood that in the last three hundred years the hunter’s career has long been developed and perfected. The differentiation was extremely meticulous.

During the training, Dudian took some time to check on Jura and Gray to see if they have moved to the commercial district. He found them working. Jura was working as a doctor for eight hours a day. She had a stable job. Gray worked in a tailor shop. He had a steady income and worked efficiently. He was much happier than the days when he worked in the factory. There was no overtime work every day and would get occasional vacations. Moreover, he would be paid at least twice as much.

Dudian was no longer worried about them as he saw they live a stable life.

A month later, he took the time and returned to the slums. He found Barton, Kroen and the others. They had found a waste plant. It was remote and in a desolate place. They had bought many building materials. The waste inside the factory had been cleaned out. Many broken workstations are repaired.

Dudian thought that they would have gone their separate ways because so much time had passed. He didn’t expect that they would do so many things on their account. His heart was moved, but also increasingly trusted them.

“Here is a hundred gold coins.” Dudian’s main purpose of the return was to allow them to collect materials, said: “This is the list of materials that you have to purchase. Pile them up in a row and write the names of the components on each pile.”

Barton and the other looked at the bag of gold coins in Dudian’s hand. Their eyes glowed while they swallowed their saliva’s. Barton said: “Dean, where do you get so much money?”

“Are you desperately in need of money?” Dudian smiled.

Kroen looked at the list, and his face reddened as he said: “Dean… We don’t know much of the words in this list.”

Dudian thought for a moment: “Well, first you gotta learn. So study well have a better understanding and then drop out to work with me.”

“But tuition … …” Barton hesitated.

Kroen immediately touched him.

Dudian laughed: “I will pay tuition fees. The money what I give to you is for your distribution.”

Although one hundred gold coins were a large amount for him it was nothing. He wanted to nurture Baron and the others. The first was to make them have the ability to manage money and restraint of the desire for money.

If they spent, it left and right then Dudian could withdraw his hands earlier on.

Their eyes shone and were excited as they heard Dudian’s words.

Barton hesitated: “so much money, if we lost, this … …”

“It depends on your ability,” Dudian laughed.

Dudian ate lunch with them and then hired a carriage to return to the commercial district. There was a concern in his heart. Although Barton was alert and smart, they were too young. Moreover, he nurtured them to prepare an additional escape route.

In addition to day-to-day boring hunter training, Dudian would go and report to magistrate once a month so that his qualifications as a trainee wouldn’t be canceled.

He would meet Jenny every time he went there. Dudian would feel good, and his mood would be uplifted every time he chatted with the girl. He found that Jenny was totally different from a typical aristocratic girl. Her character was very easy going. Both of them had too many hobbies that crossed.

Later on, he would go to magistrate three or four times a month.

Six months passed by in the blink of an eye.

Dudian came out from the building and looked at the gray sky. It was ‘black snow season, ’ and the air was particularly cold. Heavy radiation clouds would cover the sky all day long, so even during the day the weather would be gray. From time to time black snowflakes would fall. People would try their best to avoid them.

Black snow and black rain were the existences that people tend to avoid.

“The wind is nice!” Jenny came out from behind. She was wearing a tight sweater.

Dudian saw her pale face, so he took off his coat and draped over her should: “Aren’t you cold?”

Jenny was anxious, as she quickly said: “You wear it or you will freeze!”

“I’m not cold,” said Dudian warmly.

“You are lying!” Jenny bit her lips: “The last time you sheltered me from the rain and got wet. So you were sick the next day.”

Dudian didn’t think that she remembered that occasion three months ago. It was ‘black death season, ’ and the temperature was very high. It would take very little during that season. However, the day when both of them had free time and went out to play a sudden and heavy rain poured. The rain was cold, even to him who had the constitution of a hunter.

“Why are you so good to me?” Jenny grabbed Dudian’s clothes and looked up at him.

Dudian looked into her eyes and said: “Because I like you!”

After expressing his feelings, his heart paused for a moment. The whole world turned silent at that moment. Remorse gushed in his heart, but he tensed because he hoped… He hoped…

Jenny did not expect that Dudian will suddenly confess. Her cheeks reddened as she bowed her head. She spoke, but her voice was so low that even a mosquito flying around would sound louder than her: “I like you too.”

Dudian felt like his brain exploded in that instant. His blood was boiling up. The cold wind felt like springlike warmth: “Really?”

Jenny saw Dudian’s excited look, but she didn’t avoid and gently said: “uh.”
Dudian felt unprecedented happiness. Even if the whole surrounded him, he would be happy if he had her in his arms.

After a long time…

“I’ll take you back.” Dudian rejoiced.

Jenny’s face flushed as she gently nodded.

Dudian looked at Jenny’s carriage and her family knight on the street in the distance.: “But we got to take a detour.” He took her hand they run away.

That night Dudian sent her home and later returned. He was very excited along the way. He immediately went to the training ground and shot thousands of arrows.

Two weeks later.

In the library of the magistrate building in Pus Avenue. Jenny was finishing the book which was the work of her probation officer. Dudian was also here standing on the ladder and helping her classify the books.

After sorting out the books, Dudian took the ladder and whispered to Jenny: “Close your eyes, I got a surprise for you.”

Jenny was puzzled, but as she saw Dudian’s happy face, she slowly closed her eyes. Her eyelashes were slightly trembling

Dudian took out a thing from his pocket and said: “Now, you can open.”

Jenny opened her eyes and saw a string of jade bracelet: “How did you know I like jade?”

“You mentioned it two months ago,” Dudian laughed.

She took the jade bracelet. But when she heard Dudian’s words her body slightly trembled. She stood on her tiptoes as she quickly kissed Dudian’s cheek.
Dudian stared at her as his heart beating accelerated.

Jenny blushed and looked down.

Dudian excitedly looked at her and was about to embrace her when his face suddenly changed. He quickly said: “Come.”

Jenny was also surprised. She quickly put away the bracelet, turned and quickly organized the books.

Dudian grabbed the ladder and pretended to be making the adjustment.

After a moment a young magistrate came and looked at the both of them: “Do you know where I can get the history of the rule of slavery?”

Dudian, raised his hand, “It’s in that bookshelf. ”

“Oh, thank you.” The young man turned around and said casually left.

Dudian and Jenny looked at each other and giggled.

Burong family castle.

One of the most spacious and luxurious rooms.

There were two rows of tall bookshelves filled with books. Moreover, you could find antique porcelain and sculptures in the room. On the wall, there were rare gold, oil paintings. A middle-aged stalwart figure was sitting on the sofa and reading a book. He turned towards the middle-aged housekeeper and said: “I heard that recently Lady got very close with a trainee!?”

The middle-aged housekeeper heard the man’s flat tone and shivered: “Yes, sir!”

“Investigate the other sides background.” the middle-aged figure indifferently said.

“Yes.” the middle-aged housekeeper quickly promised.

A year passed in the blink of an eye.

Dudian stood by the street and patiently waited. Suddenly, a familiar smell drifted into his nose. His eyes lit up.

After a while, he saw an extravagant carriage ride from the corner of the street and stop in front of him.

Jenny jumped out of the carriage and threw herself into Dudian’s arms, “I got wonderful news! Do you want to hear?”

Dudian smiled and said: “What is the good news?

Jenny blinked a few times,” My father agreed for us to be together ”

“Did he agree?” Dudian was shocked by the fact that Jennifer’s father knew that he was a couple with Jenny. Moreover, her father had threatened him, offered a lot of money, but he didn’t agree to break up.

Because of his trainee identity, the other didn’t use any arbitrary means.

After so long the other side had agreed?

Jenny nodded as she looked at Dudian’s suspicious expression: “MY father said that he refused you before not because he despised civilians but worried that you were useless. You were neither a judge nor a hunter. So he said he would personally arrange a hunting mission for you. If you can complete, then he will agree with us to be together!”

“He will personally arrange a hunting mission!?” Dudian frowned slightly. His heart felt a trace of a misdemeanor.

Jenny saw Dudian worried expression, so she smiled: “Do not worry, my father said that he would not give you a difficult task. However, it will be a particular task. I don’t know the details; I don’t know whether you will find it difficult. I have already told him that if he deliberately embarrassed you, I’ll not talk to him in the future”

“Well,” Dudian nodded.

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  1. I know a few chapters ago I asked to “Sonic it up”, but this is too fast! The time skips are a bit baffling. A week or a month is acceptable, but a whole year at a time? NO.

    Anyways, Jenny’s father will surely make it an “extreme” test for Dudian.

    Thanks for the chapters.
    P.S. What do you mean “touchy?”

  2. Mad snail? Didnt realize the translator wrote TDG lol. Thanks for the chap! I find it weird the chick’s dad doesnt see mt tai, maybe because Dean is still a trainee hunter but he is on track to be one of the elite hunters in the org. Fully expecting an “accident” to occur in the hunting expedition

  3. I like the fact that he’s an actual person lmao. I think it’s hilarious how many people would prefer if the MC was an emotionless husk who never has any relationships with anyone.

  4. Love this. It’s cute too bc dean is really young. Even tho he’s smart, he’s still a child and not some reincarnated person.
    Anyways this hunting thing… HMMMM..

  5. The romance was really handled badly. The large number of time skips doesn’t help. The extremely fast pace doesn’t butchers the emotions. Jenny is a rather flat character that doesn’t make your root for her and Dean’s way of expressing his love and affection is almost cringe worthy.

    These latest chapters is one big blight in the story. Why do authors add romance in their work when they are incredibly awful at it.

  6. why is it, that everytime i read such a sweet romance i get the feeling this will go terribly wrong? Especially in these kinds of novels, this won´t have a good end, i can see it from 40miles away

  7. Meh. At this point, I feel like I have been drugging through this story for too long. It isn’t bad story wise and it is well written, but feels bland and somewhat emotionless. The action scenes have yet to get my blood boiling and the slower scenes feel either forced or too “slice-of-life” when compared to the other sections of the story. Mechanically and logically, the story is rather sound; but that seems to be the only thing that keeps the novel afloat. Nothing about the story thus far has felt engaging.

    Its like looking at the Mono Lisa and admiring it for its high technical fidelity, then looking at street art that has engaging colors, messages, or clever placement. The technical prowess of the street art may be less than the Mono Lisa, but it invokes a greater response from the audience. This novel is like the Mono Lisa. I’ve have been admiring how well written the story is technically, but waiting for it to actually become exciting or engaging. However, the story and characters consistently fall short.

    Perhaps, in the author’s effort to write a “perfect” story, in that it has no plot holes and the logic is sound, he/she forgot to add in the “emotion” that gives a story life. It seems as though the author tried so hard to make natural characters, that they feel artificial. Truth is stranger than fiction. Having some plot holes for the sake of an exciting story is worth it. People don’t know everything, some people are close to perfect while others are far from it. The thing is, while stories must have a decent semblance of logic to guide their flow, there are often “plot holes” in real life that don’t make sense. It is just a part of life and it is often exciting or confusing but accepted nonetheless.

    My point being, this story has felt too perfect, even in the intentional imperfections. Like looking at a well made machine; it is practical and it does what it is supposed to, but there is no color nor life to be felt from it.

    Sorry for the rambling, but this is how I’m feeling regarding the story at this point and it makes me sad to see such a great writer act as such a poor story-teller. A lot of potential feels wasted here. On its own the story still isn’t bad; probably a 5.5-6/10. Yet had the story felt more engaging, even at the cost of some imperfections in the technical nature of the work, it could have easily been a 9-10/10 which is where a lot of my disappointment comes into play.

    Suffice to say, I’ll probable stop reading this novel for now and maybe pick it up again when i have nothing else to read. Clearly, all this is just my opinion by-the-by so please no one be offended.

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    EDIT: It doesn’t seem to be posting so if this is a duplicate comment I apologize.

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