DK – Ch 134

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The Dark King – Chapter 134

Kill! Kill! Kill!

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian stepped ahead and came to the long table.

“You will have a minute.” The white-robed old man said coldly.

Dudian took the paper and pen. He quickly glanced at three questions.

Question one:

“What do you do when the nobles break the law?”

Dudian saw the problem, did not hesitate at all and quickly wrote his answer: “kill!”

Question two:

“What would you do when the Knight of Light sways from the law?”

“Kill!” Dudian continued to write.

Question three:

“What do you do when you meet the evil alchemist?

Dudian hesitated, but quickly wrote: “Kill!”

“Well,” said Dudian and delivered the paper.

All three of them were a little surprised as it was the first time when someone had given the paper back before the time was up. The middle-aged woman checked her pocket watch and said: “You have another forty seconds to answer.”

“No need,” said Dudian and shook his head.

The old man in the middle took the paper and looked down the answers to all the questions. He had answered all of them in one word: “Kill!”

Dudian’s killing intent reflected in his writing style.

The old man squinted his eyes, then opened a lot. He looked at the handsome little boy and went silent for a little. He nodded and said: “You are qualified. Come to Pus Avenue tomorrow for an interview. My name is Dmitry. Find me tomorrow at arrival.”

The two examiners who were sitting on his right and left were surprised by old man Dmitry’s attitude. They glanced at Dudian’s answers and saw the simple answer to all three questions. They were startled. They had served for many years as examiners, but it was the first time they had seen such a concise and definite answers.

“Good boy!” The middle-aged man sitting on the right commented: “His mind is clear. ”

Then he waved to a maid and said: “Finished with these, and take them for registration.”

The maid led Dudian and the other few and left.

Dudian was relieved from the bottom of his heart as he passed the test. Although the answers were a bit extreme, he wrote the answers from his heart. Moreover the moment he read the question he knew the purpose of the first test.

“Magnificent!” Jenny, who was waiting close-by said in a surprised tone.

Dudian blinked: “I said it, I will certainly pass.”

“Both of you come to register your identity.” Maid interrupted their chat.

Dudian and Jenny laughed. The maid leads them to staff who would register their identities with household registration information.

The maid quickly copied their information from the household registration information and handed them two cards.: “This is proof of conformity. Please, keep them safe!”

Dudian and Jane put away the cards.

“You leave from here.” The maid said in an intimate tone.

Dudian looked at the direction she was pointing toward. There were crowds of people, but two apprentice knights were present too.

Maid spoke to apprentice knights as both of them get close to the area.

Apprentice knights immediately dispersed the crowd and made a narrow aisle for Dudian and Jenny to pass.

Dudian took Jenny’s hand as he leads her away and came out of the square to go through the less crowded streets.

“Your carriage is stuck on that street, so I’ll hire a new carriage to get you back,” Dudian said to her.

Jenny nodded: “I did not expect for so many people to come here as candidates. No wonder my father lets me take advantage of the opportunity. Fortunately, I met you otherwise I would still be sitting in the carriage waiting for my turn.”

Dudian smiled: “The magistrate and judges have more glory than Knights of Light of Holy Church. Moreover, we pass the first test now. We still have to go through the interview tomorrow to become an apprentice. It’s just we will be getting a step closer to our dream!”

“Yes,” replied Jenny as she felt happy with the result. Suddenly she thought of Dudian and asked: “How come you answered so fast? What did you write?”

“What did you answer?” Dudian answered with a question.

“I answered that they have to respect the rule of law and the law which applies to civilians are for them to follow too. In front of the law, everyone is equal.” Jenny replied solemnly.

Dudian looked at her beautiful face: “That’s true. Everyone is equal!”

“Did you answer that?” Jenny turned towards him.

“Well, almost the same answer but not so well expressed as you have done. Relatively simple,” Dudian didn’t go too much into details.

Jenny laughed: “You are eloquent. Most probably you have used only one or two sentences to sum everything up concisely. But I was too long-winded.”

“It’s all round,” Dudian joked.

Jenny’s smile reached from one ear to the other: “But it’s strange how so many people answered incorrectly to such a simple question.”

“It is tough for a liar to tell the truth. Even more, it is impossible for an honest person to be involved in cheating and deceit.” Dudian said.

Jenny realized the meaning behind his words, “Your opinion is different from an average person.”

“Yours too,” replied Dudian.

Jenny’s face turned crimson red, but still tried the old method to bow her head to hide her face. However, her determination rose as she bit her lips and stared into Dudian’s eyes: “Do you think so?”

Dudian’s heart was beating fast as he was face-to-face with her. He subconsciously answered: “Of course.”

Jenny stared at him, but didn’t say anything. They began to walk side by side along the street, but didn’t talk for a while.

Dudian coughed: “There is the carriage, should I hire it? ”

“Well,” Jenny nodded softly.

Dudian was sitting inside the carriage with her. The temperature inside the small compartment soon arose. To ease the embarrassment he said: “I’m a little unfamiliar with the law. Would you be willing to teach me?”

“Yeah,” Jenny replied.

Dudian raised few issues which he was stuck with, and Jenny patiently answered one by one every question, explaining everything in details.

It didn’t take long before the carriage came to a stop.

Dudian was in dismay and disappointed as they reached Jenny’s house.

Jenny looked at him and whispered, “I’ll go back first. See you tomorrow.”

“Well, goodbye. See you tomorrow.” Dudian watched her walk down the driveway.

He ordered the carriage to go to the Hunter headquarters only after she went into the castle.


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  1. Well damn, I wasn’t expecting “Kill” to be taken as a proper answer. I know Dudian is plot-armored, but that answer is nonsense. What if they were framed? What if it was an accident? What if it was a minor law?

    Still, no trial, no jury, then why would they be called judges? There is no judging, they may as well be called excutioners.

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter.
    P.S. As the story progresses I’m starting to dislike Dudian more and more.

    1. LOL its a new age. Framing? Minor law infraction? Remember the hunter chick is able to kill maim or cripple scavengers without any repercussions. Considering scavengers are already important citizens that means everything seems to be settled with your own power. Just like how the church of light isnt questioned if the alchemists they are killing are innocent or not, the judge and magistrates in this day’s age are also not bothered if they make a mistake in sentencing, the important thing is they must be decisive and fearless in upholding the law. Clearly the people in this age would kill 99 innocent people than let 1 guilty guy go.

      People hate these “Jenny” scenes but to me it makes him believable and shows his human side. Dude is still a teenager why wouldnt he be interested in cute chicks? Super traditional MCs like Lin Ming are just 1 dimensional, how can a perfect guy like that who just pursues the peak without any other desires at all exist? I feel like this novel is well written and extremely immersive, a guy like Lin Ming who lives his entire life just training, battling and sleeping would go crazy irl.

      1. They definitely exist. They are called wildly successful people. They aren’t common, but that single mindedness is definitely a trait that can be found in some rare few people.

    2. Well the purpose of this was basically to see if they treat everyone the same… he’s just really ruthless, which the old man seemed to like xD

      1. I can understand that but all the question is about the same kind of people. It should be 1. The powerful (Nobles, knights, the church, aristocrats, magistrates, etc.) 2) The civilians ( Shopkeepers, workers, students, professionals, etc.) 3) The powerless (the poor, homeless, jobless, the sick, etc)

    3. The answer didn’t matter so much as the intent. The law should be followed and equally judged. They just want candidates smart enough to know to putt that down on paper at that time. Its not likely that the actually expect you to convict nobles of any crime they can’t buy themselves out of.

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