DK – Ch 133

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The Dark King – Chapter 133


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian would never think that he would be able to meet her on the way to the examination. His heart was happy as he said to: “What a coincidence that I have encountered you!”

Jenny rejoiced too. “Why are you here?”

“I’ve told you before. My goal is as high as yours.” Dudian laughed: “I’m also here to take the exam and strive to be a judge or magistrate in the future!”

Jenny cheeks were reddish as she asked: “Did you study the law?”

“Of course.” Dudian deliberately exposed his face proudly as he was an expert on law.

Jenny laughed: “Alright, I’ll wait and see!”

“You look good!” Dudian confidently said.

Jenny checked the long line of the carriages that were parked in front and slowly moving. He was a bit sad as she spoke: “Way too many people. I’m afraid it will take a lot of time until we catch up.”

Dudian also knew that it was going to be a problem to wait to pass. “You should get off then, I’ll take you past the crowd!”

“You?” Jenny looked at him and shook her head, “No way.”

“No, I’m strong!” Dudian raised his arm and deliberately squeezed the muscles. He winked and said: “Don’t forget what I do.”

Jenny’s eyes brightened: “Well, you wait for me. I’m getting down.”

“Young lady, no! No way!” The knight got in front of Dudian as he saw her intention to get off the carriage was real. He hurried to stop her.

However, the door was pushed open, and Jenny stepped down. She was wearing a green floral skirt which was very eye-catching and full of lively atmosphere.

“Do not stop me or I’ll be late for the examination. I’ll complain to my father!” Jenny looked at the young knight who was standing in front of her.

The knight hesitated: “Miss… Then I’ll escort you past the crowd. I swear on my dignity as a knight that I have no ill thoughts…”

His words weren’t finished as the knight was pushed down with massive force. The force sent him reeling.

When he looked back, he saw the previous kid who he had stopped had clutched lady’s hand and was already squeezing through the crowd. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared.

“Miss! Miss!” Knight shouted as he was shocked. He wanted to push through the crowd, but in that case, he would inevitably injure many people. Moreover, it was contrary to the rules of knighthood to act so.

“Let us pass, let us pass, let us pass!”

Dudian was grabbing Jenny’s hand with one hand while pushing the crowd with the other. The people have pushed around as if they were weightless.

He was relieved when he saw the young knight was not chasing them. He came to the edge of the street and looked back at Jenny: “Are you okay?”

Jenny clapped her chest as she spoke: “Noting much. It’s just a little hard to breathe!”

“Ok, we will rest a bit.” Dudian was acting considerately.

Jenny nodded in agreement, but saw that Dudian was still holding her hand.: “You can release my hand.”

Dudian’s heart burst forth with inexplicable warmth and agitation as he was holding her soft hand.: “There are way too many people in here. We will be separated if I let go of you!”

Jenny looked around and saw the chaotic crowd. It caused her heart to shudder. For a time she felt that the palm of the other side was thick and warm. She felt secure holding Dudian’s had. Her face turned crimson red, so she bowed her head and didn’t retort back.

Dudian was worried that her silence would be a disadvantage to him so he added: “But you can rest assured. I will find you no matter where you are, even if we are separated!”

Jenny uttered ëoh’ but didn’t look up.

The next moment, they began to move forward.

He was pushing people around to create a gap for Jenny to pass quickly, but people were turning back in anger and mistake others as offenders. So most would vent their anger on entirely innocent people.

It didn’t take long before they reached the street before the Boer square. There was a sea of people.

“Let me check out the place,” Dudian said to Jenny and began to jump. In front of the square, there was an open space with a diameter of 20 meters or so. In the middle of open space, there was a normal rectangular table. Three people wearing white robes were sitting behind the table. Two men and one woman.

In front of them, there was a long queue.

Dudian bounced up a few times more.

“Where now?” Jenny didn’t ask any more as she saw Dudian was not jumping anymore.

Dudian laughed: “Come with me.” He began to squeeze from the side, and after a few moments, they were lined up in the queue.

A large group of teenage girls was lined in front of them. It was evident that they belong to aristocratic families or were heirs of wealth syndicates from their extraordinary clothing, speech, and temperament. It was also the proof of how important and attractive the post of judges and magistrates were.

“You stand in front,” Dudian said to Jenny.

Jenny stared at him, but didn’t say anything. She quietly lined in front of him.

Dudian stood behind her and smelled the fragrance floating off from Jenny’s hair. (TL: The guy is a 100% stalker)

“The first test seems to be very strict.” Jenny looked at teenagers who were coming back from the examination with depressed looks.

Dudian encouraged her: “Belief in yourself! I know you can pass the test easily.”

It didn’t take long for them to reach the table.

“This is the paper with a question. Please write the answer in a minute.” A white-haired old man sitting by the desk indifferently said.

Standing by the desk handed a white paper and a quill to Jenny and let her write the answers directly over there.

“Do not peep,” maid told to Dudian and the rest who were standing behind him.

In fact, even if Dudian wanted to peep he wouldn’t be able to see as Jenny was facing the table and her body was blocking the paper.

A middle-aged woman who was sitting on the left checked her pocket watch and said: “Time is up.”

Jenny immediately stopped writing.

An old man sitting in the center took up the white paper, looked and nodded: “Yes, you are qualified. Be on Pus Avenue for an interview before nine o’clock tomorrow morning. I wish you success.”

A wide smile covered her face.

“Please, don’t let others know about the content of the exam.” Main reminded Jenny.

Jenny hesitantly looked back at Dudian.

Dudian laughed: “Wait for me, I’ll take you away in a minute.”

Jenny nodded.


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  1. As digglebutt, interesting name, said Dudian is a MAJOR creep. Jenny likes him as a “friend” at the moment. However, Dudian is having NONE of that, so instead he is becoming very possessive. They only meet thrice before.

    Damn you author, if you can’t write a proper romance, then don’t add it to the story. In this case it retracts from Dudian’s character development. Heck, it even makes me less empathetic towards Dudian.

    Thanks for the mass chapter release.

    1. You know he’s still a 12yo kid with no prior experience in love nor romance… Please tell us your oh so romantic encounters when you were 12yo. ^_^

  2. Is this meant to be romance? It is so bland and boring. Author doesn’t know how to write romance I guess? Author, why add romance when you have no skills for it? It just becomes a big flaw in an otherwise good story,

  3. i get why people are angry and think hes a stalker but for pete sakes THE BOYS 12 and if you met a girl you really like, was his age and Just as powerful who wouldnt seem stalkerish i mean i was obsessed with this one cute chick when i was 12 and plus i hes acting his age atleast he isnt 1 dimensional also lets not forget the sense of smell he so relies on so him sniffing girls isnt really that weird (But thats just another thing besides the point im making) POINT IS GET OVER IT

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