DK – Ch 132

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The Dark King – Chapter 132

Magistrate examination

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!



As Dudian thought about Jenny and the examination, the carriage arrived at a remote town on the outskirts of the commercial district and stopped in front of an ordinary resident’s house.

Dudian opened the curtain of the carriage and looked at the number near the door of the house to confirm the address. The rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet. He took the bag filled with a gold coin from under the chair and got off the carriage. He took out the key and unlocked the door.

The house was full of furniture. The consortium had assigned most of the things to help him out. However, because of the training, the house was unused and thick dust had accumulated.

“I need to recruit a few servants,” Dudian said as he touched the dust. He put the bag full of gold coins in the safe.

Bong! Ding-dong!

The clock began to ring.

Dudian checked the time. It was eight in the evening. After an hour, curfew time would begin. He locked the door as the driver went back to the Hunter headquarters.

The next day.

Dudian woke up on time and arrived to eat breakfast in the castle’s cafeteria. He saw a few students looking at him and whispering.

However, he could still hear their low-toned voices.

“I didn’t expect that after being stained with Glenn’s light, I’ll become a celebrity.” Dudian thought as he ate breakfast. Afterward he came to the training ground and continued with yesterday’s practice.

Two servants who were meant to help him with arrows and other things were present when he arrived there.

As they helped him out, Dudian could concentrate on training. Moreover, his efficiency, improved at least by double because he was only shooting.

The young instructor came earlier than usual. He watched Dudian who was diligently practicing. From time to time he pointed out a few things and left very satisfied. Because he saw the Dudian was already getting the essentials of scattered arrow shooting.

Since the absorption of more than hundred cold crystals Dudian’s physique had already exceeded the estimates of young instructor. Dudian had finished the task set by instructor earlier, but still continued to practice until 3 o’clock.

As he thought about the examination that was going to happen in a few days, he left the training ground and hired a carriage to the magistrate. The architectural style of magistrate’s division was extraordinary. It was on par with scavenger headquarters regarding magnificence.

Dudian approached the reception.

“Yes, the apprentices will be recruited in five days at Boer Square. If you want to join, then you should go there to pass the first test.” The guard said.

Dudian wrote down the address and left the place. He hired another carriage and went back to the residential district.

Jura and Gray were at home, eating when Dudian arrived.

They were surprised to see him back. After inquiring him because of few concerns, Dudian said to them: “The house in the commercial district is ready. I came back so that we can go and get your temporary permit to live in the commercial district. So, therefore, you can move whenever you want.”

Both of them were happy.

Gray laughed: “Your aunt has been reluctant and didn’t want to leave as we have lived in here for too long and familiar with the neighbors.”

Dudian nodded, as he was aware of Jura’s temper.

The next day.

Dudian took both Jura and Gray and came to the government agency and helped them to get a temporary residence permit. Afterward, he took them to the new house.

Jura and Gray were very satisfied with the house. Although it was in a remote suburb of the commercial district, but was far better than the location, they were living in the residential district.

Dudian took hundred gold coins from the safe and gave it to them with the key to the house.

By nine o’clock in the morning, he was at the training ground. The young instructor severely criticized him as he saw Dudian was late and then asked the reason.

Dudian answered truthfully.

Young instructor’s face eased a bit after listening to Dudian but nevertheless increased the amount of the task by one-third as a punishment.

Dudian was skimming through his law knowledge during the break he took while training. The position of a trainee magistrate was important for him although he was no longer an ordinary civilian.

He was a hunter. Nevertheless, his identity was still a civilian.

A status of civilian meant that in case he was assassinated outside the wall, in addition to Mellon Foundation no-one would feel sorry. It meant that the enemies would not care about too much attention to his status as he was a regular civilian.

The next day, Dudian still finished the task arranged by the young instructor about three o’clock. It meant that his proficiency in archery had increased by one-third.

Five days passed quickly.

Dudian practiced scattered arrow shots and improved in accuracy during the day while in the evening he went to the library to study law. He would bring some books back to his room and stay up every night until 12 o’clock to review the books. For almost a week he had only six hours of sleep.

“Instructor, I want to take a day off.” Dudian was wearing ordinary clothes as he found the young instructor in the training field.

Young instructor frowned as he saw the way Dudian was dressed: “Where are you going?”

“It’s a private matter,” Dudian replied.

The young instructor looked at him: “Alright, but today’s amount will be added to finish tomorrow. ”

Dudian overjoyed, quickly thanked and bid farewell as he left.

Five students who were close-by stared in shock. One of them reacted in a hurry. : “Instructor, I gotta leave too.”

“Get back to training!”

Dudian jumped into the carriage parked outside the castle and ordered the coachman to ride it to Boer square at full speed.

Half an hour later, the carriage was on the street outside the Boer Square.

Dudian heard noise coming from outside, so he opened the door to check the situation. He was shocked as he saw the streets packed with people. The carriages arranged on a long queue. All of them clearly were here to participate in the examination.

“So many people!” Dudian felt some pressure. He left the carriage and dived into the crowd.

He was taller than his peers, but much smaller than a healthy adult. He was like a poach who passed through the crowd. On his way, he leaned over and squeezed a girl. She turned around in a fury, shouted and abused the teenager behind her.

The guy was surprised as he was ignorant of the situation.

Dudian was half the way when he saw a refined carriage with a familiar flag. He remembered the rainy night.

“It is her!” Dudian was surprised. Because of the crow, he couldn’t detect Jenny smell as his senses were confused. He moved past towards the carriage.

The knight with full body armor was by the carriage and protecting it. He saw Dudian getting closer, he raised his hand and coldly said: “Back off!”

Dudian stopped and said out loud. : “Jenny!”

The sound of the crowd almost overwhelmed his voice. However, the curtain of the carriage opened as Jenny looked at Dudian in surprise. She said pleasantly: “You?!”

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  1. “For almost a week he had only six hours of sleep.”*coughs out blood* F*ck Dudian, do you want to fight? When did the college students from 300 years ago sleep?

    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. So his parents got flustered when he gave them a single gold coin before but now after he gives them 100 gold coins they just accept it like that? YOU WOT MATE? O_O

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