DK – Ch 131

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The Dark King – Chapter 131


There are subtle things that refer to future chapters… Especially the word ‘fate’.. But I would love to hear your speculations… 🙂


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Having said that, why are you out so late?” Dudian was curious.

Jenny answered passionately: “Remember, last time I told you that I study law. The thing is after a few days there is going to be a trail to recruit trainee magistrates. So, I’m doing my best and study under a tutor who has a good relationship with my family. I was coming back from studying when the carriage broke up, but fortunately, I encountered you.”

“So to say it is our fate to meet.” Dudian laughed.

“Cause?” Jenny could not understand the word. (Now, sorry for disturbing you read, but the word used in here has quite a few meanings in Chinese FATE, CAUSE & EDGE [VERGE]. He means FATE, but she understands it as CAUSE. If you read it in Chinese it makes sense, but after translations it loses the edge.)

Dudian thought that the word ‘fate’ was coming from a Buddhist concept and in this world, there was no Buddhism. So he quickly explained: “The meaning of fate… ah, it’s like… It’s like when God of Light has arranged a fortuitous opportunity for two people to meet once again. An affinity.”

Jenny face reddened again as she heard Dudian’s explanation. She secretly looked at him to see if he had noticed her abnormal actions. She was curious as she asked another question.: “So, how come you happened to be in here?”

“I’m going home,” replied Dudian.

Jenny thought of something and said: “Have you been outside the wall yet? How is it over there? Is it like my father telling me? Is it dangerous?”

Dudian looked at her sparkling eyes and thought of that night. He remembered her longing words as he sighed in his heart.: “There are vast grasslands, towering mountains and blue sea out there.”

“Really?” Jenny was surprised.

Dudian nodded, “Well, although a bit dangerous, but if you can see the beautiful scenery and the vast world, then coming up with a bit of danger isn’t that problematic.”

“I think so, too,” said Jenny. “I hope that one day I can also see the scenery of the outside world. ”

“You will!” Dudian assured her.

Jenny sighed, as her face turned sad: “Unfortunately, I can not go out.”

Dudian slowly said: “Even if you can’t go out, but you can still see.”

“Really?” Jenny looked at him in surprise, some hope.

“You will naturally be able to see if the giant wall disappears,” said Dudian.

Jenny shook her head: “The giant wall is to protect us. If the giant wall disappears then, our livelihood will turn dangerous.”

Dudian opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything.

“Tell me something about the wall,” Jenny said to Dudian.

Dudian saw her staring at him and lost his cool: “Yes, uh, can ah.”

“Why are you stammering?”

“Keke, it’s cold.”

“Are the scavengers also afraid cold?”

“Of course. ”

“Well, I won’t interrupt, so you continue to speak. ” Jenny rested her head in between her hands as she attentively listened to Dudian.

Dudian’s body stiffened, and muscles uncontrollably tightened as he saw her lovely look: “Ok, I will tell you all I saw. There are very high mountains covered in lush trees. Many cute little animals are lurking around. Such as rabbits, foxes, small squirrels…”

“No monsters?” Jenny asked on instinct.

Dudian nodded: “Monsters are in other places.”


“Well, different regions. They live far away from the mountains that I talk about. ”

“Well, you go on, I want to hear more.”

“There are waterfalls on the hills … local people live in peace …”

The carriage slowly moved because of heavy rain pouring down. The young knight who was riding his horse close to the carriage was drenched wet in the rain. He pressed the horse close to the carriage, listening to young lady’s laughter from time to time. His face slightly wrinkled but didn’t say anything and chose to silently and closely follow the carriage.

“There are many fish and shrimp in the sea. There are animals called mussels which can grow pearls in their bodies… … ah, pearl looks like a white bead. They are as good-looking as diamonds. Pearls are round and very smooth … …” Dudian talked about from mountains to the sea while the wind whistled outside the carriage.

Jenny listened attentively, and when she heard about the pearls, her face was a little surprised and had a feeling of longing, “I want to see the places and animals that you talked about.”

Dudian smiled but didn’t reply. Because of the virus and biological changes caused by the nuclear radiation, there were no pearls within the giant wall. They couldn’t be found outside the giant wall too as pearls had a shelf life. Most probably they had rotten to dust. That’s why people living within the giant wall didn’t know about the existence of pearls.

The carriage’s speed gradually slowed down, and vehicle completely stopped.

“Miss,” Driver called out.

Jenny regained consciousness as she did not expect to get to home in the blink of an eye. She looked at Dudian and said: “Thank you for bringing me home.”

“By the way,” said Dudian.

The knight had jumped off the horse and came to knock the door of the carriage.: “Miss, we have reached home.”

The door opened, and Jenny saw the knight holding up an umbrella. She went and looked back at Dudian.: “Thank you for telling me the story.”

“Story?” Dudian was perplexed but let it go.: “Did you like it?”

“A lot.” Jenny’s face flushed. She hesitated a bit but got her courage up: “Thank you for the poem too. I’ve been treasuring it.” She turned around and ran away.

The young knight also rushed chasing after her while holding up the umbrella.

Dudian thought: “poem?” He remembered the poem that his sister was reading a lot. It seemed poetry and drama were the things that nobility loved.

He didn’t think much as he told the driver: “Let’s go.”

The storm stopped. The drainage system in the commercial district was working fine as it was looked after. However, there was a different sight in slums because of floods brought by the rain.

As the rain stopped, the carriage began to ride at full speed.

Dudian sat in the carriage. The girl’s fragrance was still floating in the compartment. She had not applied perfume, but it was the faint aroma coming off from her body. Her face illuminates in front of him. A warm feeling passed by his heart.

Suddenly, he thought about what Jenny had said: “An examination to recruit trainees. I don’t know if my knowledge is enough to pass the exam.”

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  1. Hmm…I can’t wait for next chapter if there were raws.I probably read them but this is korean novel and i cannot read them for free.Maybe i am just mean.They are making nice story for me and i cannot even give them some money.Even now translators give me chapters every day.If i had a job …Mb with money i could support people.That’s anoying feeling like parasite.I don’t support.I can only talk…Btw. Thanks for chapter 🙂

        1. My bad.Anyway better think that’s impossible to get my hands on raws because i will get cancer from reading raws machine translated…I did it before masochism reached very high level…

  2. The two chapters was like the story was stepping on the brakes. I think it just wants to remind us that this girl exist?

  3. Hmm… people outside the wall live in peace? Thank god she took it as a cute story and nothing else because if this went out he’d probably be hunted down or something. He can be smart when he wants to. But anything he says gets out, he’d probably be heavily interrogated.

  4. I know the capsule that had the huge amount of knowledge was taken, but he never even tried to get it back. What gives with that? Was it stripped for metal?

  5. King- mc will become a leader for sure and maybe he will fight against the church(bcoz they seem to be the most bad guys for now) and other organizations(controlled by the church).

    Dark- i think he will gather subordinates from the dark(alchemist organization and other people who will abandon the light(church)) Of course this will happen secretly at first.
    anyway i like this story vry much
    100+chaps yesterday and there is still a long way to go.

  6. I hope so too that fate can bring a little happines to the boy.. well since he lost long ago his parents and sister.. a little confort is welcome

  7. aaa~ what a pain, this cringy romance. If the author removed it the novel could’ve become a master piece.

    1. Right?? If there really is romance, then novelupdates’ info have failed me. Since they didn’t even include “romance sub-plot” in the tags.
      BTW! It seems like you’ve read this long ago. So, did you finish the novel already? Was there romance?! I am desperate please answer me… :’)

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