DK – Ch 130

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The Dark King – Chapter 130

Once again

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian frowned as he was displeased. He slightly moved the curtain to check outside.

He saw a middle-aged gentleman wearing a coat while standing in front of his carriage as the torrential rain poured down. He had raised the stick that he was holding to stop Dudian’s carriage. He seemed relieved as the carriage stopped in time. The middle-aged man immediately approached to the driver.: “Our carriage broke so we will need to requisition your carriage temporarily.”

The coachman looked at the middle-aged man. Heavy rain affected his line of sight, but he still could see an elegant carriage parked in front. An oil lamp lit the carriage. He hesitated for a moment but still looked back at the carriage. : “Sir, this… …”

Dudian didn’t wait for him to finish his word as he waved: “Don’t!”

The middle-aged gentleman heard the soft sound coming from the carriage. He was stunned as if he couldn’t believe the words coming out of the carriage. He stepped forward and said.: “Hello! I am housekeeper of the Burong family. Would you please use the next carriage. Of course, I’ll pay you double the price. You can use our wagon to shelter from rain until the next carriage passes by while I can use yours to get the lady of my house back to home. The weather is still early, and I believe there will be carriages that would pass by.”

Dudian knew that Burong family was one of the two highest ranking family in Mellon Consortium. He didn’t expect that he would face someone so troublesome.: “Sorry, I am in a hurry. You should continue to wait for another carriage.”

The middle-aged gentleman’s face turned a little ugly. He was about to say something when a soft voice echoed from the aristocratic carriage that was behind him.: “Uncle, forget it. Give me a coat, and I’ll ride back home!”

The middle-aged man quickly turned around.: “The rain is so heavy! You will catch the flu.”

“It’s alright! My body is adamant.” The girl’s voice echoed out from the carriage.

The middle-aged gentleman continued to persuade her hastily.

Dudian listened to the familiar sound coming from the carriage. Although the rainstorm interfered, he wasn’t an ordinary person either. He knew that he heard the voice somewhere but couldn’t remember when and where. However, the next moment a figure flashed in his mind as he quickly said.: “You come here for the time being.”

The middle-aged gentleman to hear him call Dudian, stunned for a moment, turned and said: “Do you agree?

“Well,” said Dudian, “but there is a condition. That is I won’t leave the carriage. If your miss wants, I can take her home.”

“This … …” the Middle-aged gentleman hesitated for a moment and shook his head: “No, miss can’t stay alone in a compartment with a stranger. ”

Dudian was disappointed as he heard the middle-aged man talk.

“There is nothing to be worried about, uncle.” The female’s voice echoed from the broken carriage: ” The knight will be riding alone too, so there won’t be anything dangerous. ”

The middle-aged gentleman looked at the knight who had full body armor and was sitting on top of the horse close to the broken carriage. He hesitated a bit: “But, I wanted to escort you back personally.”

“No, there is not enough space.” Dudian immediately refused.

Middle-aged gentleman almost suffocated in anger: “What do you mean? What are you after? Ha? What are you trying to do to our family’s lady? I tell you, the Burong family is not something that you can provoke.”

“What I meant was, can’t you see the size of the carriage?” said Dudian.

Indeed, it was a small single carriage, and only two people could sit inside.

“All right. Jim, you must protect the lady. No slip ups, do you get me?” Middle-aged gentleman hesitated again but agreed and talked to the knight who was riding the horse. He had agreed because he could judge from Dudian’s voice that his age wasn’t that much and speculated that he was the son of some wealthy family.

If the other party were an adult, he would never agree to such a thing.

Dudian’s lips curled up into a smile as he saw the middle-aged man agree. The man went back to the broken carriage. He raised the umbrella and opened the compartment. A petite figure came out and followed the middle-aged gentleman back to Dudian’s carriage.

Dudian opened the door of the carriage and saw her appearance clearly. His heart was full of joy as he raised his hand to help her into the carriage.

Middle-aged gentleman saw Dudian and sighed in relief. However, he pushed away Dudian’s hand. He helped the girl to get into the carriage and spoke in a serious tone to Dudian: “You can’t touch our miss. Lady if he dares to touch you tell Jim immediately so that he punishes him on the spot!”

The girl’s head has been down as she got into the carriage. However, when she looked up and glanced at Dudian she was stunned for a moment, and her cheeks flushed crimson red. She subconsciously replied to the middle-aged gentleman: “Ok, uncle! You should take care of yourself too. ”

“Miss, you do not have to worry about me,” replied middle-aged man and glared ferociously at Dudian, implying warning. He closed the door of the carriage to prevent rainwater splashing into the compartment.

Dudian turned a blind eye to the middle-aged gentleman’s actions.

“Coachman, go to Glint Street!” The middle-aged butler told the driver.

The driver saw Dudian didn’t say anything, so he began to ride the carriage towards the Glint Street.

Dudian smiled and looked at the figure sitting opposite to him.: “Long time no see, ah! I didn’t think you would turn out to be Burong family’s little miss. You deceived me.”

“I did not mean it.” The girl looked up at him once again. However, she quickly bowed her head so that he couldn’t see her red face.

She was Jenny who Dudian had met last time in the noble party.

“If it was unintentional then I assume it’s alright. Fortunately, you met me today or else you would turn into a chicken soup after being drenched in the rain.” Dudian laughed.

Jenny seemed to hear for the first time a phrase like that. She could help but laugh at him: “Where do you learn such strange phrases? By the way, I wasn’t worried or afraid as I could stay inside the carriage.”

“Well, a few moments ago someone was talking about riding a horse back home!? ” Dudian laughed. “I did not expect you to know how to ride a horse. Should a noble lady practice riding?”

“Yes, it’s not ladylike to ride a horse. ” Jenny calmly said: “But I think it is very chic. Moreover, there are ladies who rides horses though the numbers are a bit small.”

Dudian nodded: “As long as you want to do something do it, try not to pay much attention to what the people say about it.”

“Do you think so?” Jenny looked at him with delight.

Dudian looked at her and found her eyes sparkling, like two bright gems. The speed of his hear-rate inexplicable increase but he recovered himself and turned calm. He continued to speak in a serious tone.: “Yes, of course. It’s not like horse riding is limited for men only.”

“But my father does not like it when he sees me ride a horse, he gets so angry.”

“You should ride in secret then,” Dudian advised her.

“That’s what I do,” Jenny replied cunningly.

Dudian could not help but laugh.

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  1. It nice to see her again, BUT what about Alchemy? I don’t really care about her right now.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. It isn’t ladylike to ride horses? lol when/where? and the mc is on the marriageable age already how he isn’t a adult?

  3. i hope the author give jenny or whoever is the female lead a bigger role in the story because if not… he should just make this story like primodial wars- no romance =(

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