DK – Ch 13

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The Dark King – Chapter 13


I would like to thank spiritsong for editing this chapter.

Dudian returned to the neighbourhood. He spent five copper coins, near the wall to hail a carriage so that he could directly return to the Lin Kang street. Today, time advanced too far, so he did not have enough time to go to purchase sulfur and saltpeter. Moreover, in a few days’ time Dudian would have to report for duty at the Scavengers training camp. To maintain secrecy as demanded by the organization, everything that was brought to the camp would be closely inspected so he purposefully avoided the purchase of those materials.

Currently in this world, people only utilised sulfur to make dyes and use it as pesticides. So, it also belonged to the low-risk dangerous goods.

The Jura couple anxiously waited for Dudian to return. The moment he came back, they were relieved. However, because of the strong stench that emanated from Dudian’s body, Gray frowned and distanced himself, “What is this foul stink coming off from your body?”

Dudian coughed and said, “the usual smell of slums.”

Jura pinched her nose and said “You should wash yourself. Wait a moment, I’m going to bring hot water for you” and then directly went into the kitchen.

Dudian went into the bathroom. He hid the tiny chip in a crack on the corner connecting the floor to the wall. Soon Jura brought in hot water and asked, “You got to wash properly. Do you want me to help you?”
“No,” Dudian quickly refused.

“OK. Slowly wash up and clean properly.” Jura placed the water basin on the ground, then turned to leave.

Dudian looked at the small basin of water. He had a slight smile on his face. He missed the showers of the old era. Unfortunately, in this world, currently even radiation in water could not be filtered out.

At least this held true in residential district, which made Dudian even more fired up in his desire to migrate to the commercial district as soon as possible.

Three days later.

A tall carriage sprang in front of the Jura couple’s house. A strong black horse pulled the carriage. It was two meters high, and was covered with exquisite looking armor.

From the carriage, a youth jumped down. He looked at the house number before he knocked on the door.

The Jura couple and Dudian were having breakfast together. They saw the carriage from the window and suddenly understood the reason a guest had arrived. Jura immediately opened the door and warmly invited, “come in.”

The soft-haired youth took notice that Jura seemed to know the purpose of his visit. Instead of entering, however, he showed the identity card which was a medal that had a double-crossed sword, representing the “Guard” identity. He did not enter the room, but replied: “No. I’m sorry but my schedule is tight. I must take your child here to the commercial district for military training. You must have received the notice prior so please make it fast as I’m in a hurry.”

Jura did not think that he was so anxious and busy, “Dear officer, how long would the child be away for military training?

“The training period takes up three years” he said. “During the three years, he will be able to come back to home only on holidays. However, I suggest that he should avoid doing so and study if he wants to complete his studies in three-year period.”

Jura’s face changed, “So difficult? What if he can’t complete it?”

“You can be rest assured. Even in case that if he is eliminated he will be referred to minor position.” The youth responded in an indifferent tone.

Gray overheard their conversation and his heart felt relieved. He turned around and saw Dudian over there slowly dining. He could not help but croak, “Are you going to prepare?! Do not let the officer wait for you for so long. Come on!”

Dudian sighed. He hated immensely to be interrupted while dining. Staring straight into Gray’s eyes, he could only lay down his rolls, pat his hands, and return to his room. He already folded two sets of changing clothes and received the linen backpacks. Of course, the most important item was his uniform which he received beforehand.

Dudian carried his backpack to the door. He looked up at the youth and said: “Let’s go.”
Jura worriedly asked, “Have you taken everything? The clothes, the shoes… ”

“Everything is in the backpack.” Dudian waved and responded by saying “do not worry.”

“Be careful when you go there. Do not fight with other children.” Jura added.

Dudian’s heart warmed. Previously, the last time when they tried to marry him into Avril house, it made his feelings grew cold towards them. However, seeing Jura seemed to be so sincere and caring for him as if for her own son changed these previous cold feelings he had for them. After all, he was adopted. He was grateful for everything that they did for him.

“I will.” He answered back. “You have to take good care of yourself too, ‘Black Death Season’ is coming up and the temperature will go sky-rocket. Ventilate the house a lot or you will catch diseases!”

Jura was a perceptive as well as a sentimental person. She did not know how long would it take to see Dudian again. Tears flowed down her eyes. “Let’s go.” The youth turned towards the carriage. He helped Dudian to put his backpack onto the carriage.

Dudian climbed unto the carriage, and looked at Jura and Gray. He waved his hand, for there was a hint of dismay in his heart. Soon, this strand of feeling was suppressed into the far bottom corner of his heart. His palm gripped the backpack, and cold looking eyes he ‘stared’ towards the future. His soft heart became cold and strong.

The carriage sped into the business district. It drove along dozens of streets before gradually entering a small secluded street. The carriage continued to move forward before it came to full halt in front of a huge wall. The huge iron gate was swung open and carriage went inside after that. There was a monstrous sword carving on each sides of the door. On top of the swords there were two words that were engraved.

“Loyalty” and “Guardian”!

“Get off!” The youth ordered Dudian.

Dudian disembarked from of the carriage, silently observing the surrounding environment.
“Come with me.” The youth glanced at him, before he released the reins of the horses, not afraid if the horse-drawn carriage ran away on its own. They walked towards a small door.

After passing through, a huge school field appeared in front of their vision. There was a school building around the field. They passed the field and proceeded into a remote building. As they were passing through the hall they heard a low cry.

The youth, accompanying Dudian, frowned. He opened the wooden door. There were seven or eight children around the same age as Dudian. Now one of the little girls was holding her knees, crying as she squatted on the floor. Next to her stood a few boys with embarrassed facial expressions and did not know what to do.

The youth asked with a cold tone: “What happened here?”

One of the boys was shocked to see the youth, “Mi,Mi, Minnie said she is homesick.”

The youth frowned, “is she?” He came up to the little girl in front, and ordered: “I’m going to give you two seconds. Stop crying and stand up!”

The little girl heard his cold words, timidly stood up as if she feared him. She was trembling and tears were still flowing down her face.

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