DK – Ch 129

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The Dark King – Chapter 129

Scattering archery


The more I read the more I get to know that the author is heavily influenced by games… 😀


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“You have just come back from outside, so I’ll allow you to take two days off and come to train the day after tomorrow.” The young instructor said.

The other five people couldn’t help but look with envy at Dudian. They were selected as the beast from all over the place. However, they never had a break after they had joined the camp. Even if they were wounded, as long as it was not a life-threatening injury, they had to continue training. Holidays were already a luxury for them.

“No,” Dudian shook his head, said: “I’ve rested for seven days while in detention. If I relax a bit more, I’ll forget the feeling of the bow. ”

The instructor was surprised by Dudian’s reply.: “Alright, then today I won’t give you a task to complete, so practice on your own. Tomorrow I’m going to teach you a new archery skill, though.”

“What kind of archery skill?” Dudian was curious.

“Scattered arrow.” Young instructor continued: “This time you have to learn it. Scattered arrow shots are critical in archery. Especially if you encountered a group of monsters, then this is the best way to destroy or create the greatest harm in the shortest time. Moreover, you can support warriors and knights at the same time. It’s not same as aligned shots so you can’t neglect this skill.”

Dudian lost interest as he learned the name of the skill. If the lethality of the arrows were too weak then even if eight or nine arrows were shot at the same time they wouldn’t have much of an effect. Although in some a great number of enemies would be injured the effects would be less than a single destructive shot.

Moreover, if you didn’t kill the monster, then it didn’t amount to anything. As only wounding a monster didn’t make much sense. Additionally, he was concerned and in pursuit of individual combat capabilities, rather than fighting in groups. After all, by relying on gunpowder, he had enough resources and power which was in no way inferior to a group of hunters.

He didn’t have ‘light physique’ which the rest of hunters had. So each time he went out to hunt his body’s radiation content would increase. So he had to harvest a lot of valuable things to be able to buy purification water.

“I will,” Dudian replied. But in his heart, he thought that if it would not be too difficult, then he would learn it. But if it was going to be difficult then he wasn’t going to waste energy.

After all, his training time was only one year. So he had to learn more practical skills most suited to his own, one man team.

As the young instructor left, Dudian went back to training. The other five quickly came over as they curiously asked Dudian: “You followed Glenn to hunt? Did you see her fight? Was she exceptionally powerful?” ”

“What was her magic ability?”

“I heard that when she hunted monsters, she appeared and disappeared as if she was a phantom, so they call her Ghost Assassin.”

“You have heard wrong. She is called Ghost Assassin because the magic marks she had obtained originated from ghosts!”

Dudian saw these people for going to ask and talk for a long time. He was stunned and speechless as he said: “After you graduate you should be able to see her hunt. It’s better to see in person, as it would be hard to describe!”

“After we graduate we will be junior hunters. How are we going to go hunt with her? ”

“Yeah! Come on, talk to us about her. ”

All of them were eagerly look at him.

Dudian was getting a headache because of them. Apparently, they have not figured out the mess they are in. The consortium was simply imparting knowledge and skills to them right now but wasn’t giving them training in combat. They would get personal experience throughout the brutal hunting.

Dudian said few words to cope up with their curiosity and later on sent them off and continued his training.

The next day.

The young instructor comes to teach Dudian “scattering” archery. The main trick behind this skills was that when a hand went back to get an arrow from the quiver, he would have to catch more arrows in between the gaps amidst the fingers. Dudian had to repeat this to exercise and perfect the skill. If he spent too much time while getting the arrows, then the whole point of scattered shooting was pointless.

The second trick was finger adjustment.

After fingers caught the arrows and brought them to the bow, they had to adjust the angle of arrows according to the distribution of monsters. The spacing would not be uniform and had to be improved rapidly through the fingers.

Otherwise, even if he shot the arrows not only he would waste them but also affect efficiency and power.

In general, the scattered archery was not difficult. But to have significant effects while shooting, you must meet the three ‘F’ criteria.

Fast arrow! Quick aiming! Quick adjustment!

“Practice well. It is one of the skills an archer must master!” Young instructor was serious: “Aligned arrow shooting didn’t matter much, but you must master this!”

Dudian nodded. Although the scattering archery was of little significance for him, the arrow grabbing speed and precision training were obviously of great effect to him.

After the young instructor had left, he began to practice.

The training ground for the scattering archers was separated from the place where the other five were practicing. It was a separate subdivision where four targets were meant for a single archer trainee.

Dudian listened to the young instructor talks about senior hunter’s super archery skills. He was able to grab eight arrows and shot them at different parts of eight monsters. It meant that each finger caught two arrows but also adjusted both arrows at different angled. The sound of it was incredible, but Dudian knew that young instructor wouldn’t lie.

As he trained, Dudian realized the hardship. Sometimes arrows would slip from fingers. The other time they wouldn’t clip from the beginning. After several hours of boring repeated practice, he was gradually getting better, but his speed while grasping the arrows was very slow.

Dudian knew that initially, he would encounter such problems and the patience was the only solution. The only thing he could to now was to continue to train.

After training, Dudian went to Finance Department to receive his gold coins.

He took a heavy bag which had seven hundred gold coins in it. He sat in a carriage arranged by the consortium and was ready to go to his house assigned by the consortium. It was night and weather was pretty dark.

He was planning to take Jura and Gray over as soon as possible. By the way, he could let Mason and the other two settle in his house too.


Thunder echoed. Dark clouds had covered the sky, and after a moment , torrential rains began to pour down.

Dudian pulled the curtain to prevent rain from splashing into the carriage. He sighed. The rainy season was too troublesome as rain would fall too frequently. But he thought that the other two seasons weren’t much better either.

They were half the way to his house when the carriage stopped as neighs of horses resounded.

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  1. First of, Dudian is still too naive. His choice to refuse to train skills because “they don’t suit me” could get him killed. He is trowing away versatility in exchange for raw power. However, in the future, raw power might not be the answer to everything.

    Second, how is he so sure he can become a “one-man army”? Yes, I know he is plot-armored, but even so that’s going to get him in so much trouble. No man ever “truly” works alone. He will always need people to watch his back, if not directly then indirectly.

    Third, magnets … I mean guns, how do they work? I doubt he will be able to make guns that will be able to replace his current archery. Especially when every living being, hunter or beast, is super augmented, be it defense, speed, or other magical nonsense. Explosives? Maybe, but he won’t be able to mass-produce them. So he has to use them sparingly.

    Anyways sorry for the rant.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. First point, nothing wrong with hid idea. His training teaches him to be support, which he doesn’t want. Most of the techniques are intended to distract or hindrance opponents so other members of the team will have easier. This is not what he wants. In fact, he is willing to learn the techniques if the technique enables him to be more deadlier, solo.

      Second point, not one-man army but a lone-wolf. He fights alone. He may use others for assistance but he will wants to be alone when he fights. That also means he will not go fighting armies.

      Third point, the principles of guns are simple. In fact, lots of people are able to make improvised firearms. There are also cannons and muskets. And why would he need to mass produce bombs? you only need to mass produce items when you supply a lot of users. With the right equipment and materials, a person can create lot and lots of bombs for personal use. It isn’t rocket science you know.

      1. Yeah, I think PumpKing has been convinced that guns are useless after reading too much xianxia and wuxia lol. Besides, even if he doesn’t want to use guns, he could still make better arrows or more powerful arrowheads. Explosive arrows aren’t exactly a new idea either. Then there’s grenades. Even if he doesn’t overtly use firearms, it would be great to make some concealed weapons. You could also fill a small, hollow needle with zombie blood, then have a tiny launcher use gunpower to fire the needle at a speed that no hunter would be able to dodge from close range.

    2. not too hard to mass produce black powde. though the author always explains wrong how blackpowder ‘explodes’ technically and especiall homemade powder only burns very fast but it does not explode.

      if you want a real explosion you need dynamite. and that is quite a bit harder and more dangerous to make.

      as for guns he can make, i actually think it can work depending on the ammunition. keep in mind a bullet is around as fast as sound. since we have not heared of an archer that can break the soundbarrier it should be save to assume he can still hurt beasts with guns (although i admit that an arrow is heavier than a bullet and thus have more energy, on the other hand a bullet is smaller and excerts more energy on a specific point)

  2. Hey, some stuff for ya.

    “You have just came back form outside” – have just come back from

    “They were selected as the beast” – the best

    “they never had break” – a break

    “life-threatening injure” – injury

    “the feeling of bow. ” – the bow

    “Tomorrow I’m going to teach you new archery skill thou.” – a new archery skill though

    “What kinda of archery?” – ‘What kind of skill?’ would be better in my opinion

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