DK – Ch 128

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The Dark King – Chapter 128

Exceptional hunter

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Seven days passed in the blink of an eye.
All of the indicators were normal except Dudian’s body radiation content which had increased and reached 1.5. It was much higher than the primary hunter’s average result which was close to zero.

Dudian knew that the main reason for such a result happened because he had soaked in the pool. But he didn’t worry as the radiation value lower than five would not affect his body’s functionality. If his body’s radiation content had passed five, he could buy purification water from the Holy Church to eliminate the radiation. Although the purification water was expensive, as long as he could solve out the problem of money, then it would not be difficult.

On the eighth day, it was female Knight of Light who came to the cage and raised her hand indicating the apprentice knight to open the cage. Apprentice pulled out the key and unlocked the cage.: “You can leave now, a person from your consortium has been waiting for you outside.”

Dudian stood up and patted off the dust on his body and followed after them.

As he came outside the place, Dudian saw a carriage with Mellon Consortium flag parked. In the past few days of the examination, the guards had asked him about his identity and had helped him by informing Mellon consortium about his return.

As Dudian came close to the carriage, the coachman immediately jumped out of the carriage and respectfully asked: “Are you, Mr. Dean?”

Dudian nodded.

“I’m here to pick you up, sire. Please get in.” Coachman politely said to Dudian.

After living in poor conditions in a cage for some time, Dudian’s heart had a trace of satisfaction as he sat in the luxurious and spacious carriage.

The carriage drove out of the desolate and dilapidated town. After a short while, it entered the outer edge of the commercial district. The surrounding towns and villages were getting more clean and smooth.

A few hours later, Dudian had returned to the Hunter headquarters.

Dudian thanked coachman after he got off the carriage and turned back to the castle where his previous training had happened. The guards stopped him, but after showing his hunter medal, he was able to enter the castle.

He directly went over to the archer training ground near the river. As he gets close by, he saw five shadows standing in their respective practice corners and practicing archery. They were practicing aligned shooting.

Five of them were surprised as they saw Dudian approach the field. The one who was closest to Dudian asked in surprise: “Are you alright?”

“Do I look bad?”

The boy suddenly knew that he had been rude towards Dudian, so he quickly said: “No, no, what I meant was you were away for so long that we all thought you…”

Dudian smiled but did not say anything. He saw the servants responsible for helping him were not present, so he picked up his training bow and arrows and re-entered the training ground that belonged to him.

“What was the task about? What did you do?” The youth on next training ground was curious as he asked Dudian.

Dudian remembered him as the youth was the kid who had exchanged words with him when he had breakfast. : “I helped to track a beast. The hunt has been over for some time now.”

“Completed?” The boy asked: “Was it dangerous? Was the beast powerful? ”

Dudian saw that the other were looking over curiously, so he said: “It was very dangerous and cruel. If we don’t train properly and meet such a beast on our own, we will be its dinner and turn to its excrement.”

“Dirty!” The girl who heard the word ‘excrement’ quickly covered her mouth.

Dudian shrugged, did not say anything and continued to shoot arrows.

The others were disappointed as they saw Dudian didn’t continue to talk about the task. However, they didn’t take his words too seriously. They had heard a lot of stories such as Dudian’s. They knew that the beasts were very dangerous in comparison to mutated beasts that lived within the giant wall. But they were confident that once they would get their hands on magic marks, they will have super-human power and earn large sums of gold money.

Training continued.

Half an hour later, the young instructor ran over as he saw Dudian in the field. His face was relieved as said to Dudian: “How come you came back so late?

“It ‘s been some time that I was back it was just that they kept me for a disinfection period.,” Dudian stopped archery training and began to explain.

The young instructor snapped: “I know about that. But if seven days ago we didn’t get news from you the consortium was ready to mobilize a mission to search for you. Glenn and the other who had performed a task with you had been back for a long time!”

The five who were close by were surprised, and their eyes widened as they heard Glenn’s name. All of them had heard about top two hunters of the Mellon Consortium. Glenn’s name was widely spread even between the trainees too. Everyone was familiar with her status.

All five of them envied him as they didn’t expect Dudian to follow such a legendary figure while implementing the task.

Dudian observed young instructor’s grim expression, so he coughed up before saying.: “I went back to clean an area from the undead. I killed way too much. I have forgotten the exact number.”

“Well, I know!” the young instructor continued, ” You have brought back a total of 723 cold crystals. According to one to one exchange principle, 723 gold coins has been prepared by the Finance Department for you. Well, if you are going to fetch it, you should have told us in advance!”

Dudian was relieved as he saw that young instructor was not angry. He smiled and said.: “Yes, I’ll.”

The young instructor said: “Alright, it should count as a good training, but you are not allowed to do so again. This time we are not faulting you as a newcomer, but you aren’t authorized to go on your own until you finish with the training.”

Dudian nodded in understanding.

Young instructors face also eased down as he saw Dudian’s good attitude. He no longer continued to say anything. In fact, he was very satisfied with Dudian. He knew that not just newcomer but even normal primary hunters wouldn’t be able to hunt 700 pieces of cold crystal on their own. Only some veteran primary hunters would be able to get a result such as that.

Psychological pressure alone was a difficult hurdle to cross.

Moreover, instructor knew that Dudian’s talent as a hunter was superb if he was able to hunt to many undead in about 8 or 9 days. Whether it was courage or hunting skills, all of them were compared with a primary hunter. Dudian’s only inadequate forte was his lack of experience. He should further enhance his skills too.

Moreover, the ‘ghost assassin’ Glenn had mention Dudian after they had returned. Also, she had said few positive words about him and appreciated Dudian’s attitude. This matter had been spread in the training camp, and the boss had praised him a lot these days. Also boss had said that he had nurtured an excellent hunter.


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