DK – Ch 127

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The Dark King – Chapter 127

Hold still

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


After leaving the aisle, Dudian saw Peter using a flute-like pipe to whistle. A black crow flew afterward, he wrote a message with the pen, and it carried the message away.

“The area within the giant wall is too vast, so consortiums have raised crows for carrying messages. If you are in a hurry to report something you can also use them.” Peter explained with a smile.

“Are not they afraid of radiation?” asked Dudian.

“These crows are not only smart but also resistant to radiation. They can also be used in radiation area while hunting too. ” Peter laughed.

Dudian knew that crows had mutated to something unique which was resistant to radiation.

Peter accompanied Dudian. He saw the huge storage bag on Dudian’s back: “Even if you are a hunter, you haven’t forgotten to scavenge various materials. It should not be as profitable as killing those beasts.?”

Dudian knew that Peter was worried that they would get delayed of unnecessary things, so he truthfully said: “These are materials from beasts.”

“Ah?” Peter was surprised and stunned as he asked. : “From monsters? All these? Is this…Did you hunt on your own?”

“Almost right,” Dudian replied in a general manner.

Peter recovered himself as he was aware of his rude attitude: “I thought…I didn’t expect you to go out hunting in such a short time. You can hunt beasts on your own. Well, thinking about it, you already have the power of a hunter, it’s just you lack skills and experience. Gee! Look at your storage bag! Worth a dozen coins, right?”
Peter was a bit envious.

Dudian understood that Peter thinks he had hunted ‘bone rats’ or small monsters similar to those. Those monsters had little valuable material. If they accumulate to such a large size, then they would be worth about a dozen gold coins. However, there were more than 700 pieces of cold crystals in the storage back which was about 700 gold coins. However, he hadn’t brought the materials that he got from Linda to prevent any unnecessary exposure.

After all, Glenn was going to give him 4000 gold coins. Now, he could be regarded a rich man. Most of the other primary hunters would not have as much money as he would.

A wagon cast in steel came over. It was like a dark cage made of iron. There were two Knights of Light in front of the carriage. But after checking their badges, he saw white flames engraved on them which meant they were apprentice knights.

“Let’s go,” Peter said Dudian.

Dudian nodded and went into the carriage.

The carriage stopped moving two hours later. Dudian lifted the curtain and found that they were not at the castle from the previous time but in a desolate and empty town. Leaves were all over the place while almost all the shops were closed and buildings looked stale.

“Where’s this?” Dudian inquired a nearby apprentice Knights of Light who was in charge of the escort.

This apprentice knight coldly glanced at him and indifferently said: “hold still!”

Dudian didn’t expect his attitude to be so cold. The apprentice had a trace of disgust on his face. Dudian couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. He didn’t care much so put down the curtain. It seems the place where he was taken to was not the same castle as the last time.

A moment later, the carriage stopped.

One of the apprentices came forward and handed a pair of steel handcuff to Dudian.: “It’s part of the regulations; please cooperate!”

Dudian was flabbergasted.: “Why do they attend to me as if I’m a prisoner?” However, because of the white flame medal on their uniforms, he holds back his anger. If he over-reacted, they could mistakenly believe that he had been infected, which could lead to unnecessary trouble. He moved his hands and let them handcuff him.

Afterward, the apprentice knight took out the key and unlocked the carriage. : “Please, walk in front!”

Dudian sullenly said: “What about my luggage?”

“You shouldn’t be worried about it.” Apprentice knight indifferently replied.

Dudian no longer said anything as he turned around to walk in front. It felt as if he was a prisoner and they were the guards who are escorting him.

A female Knight of Light was inside the hall when they came in. She clutched her nose as she looked at Dudian and waved. : “Shower! Get him to take a shower and clean himself!”

“Yes.” The apprentice knight answered in a hurry.

Dudian is brought into a large bathhouse. There were no rooms for a private shower. Moreover, he felt angry as he would be supervised even while he is taking a shower and they didn’t even uncuff him.

Although he felt that he was humiliated, he barely holds back. Afterward, he was given a new clothing by the maid who had brought them in advance.

Afterward, he was brought into another hall. There were rows of cages in this one. They were entirely different to the ones he had seen previously. This cages had steel cast which was as thick as baby’s arm. Even senior hunters wouldn’t be able to break them apart easily.

“Go in and wait. Someone will come to you to test.” Apprentice said and left.
Dudian didn’t reply but quietly went into the cage.

All the other cages were empty. The book of light was on the table near the bed.

He didn’t read it but instead leaned against the wall. He was thinking about archery training and alchemy plans.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

Few doctors had come to check his body on a daily basis. The inspection method was different from the last time. Not only the radiation content of his body was checked but also his blood and magic marks.

The method to test the blood was very simple. They would fill a bowl with water. Then they will add a few drops of Dudian blood. Afterward, they will add few drops from an ordinary person and will see whether Dudian’s blood will try to engulf it.

If it happens, then it is proof that Dudian’s body is infected with the virus and someone will be sent to destroy him.

Although there were people like Linda, who had magic marks abilities which could control the blood. But once the blood was out of the body it was not subject to their control. So this set of blood testing method was by far the most ‘scientific’ and accurate way.

During the initial test, Dudian learned that he had to stay in here for seven days. The virus would affect scavenger’s body in three days while it would take almost a week for it to change a primary hunter. A silver level hunter would have to stay for half a month while senior hunters would need to wait for a whole month.

This was the sole reason why senior hunters would only perform a task once or twice a year.


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  1. When people ask why our MC killed the church, the answer shall be
    “Because they didn’t leave me to shower alone.”

  2. Waiting one month confined for seniors? Dafuq? That’s such an inconvenience… It would be better if they just lived outside ffs… How are they even usefull? Literally half their effective time will be wasted confined inside. Atleast give them better accomodations and let them train. It’s such a waste to let seniors just sit in a cell like that.

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